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holiday 4K wallpaper

Picking up my magazine 2moz..Monday! Which happens to be a holiday here in the US. I have 1 mre tutorial class and lecture afte this 2 hour break but IM SO HAPPY IM GONNA DECLARE MY HOLIDAY STARTS RIGHT NOW. Can honestly say that ending 15 years of vegetarianism right before going to the US on holiday was a very, very good idea. Very."Winter is my least favorite holiday". Why has it taken so long to edit? Well, first, the Holidays kinda torpedoed most of my non-holiday plans...For employees (and workers), an initial right to four weeks' annual leave (now five), whereas previously ? : No holiday or pay as of right.

dog 4K wallpaper

If you have anxiety, get a dog

I double dog dare myself to change my picture. it's not that deep, but two people really just assumed echo's gender... SHE'S A DOG SJDBSB. reblogs every dog on my tumblr dash nice!. I love my dog. Sometimes I just really need my dog bff.

Does anyone have a cute dog I can come pet. The best way to be woken up is by a dog sticking their little cold nose on you hand and giving you kisses, don't argue wme. harro this is dog. Me and my boyfriend wanna get a cat or a dog but idk im so indecisive. im pissed so im planning plan to get dog. When it's annoying dog, but bae's got to hit.

I just sang "I will always love you" to my dog full out and he was shook af. my dog is matt healy. putting the dog life on hold. I want to lease out my dog to the kids who live in my gated community for like 10 an hour. ive been to 1752 i can confirm that ben franklin didnt wasnt holding the kite! it was his dog. rover deserves all the recognition. Sat in the dog kennel outside at this time while my dog has her puppys freeeezzzing. "A blind dog, and a pot of too-strong decaf." -- A Tom Waits lyric and also this party at my in-laws' place.

white 4K wallpaper

Re-watched Will McDowell-White's minutes v NZL today

there's good and bad in EVERY race so y'all can stop with the "i hate white people" mentality. White people love Starbucks and that's a fact.Unconscience harm. more of God's love so we can love more another right now." The family hugs as we pull out, going out the window where a huge white fist is. Trader joe's is the most dangerous place for a socially anxious white person.

White Xians do to MLK what we criticize others for doing to Jesus: Build a palatable theology by stringing together inspirational quotes.once you go white yo credit get right. Wtf is up with white girls and booty shorts ? lol..Jus saw a commercial for a movie The Great Wall starring MATT DAMON? We jus couldn't find a great Chinese actor? Man, Hollywood is soo white. I know my bro Shawn Wallace smiling right now! He rocking that white, black, and gold! R.I.P. homie!.

Christmas 4K wallpaper

Really getting into Fallout4 which I got for Christmas. It's a learning curve but I'm getting there, more so than the barely played part 3. Now that I think about it..I'm highkey mad I didn't get like 5 new pairs of crocs for my BdayChristmas. What a waste of a 19th bday, right?. I HAVENT STOPPED LISTENING TO THE CLUB PENGUIN CHRISTMAS SOUNDTRACK THIS NEEDS TO STOP. When u hear gossip from another departments Christmas party at work and a dude who used to work in your department got off with 2 guys, some. I gotta nice sketchbook for markers for Christmas, should make good use for drawing Vinesauce art while watching streams.

New Year 4K wallpaper

Chiefs2017MVP in the game! New year, new hashtag. 2017, new year, new goal, new things to learn and new me.Why people are not talking about commendable job done by police at chitrasante crowd and discuss weeks on new year incidents. Haven't straightened my hair since New Year's Eve and staying away from the flat ironblow dryer is so much harder than I expected it to be. Time to start the new year, two weeks late. What am I going to do this year. Some pattern of success, failure, depression and mania as usual.