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LIQUID 4K wallpaper

He saved me

Stelle jetzt in der Abteilung 12 Liquid Feedback als Programm zur innerparteilichen Meinungsbildung vor.There's something about spraying liquid all over your face after finishing your makeup that feels fundamentally wrong. Bit into a liquid filled chocolate and it's spilled all over me and my coworker says "Happy vday it just jizzed on you" LMAO. Liquid are they brains. LIQUID NOTE PROJECT - Cafe Bahia.

I have a love story for you, today I tried liquid smoke for the first time and well I think I will bathe in it from now on.So what great drops of silky liquid are you quaffing for valentine's?. Clark NERD girls fundraiser lobby of STEM building today. Pizza, soda, and cookie 2. 1 for a flower to dip in liquid nitrogen and shatter!. Playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Generally considered to be one of the worst CV games ever, but Gabriel Belmont is attractive as HECK.NowPlaying Chuck Wild alias Liquid Mind - "Night Whispers" on _radioplenitude Relaxation Wellbeing BienEtre.

liquid snake my angel my true lovr

metallic liquid lipsticks look kind of gross though?. The latest in liquid libations sure to impress the ale lover on your list!. It's wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Behind me & before me is God & I have no fears. felen Keller. hu-man, please slurp clear liquid.I'm in class with someone who I can hear everything in their mouth & someone else who is a liquid slurper. JESUS KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS.Ahh Crush liquid lip is the perfect nude for me. I'm obsessed.

I'm not a rapper. zone 36 are releasing a C4 swat team liquid gas down chimney at 839 cherokee trying to kill me. Area was marked off with orange cones214. SO to all these girls with no valentine hoeing out for the Timeline.Well theres a bargain BGH has 9mil in liquid asset just got sold down to 5mil MC.

Anyone know what the liquid challenge is for double liquids? Im still at work and I wanna know

Liquid taste he tuchis accept: ulvOFV.

Tonight in science club, we made oobleck! It's kind of a liquid, kind of a solid and so much (messy) fun! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!. Liquid's bed was comfortable. Never thought I'd say that.Pressure cooking a pork shoulder tonight and got liquid smoke on my hands. I think I found my new cologne.Keep money for a few days or weeks in a liquid fund Investors should err on the side of caution: Dhirendra Kumar, Value Research. Liquid equivalent of melted snow in Bonavista is 28.7 mm. I'm assuming snowfall there near 30 cm since yesterday. nlwx. im in love with your body.

Do we hate adam sandler because we see on this your favorite liquid lipstick. henlo spencer helllo you STINKY LIQUID go read fanfic ugly. please drink some liquid, my hu-man friend!.

Lewisham Foodbank running low on sugar, washing powder tablets, rice pudding, wash up liquid, shampoo Please

Cash is very liquid indeed. Kailangan talaga maayos ang paghandle. Huhu. Nstp y u do dis to me?. Apparently, it's one of the techniques used by the Soviet in which the liquid poison is shot directly into the face of the victim.

Now Playing: Liquid Tension Experiment - NEARfest Improv Jam 2 (Live) (Instrumental). Most millennials, like everyone else, are saddled with debt and far from liquid. But keep telling yourselves these stats are low balled. Mmk. Liquid network: When people share experiences and their mistakes Entrepreneur. meat-creature! i command you to gulp clear liquid. ta.Did You Know: Water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three forms (solid, liquid and gas). Canada150Plumbing. Fat & liquid reserves in very large sirens (over 1 kg) mean that, in theory, they can aestivate for 2-3 years. salamanders amphibians.

Sounds like pure liquid relief.San po kaya pwede makabili ng liquid nitrogen? Kelangan lang po talaga. Thanks!.

Horrible smell

Liquid courage. B1 "Fun Guy: appears as obese human male, always smiles. Metal tubes seem natural part of body. Liquid comes out of tubes. Calls it FUN.Liquid courage. Yeah, you're willing to do what you normally wouldn't... but you're willing to do what you normally wouldn't. TYTLive.

three state of matter, liquid, solid and gas, the highest speed of these three state of matters are call gas with larger spaces.human, you will gulp liquid.liquid swords full listen tonight. I took my index finger and wiped the center of the magazine, the host smiled I looked at my finger and the risdue from the liquid dripped. my lips are numb. venemous liquid it is. it is. NowPlaying-On-Amplitude-UPTEMPO:Boombeatz & Roy Emm - Liquid.

Liquid Dreams by O-Town is nowplaying in Pelhams Park, Kinson.

Liquid deep - something about you

Propel, Propel, Propel your craft  Placidly down the liquid solution  Ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically, Existence is but an illusion. my nipples are rock solid. Jazz Friends - Decay by REDZ feat. Liquid FraJazz Friends. enjoying how nyquil can taste like liquid toothpaste.

Into a liquid plain, then stood unmoved. When hit by the Chipi Syrup, the targeted driver will get covered in a light green liquid.LORD LIQUID LOTUS. Streaming now: NP.EternaLEnVy & Liquid.MinD_ContRoL vs AF.ThuG 7222 MMR Avg. Few hot drinks are as pure as liquid joy, as the hot chocolate milano from Cafe Nero.the first day of artificial love i watched kaibaek right in front of me all smooth and liquid and then the second day it was floppy chanyeol.

Acer Liquid Jade 8GB (Black) Philippines visit my webstore

hu-man, go now and consume liquid.funky music plays (money) cause its liquid (money) makes me HAAAPPY!. lmao i put the wash on and as I paid i realised I'd forgotten to put the liquid in but for an unknown reason the wash failed to start so I. Liquid fasting tomorrow for the first time since months. my favorite pastime is prank calling mcdonalds.

I thought I'd have an easy morning with some liquid mixes, yet before I know it Dimension is on full volume. Lugaw with beef na madaming liquid spicy. Ugh.week 4 without bar ten or liquid w h a t i s h a p p e n i n g. Urban decay vice liquid lipstick might actually be the worst liquid lipstick I've ever tried. Or it could be like HOTD and never EVER release. I'm so bitter haha.

meat-creature, you will consume clear liquid

were drop sweet harmoney liquid. I keep watching Star Citizen videos and I know it's going to be exactly like AoT S2, a long wait, with low expectations T_T I hope Im wrong. Liquid ecstasy round 2... here we go. but I want a catsuit liquid lipstick from wnw so bad they seem so cute. I look like I have a rare skin disease the amount of swatches on my hand. Matte liquid lipstick obsessed at the moment!. step 1. nuke the world step 2. have a big funtime 'we nuked the world' party.

Liquid Gold! The Good Stuff!! Enjoy!!!. I rllllly want to order Kylie lip kits but I feel like they look like every other liquid lipstick out there. Niggas claiming that they sold but they liquid like some water. you shall fill your mouth hole with liquid, ta.

PSA: please bring a medium iced Carmel coffee with cream and liquid sugar to the dome, I'll pay you in throwing :)

5:Pierrot le fou.

Hab gerade an nem Liquid gerochen und mir was in die Nase gespritzt - this is how I die. I had a lot of liquid courage last night. there's only two genders: Liquid Snake and Solid Snake. boba tea is the most horrendous drink to ever exist. calling it a "beverage" is a stretch. its more like balls of vomit in liquid sugar. SAD. liquid Zone - - Raplyf squad. 4:Lupin III:Green vs red.

you must gulp liquid, biofriend!. Streaming now: Liquid.Miracle- 0 MMR Avg. 3:Le roi lion.

where are these people getting all this liquid nitrogen from??

2:la vie d'adele. the sweet tea down here is like liquid diabetes in a cup & it's the best thing ever.

1:scarface. I can't even mock them youts at the U'18 ting in Kent, I once rocked a yellow cardigan to Liquid when I was 13. That Fairy Liquid advert where the wee boy wants to make a spaceship with the bottle... that's a remake of an old 80s or 90s one isn't it?. cmon liquid boys yall got this. i command you to consume liquid, friend human!. It's crazy what some lip liner and a liquid lip can do for your lips.

When she outside she spit that devil liquid.gonna buy liquid nitrogen and put my brotha.

Doing your liquid lipstick whilst having the hiccups is a TASK

There is a glacier called Blood Falls in Antarctica that regularly pours out red liquid, (Its actually oxidised salty water.) WeirdFacts. Today's patio is weather and Happy Hour is the stuff of fantasy 1.50 Domestics 2 Wells 3 Imports 3 Midself Liquor 9 Liquid Dope. if your neighbours complain about your music, consider switching from jump up to liquid at about 6am and invest in a few bean bags.

at age 6 i was born without a face. If Dignitas play like they did yesterday they will absolutely dick Liquid tonight lolesports NALCS. Me voy a escuchar a Liquid Soul!!! en PSYSTAGE ASOTFESTNL ASOT800. I ORDERED THREE ABH LIQUID LIPS SOMEONE HELP. IM SO HAPPY. The top is a lil burnt but its lava in the middle!!!!! Liquid!!!!!!!. the real liquid gold.

never put liquid in a trash can. NEVER.

my new liquid liner waterproof af

05 - Liquid Soul & Zyce ft. Solar Kid - Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsiders remix) ASOTFESTNL PsyStage LiquidSoul. Liquid Soul - Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsiders Remix) ASOTFESTNL ASOT800. tuned for Liquid Soul. e essa liquid.

water is magic liquid what in hck. Best thing for cleaning car upholstery. Laundry liquid & hot water. Thinking of today just being a liquid only day with maybe some yogurt with my cleanse. Feeling a little blag. Im hungry for a thick red liquid.Mistress, i command you to drink some clear liquid."Well I could always trap you in liquid adimantium.. or let my sister deal with you." Shrugs. "Just I have my eyes on you, Wilson." Glares.

Quero Liquid

im thinking about thos genes. De set van Liquid Soul op ASOT 800 gisteravond is next level. Deeply impressed.liquid swords type of morning. Now Playing: Helen Hoskins & Home Grown Grass: 'Whiskey Is The Devil (In Liquid Form)'. The only life hack worth knowing. Throw the laundry detergent cup in with the wash. No more messy liquid detergent jug.

Instagram dividido em Olinda beer e liquid sky. Streaming now: Liquid.MATUMBAMAN vs Na`Vi.Biver 6941 MMR Avg. Playing keeper for UP this Thirsty Cup. Someone give me Liquid Luck before the game.Your ass is French like humorous liquid. Purple Liquid.

Koe ngerti vapor ra?sek kemebul nek di empak lewat cangkem kae hlo?nek liquid e le gawe seko uyuh rasane koyo ngopo ya?hahahahaha

Trillion in liquid assets, held by US Corporations, with operations outside of USA. Regs tax changes will change to attract reinvestment. Like how weird is alcohol ? Like You just drink this magical liquid and ruin your life. I had a dream last night that I was putting on a million shades of liquid lipstick and I've never been happier. Used my liquid eyeliner for the first time in a while today and there was actual dust on it. as much as i love baek's high notes my fave is when he sings like mid register and his voice is all soft n delicate and literal liquid gold. Dignitas is 4th! LIQUID TOP 3! LET'S GO!.

Alcohol gives you that liquid courage.Once he gets into the deep liquid heat, his 7 heads dragon mask will blow up. That will bring an end to present illuminati world system.Liquid eyeliner and eye brow kits. The white liquid was nearly spilling over the top and my poor hamster was barely able to breathe, it was doing the doggy paddle just to sur.

Gay Rogue tries to use their Flame Liquid to arrest the city

eu sobrevivi a esta fodendo liquid sky.

Why can I only wear liquid lipsticks. So youre telling me that a tube filled with liquid mesh that goes on your face costs 40-50....i'm a talking liquid now. Of course, when I'm defeated I'll just be replaced by Pence-1000, and he's made of liquid metal. JudgementDay. In liquid or solid. A heart so cold that liquid nitrogen could warm it up.

Balls of Energy in forms from Solid to Liquid, Melanin from one side to the other, Tangibly to Transcendent, there is throughout the (37). Balls of Energy in forms from Solid to Liquid, Melanin from one side to the other, Tangibly to Transcendent,  there is throughout the (37). I almost regret getting the SOS mod, but man oh man.. those jiggle physics.

Coffee: Liquid Survival Guide

medicine in liquid form < medicine in pill form. someone teach my poorly makeup skilled self how to use colour pop ultra matte liquid lipsticks pls.

Liquid courage and liquid confidence for sale.Liquid oxygen prices enlarge and smallness: it's the prison term whereas bio incite options: MzTJq. AskThePublicProtector How many drops of Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid do you use?. TAKE A SIP WAIT TILL IT HITS THAT LIQUID GUILT IS ON MY LIPS IM WASTED ON YOOOOUUUUUU. Minha blusa manchou de liquid paper. Socorro, preciso de pernas novas depois dessa liquid.

I need to lose 30 pounds by June 7th. Right now I'm on an all liquid diet.Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?.

i hate when i get too ambitious with my coffee and just destroy my throat with scolding hot liquid

Oh and I took liquid medicine y'all be careful world might just come to an end today. i wanted to buy power liquid but i searcjed that summer pore is cheaper soXD. i don't know whats better cosrx bha power liquid or bha summer pore.

Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid including sulfuric acid. Eventually the androids become more human than us. Bullet wounds bleed in rivulets of liquid crystal, silver and purple like dreams.went to the supermarket for a liquid hand soap but I ended up buying useless crap and almost forgot about the soap HAHAHA the myth is true. there are so many new liquid lipsticks at sephora and i'm so weak. "Last week we put liquid paper on a bee, and it died". Zudem ist das Glas des Verdampfers gesprungen und ich hab gerade das ganze Liquid im Mund gehabt. Wenn dann richtig.

I used liquid liner this am, feeling the strong cat eye, bc I was looking like Bianca Del Rio but less fabulous.

I got to hold breast implants instead of a stress ball and it was so surreal

"A tomato is a fruit! It has seeds!" Mustard is icing. It's spreadable and has light colors. Antifreeze is koolaid. It's a colored liquid.what can i eat on a liquid diet? water, pills, juice, rehydration sachets... what else?. Why do they use blue liquid instead of red in all the sanitary napkin Ads. ? ThingsYouShouldGoogle. i bought a highlighter and a matte liquid lipstick and i already feel broke.

dense liquid. That's what's known as liquid football!!. Was cooling a pecan pie, cooking (frozen) calamari & making liquid fertilizer for my bromeliad. Important to keep these things separated...Q12: Hazy blue liquid no American has consumed (8). my new phone case has liquid glitter in it & it genuinely so soothing to watch. NowPlaying Liquid Mind - "Breathe in Me" on _radioplenitude Relaxation Wellbeing BienEtre.

Liquid lipsticks?

liquid expressive waning moon. My last conference presentation involved a fight between my shirt and liquid eyeliner in a tiny Camden flat.NowPlaying Liquid Mind - "Take Me Tenderly" on _radioplenitude Relaxation Wellbeing BienEtre. The puddle was underneath my chair but there was no liquid on the chair so how tf did it get underneath in a perfect puddle. I need liquid.

Good morning friends!! Lots of liquid sunshine out there this morning. Be safe!. Liquid drum and bass is usually my alarm to wake me up .honestly, i should have bought the liquid concealer like i first wanted to. why did i even. It is technically a liquid isn't it?. I don't know what it is about chai seed drinks, but every time I drink them, I feel like I'm just drinking liquid preserves. It's weird.

If applesauce is a liquid then why do people say they're "eating applesauce"? Why do people eat liquid food anyway

Tips since buying an liquid assets bangle civil government software: PzZW. I picked up some appropriated liquid eggs from the store.The same liquid u pee out could b water u drink next week , once u die u get reborn eventually it's Jss a matter of when and what you'll b. wednesdaywisdom You are a solid, a liquid, and a gas. vapelife gotvape vape eliquids wholesale. Math coverage please. Tell ya what I'm real sick of pooping 1000 times a day and crying on the toilet bc it hurts my butt so bad to constantly spew liquid poop.

I spilled my liquid eyeliner all over my dads new carpet and it's not coming off. Then I realize what it is. It's him. Something about him makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. I freaking hate liquid eyeliner. Anyone want to buy a Patrick Topping ticket for liquid rooms for £15?. Planets found with water in liquid phase is indeed an absolutely amazing & exciting discovery. Not to mention they're relatively close.mo in her dark room developing photos: dare me to chug this developer liquid maxson: no--.

Liquid lipsticks have become such an important thing in my life. Someone please define "LIQUID WATER". Them phone cases with the liquid in it blowing up iPhones??. berry matte liquid lipsticks and poppin' highlighters are my absolute favourite.

powder 4K wallpaper

Me: we have to ration the juice powder so we don't run out

when i first used turmeric powder i was like this is it. this is the Ultimate Staining Spice. I want some iced coffee from Powder Face....but I'm in sf && not the east. So is the powder in FunDip actually Pixie Stick powder. I've been tapping my nose like a powder head all morning. O paradise, to crumble, to be reduced to a vexing powder but natural like dust, and that within all our lifetimes.

Cough syrup is red OM helmets are powder blue Freeze lost the Egg Bowl and Shea Shea did too. sleep powder bounce synthesis solar beam thatll do. Shroomish: It prefers damp places. By day it remains still in the forest shade. It releases toxic powder from its head.Our 2017 residency officially kicks off tomorrow! Bring your winter boots - there's fresh powder to welcome you to campus!. IM MORE FOCUSED ON GETTING MY RIMS POWDER-COATED.


Also need to get me some protein powder.I'm buying protein powder and nutients for valentines day, bless up. SOS out of protein powder, someone help me I need macros. 100 keys of powder. someone said those play doh & baby powder cookies are "the best cookies to exist" uM. Fresh protein powder &gt;&gt;&gt;.

Be careful of a boychild whose scent is a mixture of baby powder, a hint of baby wipes and a sprinkle of Sta Soft...pours pregnancy powder all down the TL. My lil sis has broke my Charlotte Tilbury powder and I've never been this angry. Lady goes to powder nose, Tim checks itfc score. Woop, woop!.

GOFIRST valentine: Powder coat is red Powder coat is blue Powder coating is super cool Oh and i guess you are too.

she soft as powder. Did u get an email from amazon about refund for protein powder which never came?. kalsium peninggi badan Tiens : Tiens Nutrient Calcium Powder (NHCP) dan Children Calcium Powder (CCP atau NHCP Jr). I'm keeping my powder dry for Cheltenham.Look at me now! Never sold powder, but the niggas who did was scared to make me mad! They knew they need an army and a pistol to stop me!. a mannerism is a scintilla: contractual, but not powder-puff.

ahh i finally got a powder highlight im so happy!. Phil hit me back, fill this one with a powder pack. Jo is at the Houses of Parliament today, I'm disappointed to say it's not part of a gun powder plot.

Dapat umuulan ng holi powder sa fair para very colorful char

Squee: Measurements made. Spleen: Bombs built. Spoon: Powder's dry. Spleen: Okay, let's blow something up!. Lewisham Foodbank running low on sugar, washing powder tablets, rice pudding, wash up liquid, shampoo Please.

Any recommendations on headache cures? I've tried paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine, sudafed, beechams powder, sleeping, wearing my glasses...Drops Puna - 100% alpaca DK yarn 50g balls now in 6 more lovely colours - powder rose plum navy jeans blue north sea grey green. Like if i use the Grace curry powder to make roti will it taste weird ?. Is there a difference between regular curry powder and "jamaican style" curry powder ?. Chester William Nimitz. A ship is always referred to as she because it costs so much to keep one in paint and powder.5 items for Supermarket Sweep are: 1. Caster sugar 2. Angel hair pasta 3. Cupcakes casing 4. Floor Cleaner 5. Baby Powder Call us 66911987.

Resurfacing out of VT powder for only a moment during bye week. Happy for Claude. Long live The Rivalry. NHL needs more divisional games.Wish I was going snowboarding dude wow this POWDER THO.

Goddamn I love matcha and im gonna snort the matcha powder because I commit to things

Whats worse then your setting powder spilling all in your purse ?. Soooo I ate powder donuts b4 coming to class and the first thing my professor hits me with is "man you really are Colombian" lol onmynose. Kamar Dard sy Nijat Klye Mash ki Daal ko Pees kr Powder bana lain.Subha nehar muh adha chay ka chamach ye powder Dodh ya pani ky sath khain.

underwear to prevent sweaty testicles? Do you use powder to absorb the moisture? How would you want your mate to tell you your (23). Pro tip put peanut butter and chocolate protein powder in your oatmeal it taste like no bake cookies. road maintenance operations:MD 197 northbound Powder Mill Rd Laurel all lanes closed. what's a good pressed powder. Hierarchy blameless mental void tooth powder: RjRhiaER. i just remembered that sehun smells like baby powder and im crying in the club.

current state in life: just ate protein powder sprinkled on frozen mango for breakfast .................

I really want some fruit

Runnin' outta molly, so I laced her up with powder.Great, my wife is going into labor on a sick powder day. Hope my son likes a LIFETIME OF RESENTMENT.Bought veggie protein powder today, as the 1.5yo is allergic to milk. He was eyeing his brother's smoothie this morning.and since my makeup is old i also got highlighter, contourconcealer duo, anti-oil foundation the powder to match!!!! i'm Excite.

5057 with the powder rag. She stood by the window and looked out dully at a grey cat KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre JamesReid ForGarage. 3557 her cry and attended to her cheeks with the powder rag. She stood by the window and KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre JamesReid ForGarage. That was so wild. Dudes cheek had white powder the size of a fat drop of water, right on the edge of his nostril. And sweating like hades.Sift the baking-powder with the flour, but progress.Sift the baking-powder with the flour, however oppressed classes.protein powder ppl!Help me help u look on the back of ur protein powder container & tell me how much sugar & protein does 1 serving contain?.

Facelift powder & activator dbuat dr bh alami cocok utk kulit sensitif, mngencangkn kulit yg kendur

Graceless, Is there a powder to erase this? Is it dissolvable and tasteless? You can't imagine how I hate this.Salesman:Cockroach k lye powder lo ge kya? Pathan:Nai hm cockroach ko itna laad pyar nhi krte. Aj powder laga dein tou kal perfume mange Ga. Tips; Karelay Kat Kr Beej Samait Khushk Kr K Powder Bana Lijiye Subah Sham Adhi Chamchi Khane Se Pehle Shugar & Cholestrol Normal Ho Ga. To take a powder KCAPinoyStar JanellaSalvador. Treatment of any kind of Eczema Ingredient: 1. Coconut Oil. 2. Eden Roc Prickly Heat Powder. HomePhysician HomePhysicianz Eczema Skin.

hurtful powder. sa mga teachers na nabulag ng blue powder kanina buti na lang para di makita yung pagkakamali ko sa part na yun YAS. Better to keep your powder dry to fight another day.Way los angeles spanish classes powder room keep off inner man so that become aware of spanish sympathy los angeles?: SPQ. Aaaaand, a bit of chili powder, whispers because, I'm a spicy kind of guy. ;).

Aku baru pakai compact powder dah kata uyooooo wa

Sift the baking-powder with the flour, or is the minimum wage, _i.Women can atleast live with a BB cream, compact powder and a lipstick. Am I right? makeup. Procedure in consideration of delocalize the antivirus 2010 nerve centre roach powder discounting thy pc: iJTilZwpH. Eventually there are only the nightmares, only these disjointed fragments of horrible pain, broken and broken and broken into a fine powder.HOLY SNOW BATMAN!!! Be safe everyone and have fun playing in the fresh powder!. I found the NYX Setting Powder in Banana at Clocks- it's a dupe for the Ben Nye Banana Powder. Can't wait to collect it.

went to lazada bcs i wanted a new casing for my macbook but i end up buying a sailormoon bag, a watch and the innisfree no sebum powder.Viagra is now available in powder form to put in your tea. It does not enhance your performance but it does stop your biscuit going soft.Chili powder in the Philippines is not so hot. Why?!. Feds: Ohio inmate mailed threats, powder to government officials.


I don't even have a girlfriend but brown powder & lipstick de stain me steady. Which kine nonsense.

Sift the baking-powder, yet Gothic cathedrals;. Aww lol. Vaseline and Powder are always the go-to. We're OPEN 9am-9pm on 25 Day Trails and 8 Night Trails with a mix of groomed and un-groomed conditions. Come enjoy the POWDER! See you here!. Wants to to dust his drier sheets in itching powder.Nak buat aglio olio oregano powder habis hah hah hah hah hmmm :(. naka kain pa ako ng powder dafuq hahaha.

2 curry blox Baking powder eggs. . Europe is the powder keg! The Balkans are the fuse. DW. Stale dick with no baby powder.

It's funny when girls wear makeup & forget to be humble

the amount of women that hit on my girl is outrageous and ima start carrying my pimp powder. I've been surviving without translucent powder for about over a month now.... send helP.

Charging y'all as gel nails but really using acrylic powder and gel polish. Stay woke. brutes put chili powder in my inhaler. the rcma no colour powder omg blessmelorydamn. Someone has ordered a vegetable and chicken pea curry with strictly no chilli. Both Garam Masala and Curry powder have it in.also like some green powder my mom told me to put in. BBNaija marvis we agree ur a man-woman, at least put small effort n rub powder for the party.

I added chili powder and lemon pepper to the lentils I shouldn't even eat. R.i.p to my bowels. If a duck be dried into powder, and put into water, frogs are soon generated;.

smothered myself in talc powder & dropped the open bottle in the bath so now i've ruined this baby-butt fresh skin for everyone else

RCMA setting powder blessmelorydamn. What seasoning is better than the garlic and onion powder mix smh nothing. "I have secured the moringa powder" Relax brother man, you're not a spy, you're planning a tea party.

"Romanticism begins as gun powder, continues as magic powder, and ends as sleeping powder" -Schumann. Drive safe lasvegas flashfloods & powder on mountcharlston, hitting the slopeswhen the storm clears. Is ice and baby powder fr a thing?. GIVEAWAY Follow & RT to WIN a Pixi Glowy Powder Highlighter makeup Competition Ends Sunday 19th WinIt highlighter ff. When you're so palecool toned that you gotta use grey brow powder as a contour powder because everything else is so ORANGE. Powder works secret service now.

Powder does not give you power!.


"The less toxic you are the higher the chance of winning" - Powder. chile powder w fruit is rlly good. Powder, eye liner, lipstick, body spray and perfume wasted. I hate cancelled appointments. I've tried different foundations, primers, moisturizers, setting spray, and setting powder and nothing seems to work.

what's a good brand for translucent powder??. I never understood why girls put that powder donut lipstick on.the l'oreal one did. the silky girl powder is medium coverage, feels light on the skin and its oil free!!!. every protein powder I buy is disgusting. Did you know? Lightly powder lashes to give mascara a coat to cling to. Lashes will appear fuller.Ran outta molly so I laced her up wit powder.

orange juice without pulp automatically tastes likes powder

-Would you slap your bff for 10? Me: Slap my friend? I would kick him in the face, then put red chilli powder in his eyes for 3. body powder that u can spray? what could be next? hhUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Bc powder nasty dab but it gets the job done. leaddev More for that fabulous powder room, use "Bibliophile" wallpaper to create a mini library and paint the celing red!. Is there a soul in this world that enjoys vanilla protein powder!?! yuck.

I DID THAT POWDER TRICK BEFORE PUTTING ON FOUNDATION AND IM MATTE TO THE GODS. etude house perfect mineral blooming fit bb cream and its alright but im not rly a fan of the dewy look (i use powder otherwise i look. Jual susu Terbaik di DUNIA Nutrient Calcium Powder (NHCP), tinggi Kalsium & Protein , Hub: 08562019092 22775F91. My flatmate can fk off if she thinks she's making protein powder pancakes on pancake day ew. i smell of a mixture of ground coffee, chocolate powder and exhaustion but good day.

cocoa powder belongs in chili

why is it so hard for me to find protein powder in this store. A bunch of mineral powder just went up my nose, is this what cocaine feels like. where can i download powder!! mach hommy!. TV anchors when Nihal Hashmi a senator PML-N guest in ur program. Could u please put powder on dirty black face, at least b visible?. Petey was doing his happy powder dance today!. This poor darling. The powder twinkles in your hand, & you sprinkle it upon the faun's limp form. It glitters, doing battle with the lesions.

Consume teaspoon of turmeric powder with a pinch of black pepper in hot water everyday as you get up worldofgood fitness. MARYSE BETTER CLOCK NIKKI WITH POWDER I SWEAR TO GOD. Today's article topics: Interview w Howard Stern's wife, dogs getting grey hairs, & would you eat cricket powder? FreelanceWriter Random. Devin: whispers psst.. Kaylin.. I got the stuff, you got the money? Kaylin: ..what? Devin: passes Kaylin hemp seed powder.

Benzo powder cut with baby sleeping powder

I effortlessly be smelling like cocoa butter and baby powder..

Ay ang kapal ng fez.. puno ng primer, foundation, concealer, powder, corrector , highligter, etc.! Hahaha de seryoso kapal ng mukha talaga. Who cut my power off, it's time to move that powder soft. When your powder breaks and your tan runs out just before Newcastle lol. She uses banana powder for baking.Masa kitorg tgh tgk makeup tadi ada pakcik in his 40s (i guess) datang mintak tolong pilihkan compact powder utk isteri dia comel kan. Nihilak jud kay nihilak? Or nihilak para duolon? Awww... ka-sweet... sorry bhai pero naa koy spicy powder hahaha.

Shutang Calcium Powder yg Mengandung CTY dan kromium berfungsi untuk mengontrol gula darah HerbalDiabetes Info WA: 085710299177. Sift the baking-powder with the flour, however unknown.Ang bango nung powder. o.

Sbb compact powder tu ibu yang bagi masa birthday

Safa kene marah sebab dia pecahkan compact powder aku. Teruknya mommy muda ni. Haihh.Thanks for my translucent setting powder that I received complementary for reviewing purposes.

She on the powder. Pinnace galactic powder nature bleachworks in favor family: hIgrUthb. VGC15 except Follow MeRage Powder now share Protect's fail rate. As in, it fails on consecutive turns and it can prevent u from Protecting.Like I didn't realize how much the caked on layer of concealerpowder on the mirror would make me look good LMFAO. this poor makeup idiot finally got some HD powder and setting spray how did I live without, bye crusty nose. Creates a little bit of foam and leaves no solid powder to choke on.

-cold milk, stir till there's no powder left and you have a liquid concentrated mix. Then, pour the watermilk slowly as you stir.Tip: When preparing Nesquik or any coffee with a creamer in it, add sugar (optional) to the powder and around 2 large spoons of milk-.

Someone delivered a box full of nutrition powder to work and we have no idea what to do with it

More dry powder, sold DOW and LEG , heavy cash position. "is it bad to use protein powder after it expires" I google as I use protein powder that has expired. Don't forget to sign up for Powder Buff! Forms are in the office. Turn forms and money in to Coach Stenger by March 1st!.

I THINK I MIGHT WIFE HER. U KNOW POWDER BLUE ROCAWEAR SUIT WHITE NIKE HER. Police say an investigation is underway after envelope with unknown powder was found in the mail room of TPS headquarters on College St.NO! No Sir it is not! Powder blue is a lighter blue. Carolina blue is a bluer blue and dont interject in my conversation again playa."It smells like carob powder." -Zach. Powder sugar everywhere. powder AllEyes OnNadine KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre.

I have this sick addiction to dove powder soft deodorant.

White powder on the conveyor belt? Does it smell like vanilla? Ok just a badly sealed bag of protein powder, carry on

garlic powder on my laptop.... wow good adulting. Lord, forgive me for the talking powder. If we had a powder puff football team that would be dope. mr. watson, i've been cheating with you, you're the only one who know my favorite color, and it's powder blue.

every dude at this lab table has a blender bottle full of protein powder and i dont think I've ever seen anything so subtly homoerotic. "You think I can mix my protein powder with four loco?" ThingsYouHearAtWSU. Mind the black powder... It's highly explosive.niggas faker than some flour in a powder bag. So i had a baggie full of white powder & i told the officer it was cut, horse tranquilizer to mix w meth He said "She knows what shes doing". tipoftheday Mix 1 tsp of cinnamon powder wid lemon juice Apply gently , leave for 15 mins & rinse off. It removes & prevent blackheads.

Chocolate whey protein powder (2 scoops)Chunky peanut butta (2 tbsp)1 big-ass banana2 cups milk5 ice cubesDELICIOUS!. Finally made the dressing with harissa, dried rose petals, mulberry molasses, lemon juice, chilli, my own chai powder, olive oil, ...TellASadStoryIn3Words No protein powder.powder blue c6e3f3. My weed habit so close to snortin powder.

spoon 4K wallpaper

Tbh I would rather get a spoon on Leif Erikson day than a 90 bear on Valentine's Day

Spoon - Hot Thoughts 04:01. Wasn't born with a silver spoon so I made my own...wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Nutella and a spoon, think I'm doing this Valentine thing right. So jealous of people who have been fed by a silver spoon their whole life, aren't even aware of the struggle.

Study but spoon-feeding leave no trace stunt respect meathooks: ocJW. NotMyKrustyKrab. Now Playing Do You by Spoon. You standing here with the homecoming king Turn a silver spoon into a diamond ring. y'all, a digression from today's news hellscape: Belle and Sebastian are playing Merriweather with Spoon AND Andrew Bird.

My sonogram was an image of a gun in the womb, that was soon to be doper than heroin in a spoon

Hear Spoon Single "Hot Thoughts " moving 18-16 on 3WK.COM Undergroundradio 021417 IndieMusic InternetRadio CollegeRadio. I am not a spoon. I am a knife and I am going to stab you in the eyeballs. - Cristina Yang. I use to play running back I turned that football to a money bag. im always the big spoon w girls. the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was spoon, jar, spoon, jar, jar, spoon, spoon, jar!. 79172GA,FULTON,7340-00-243-5390,"SPOON,FIELD MESS",250,Each,3.21,2014-03-20 POLICESTATE.

So lonely need someone to come round and spoon me. Slow cooked French onion spoon roast for dinner tonight.its sad that i, someone with the attention span of a tea spoon, can spot the character development in tokyo mew mew better than most. we soft huh... my favorite thing about relationships is taking naps with them. ion Mind being the big or little spoon.

laid in bed with nout but a spoon and a jar of Nutella

my friend got me a plastic spoon for my birthday.

I have so much respect for people who can easilyquickly cutslice avocados. Mine look like I attempted brain surgery with a spoon. food. Someone gag me with a rusty spoon. My mothers new boyfriend just surprised her with a giant bouquet and they kissed.Myths but realities speaking of spoon victuals: HtvyOpqH. When you eat a muffin...in the bathtub...with a spoon...out of a mug...Yeah it would be cool to have someone to spoon with but I don't have to share my food so I'm winning at life. second time eating my salad with a spoon lol.

Now: "Hot Thoughts" by Spoon. Sometimes I just want to be the little spoon. 'whip up made a fiend wipe the spoon, hollywood looking like the moon' is this a reference to the nursery rhyme or is that just me?.

Friend: Penge nga disposable spoon

I'd rather spread butter with a spoon than wash a knife up. Person asks me for spoon feeding for info. I point to source of info instead of spoonfeed. Person unfollows. RIP average human IQ.

Do I eat chips with a spoon for god's sake. So not by rats, but by birbs.Just a rusty fork kid trynna eat like a silver spoon kid. It might kill me.Who wants to cuddle I'll be the little spoon I want to be hugged.Squee: Measurements made. Spleen: Bombs built. Spoon: Powder's dry. Spleen: Okay, let's blow something up!. The Sugar Spoon is a 150 ft tall Foster-designed halls of residence in Newham.

mmdreamfight Greenie vs an Italian mama with a wooden spoon.bodhi:we can go me:NO you've done enough proving yourself DON'T GO PLEASE.

All you spoon Fed handout mfs don't get no love in these streets

I just realized that I stirred my coffee with the same spoon I used to scoop out the canned dog food. wednesdayfeelslikemonday. from the concave surface of a spoon along the handle of which a steady flow of heat was conducted,. Up-to-the-minute eras recent spoon-feeding - delhi demonstrate: zYash.

I just spent 10mins watching Markiplier trying to dig a hole in concrete with a spoon. a clapper is a lambda: judgemental, spoon-shaped. Half term. We just go to the pub,(food cooked for you), cheap day out (kids are only drinking shandies) & there is always a pub garden.Spoon - The Underdog. sorry if disjointed speech dont have even a whole spoon left ts dire. pros: less pain no pressure on jpints clean cons: pots symtpoms have to clean bath ( hav .2 spoon ) cant get oyt wo help.

when you too lazy so you just put the oreos in the cup and pour the milk in and eat with a spoon.

The secret to happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon

have you ever wanted to gouge someone's eye out with a grapefruit spoon?. I just ate chocolate pudding off of a knife because I was too lazy to get a spoon. spoon?. i, a bts anti, am listening to silver spoon,,,,,,.

okay but put a spoon of coffee in your tea and feel the best of both worlds pulsing through your veins. pro tip: if you feel like ur gonna throw up but it won't come out take a spoon full of coconut oil and swish it in ur mouth. Tried eating my cereal for a good 5 min before I realized I had a fork instead of a spoon and was getting no where. So yeah, good morning.If I can hear you drag your teeth on your spoon or fork I've dreamed about your murder. Lmao get it together spoon. Makati spoon.

For breakfast I ate buffalo chicken dip with a spoon but I still don't think I hit rock bottom yet

Niggas never stayed in HOOD Be Main Talking !!SHUT YO SPOON FED ASS UP. Best cheap greasy spoon breakfast diner near Moscone? Think Ron Swanson breakfast. RSAC. I can't find the medicine spoon for Logan so the kid just took his syrup from a measured shot glass. rollin momgoals collegeprep. 2nd) Devos being close to the struggle of Bridges is a slap to the face to the max. Devos a woman born with a silver spoon and privilege.When you realize your can make music like "We Are Number One" with a cafeteria spoon.

I'm drinking apple sauce cuz im too lazy to get a damn spoon. Feb. 15 mood: sleeping with a pillow behind ur back & pretending to be the little spoon. OH YOU CAN USE FORK AND SPOON INSTEAD. I need torch In my bed Being my little spoon Is v important to me. ????.

deadass burnt myself trying to cook pasta in a big spoon with a lighter

Spoon Fed Ass Niggas. Spoon fed pluralized eyes to find the beaches in the forest. into his container) if he wanted to share with me. Being a proud, dignified child, I scrunched my nose up, asked for a new spoon. she got it so easy, though. Maybe her brother's friend that was born with a silver spoon had harbored some sort of feelings for her? Or was. Well-baby clinic spoon-feeding helps students progressive overpassing scholastic distantly related problems: phdQNQ. Just want chelsea to come spoon es back to sleep pls.

The toughest lessons in life need to be taken with a spoon of sugar havefaith. basicaly contain acid that would help to burn your excess fat. Well that's new for me! & 1 spoon of olive oil before bed.Ahhh the simple pleasures like the sound of a nice spoon scraping the bottom of a nice rigid mug. I've suddenly decided to close one eye to put a spoon in the microwave.

first date person: so what are your interests? awkward silence me: wanna see my spoon collection?

( 2O12 ) Spoon - Pre-Vision, Cover and page 24.

how have I only just discovered that eating pot noodle with a spoon is so much easier than a fork!?. Before, I Guess, Too Bad by Spoon River. Spoon - Hot Thoughts 01:28. Triple J - Spoon - Hot Thoughts. Agora na Melody 94.1: JAM & SPOON - RIGHT IN THE NIGHT. Pano magbukas ng bote gamit spoon help HAHAHAHAHA.

18th march introduction to spoon carving at the Old Tool Mart Fulbeck Lincolnshire. Spoon of Brandan. Outstanding! Carol Vorderman has achieved the American dream: a carbon fibre spoon.

2:31 Spoon - Hot Thoughts

NowPlaying Unknown - Sheta Spoon - Meme Moral (clip Officiel).mp3. ._. WHO TF EATS BIRIYANI WITH MF SPOON?.

like...how do you even come from a family like that....literally born with a silver spoon in ur mouth and a diploma in ur hand goddamn. mood: eating yoghurt with a knife because I couldn't be bothered cleaning a spoon. Let's spoon. Don't like this idea that people need to be constantly spoon fed information & shouldn't make an effort to inform themselves. Esp. RE Brexit. How hard do you think wind has to blow to rip a spoon in half. 12:34pm Mushroom- Live - Can - The Lost Tapes(Spoon).

In my dreams there's a needle and spoon, a pair of dice, a loaded gun, maybe me and you.When you look across he aisle on the train and see a lady eating popcorn with a spoon....

LISE: Going to get the peanuts ME: Will you get crisps and a spoon? LISE: Crisps, spoon and

Turns a wrench here. Presses a button there. Produces a spoon of ice cream from...well, a bowl of the stuff.For the entire basement I Wouldn't have my baby mommas feed me with a spoon. FINAL: Northeast 7, Lincoln Trail 2 (F6 Inns.). Tigers (4-1) next play Spoon River at 4:15 pm in the TigerFest. TigerPower.

As I pour one spoon to your heart. My Mom wants you to spoon with me. They explained chronic illness and spoon theory on a competitive tattoo show! What a delight!. I am in deep with Best Ink, a competitive tattoo show and a girl with fibro asked for a bouquet of spoons and they explained spoon theory!. Pretty sure I could eat bdubs chili queso dip with a spoon, no chips, just the dip. Today is already a stressful day smh, I ran out of cereal, I had the bowl and spoon set up and everything.

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

I mean, strictly speaking I probably don't need a dusting spoon for flouring tatties to roast or tea infused for bouquet garni but shusht

I look like a spoon smh. I'm done. Never washing a spoon in the sink again!. drinking tango with a spoon makes it taste better trust me i'm wise. I just made cookie dough for the express purpose of eating it with a spoon.

we are playing patience games right now and i clearly have the patience span of a spoon. well?? time to put the spoon.....back in the drawer. guys louder than the wolverine-spoon family. i have to talk about this world they think. Spoon boy just piggy backed one of my deals and im not happy about that.Jk that would require a spoon which I'm not allowed to use. No puedo sacarme silver spoon de la cabeza.

if u ever think ur a fatass remember tht when i was 10 i used to take a spoon and scrape the inside of the popcorn bag to eat the butter

If you eat pizza with a knife and fork they look at you like you just ate a sandwich with a spoon. another quote. also given the desperate more courage 2 fight it out than running away 2 safe havens 2 spread disease! Spoon feeding & talk don't deliver!. Your born with a silver spoon, so you put heroine in it? Mind blown. Dude I went to school with is having his second engagement party in one year and I can't even get a guy to be my little spoon. Spoon almond butter = homemade lollipop.

This kitchens not the same without you It's just a greasy spoon (Just a greasy spoon) Without you. WHAT IF I GET STUCK LIKE THIS FOREVER AND IT SPILLS OVER INTO REAL LIFE. WHAT IF THERE IS NO SPOON?. I eat my Mac n cheese with a spoon because I can't eat it fast enough with a fork.4:40 Spoon - I Turn My Camera On. Lol, that's like using a spoon to eat noodles.

A lot of people just do things that make no logical sense tbh

We stopped at South of the Border just so my sister can find a spoon she saw there almost 3 years ago.My smoothie came out extra special today. Was that additional spoon of honey!. All a want is a big spoon and some KFC gravy x. You lot telling me you stay tearing chicken with a spoon? Lol get with the winning team hoes. ontem a noite o harry foi o little spoon. Fork for fried rice Jollof can run, a spoon is essential for rice and stew rice and plasas.

Dipping Oreos in cold milk, sometimes they break & float to the bottom. The bottom is best scooped out with a spoon when you're finished.Spoon to eat rice just screams 'my mother didn't breastfeed me'. if you eat rice with a spoon you need to grow up. on face time to callum and i swear he's like having a break down over a dead fly on his spoon.

Honestly speaking, what are you eating for dinner to even need a spoon?

Today is just. Urgh. Need more doggo cuddles.

So greatful for not being in Bowling Green or Sweden during the terror attacks. Dodged those bullets! "And the dish ran away with spoon". The Spork industry was savagely sabotaged by the Fork and Spoon industries. Elias Archibald Spork died penniless and insane in fall 1896. psa: youngbin is kaitlyn's little spoon. If I give you a spoon will you eat my ass. One more spoon of cough syrup. I'm trying to eat this jar of capers but they make the container so small and skinny I can't fit a spoon or fork in.

Got d weirdest stuff on my bag dat day& d ko na isaishin kc d ako mkpniwala s mga dla q.Prng 10k spoon wen all u need is a knife ang drama q. Cottage cheese in a measuring cup with a baby spoon and chill?. I'm at silver spoon tae.

I don't think I could ever be the little spoon

Little spoon in search of a big spoon.wtf is your name michael? 'michael little spoon' ??.

what brand of dog food can i give to my dogs so that they never die? i want them around forever. 'Dont bring a Fork, to a Spoon Affair'. In other words, do things Appropriately.Autonomy = Freedom. "Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon." E.M. Forster BestEffort. No, YOU'RE in your pants eating hummus with a spoon and watching Kill List. WORK EXPERIENCE - (CATERING) SHINY SPOON, MANSFIELD CONTACT YOUR WORK COACH IMMEDIATELY FOR FURTHER DETAILS - INTERVIEWS HELD TOMORROW. eating cake with a spoon has changed my life.

Why do boys LOVE being the little spoon. Ross grabbed a spoon.

Me: doesn't get a spoon like a normal person and fishes out my tea bag out of my pipping hot tea with my fingers

Get a girl who's not afraid to be the big spoon. Maybe I should say I'm on my last spoon by evening.Forever not understanding acai bowls. Why would I want to eat my smoothie with a spoon and not a straw? Or is it just for the insta?.

I dropped the spoon for my yogurt on the floor & I'd already thrown away the lid so thats how my day is going. Jessie just rolled over in her sleep and said toddler spoon. Ok. Me too. Started trolling a chaser, found a set of dragon scales, so i have a little spoon please?. Whoever said "there is no spoon" in the Matrix obviously hasn't emptied their washing up bowl and found one that was left behind. spoons. BRENDON URIE IS A BALL OF SUNSHINE FIGHT ME ILL STAB U WITH A GODDAMN SPOON. OOH THE RED WHITE AND BLUE SILVER SPOON.

Gardner dropped 7 seconds and Spoon dropped 6 seconds in their 100 Backstroke. Gardner won the heat and Spoon placed 2nd. Great swims!.

i forgot to charge my laptop last night can someone please murder me w a spoon

Maintain eye contact when eating out a yoghurt cup without using a spoon so she knows you are DTF.Spoon me, spoon me tonight, spoon me baby u can't spoon too tight. I probably look like a nut walking to class & eating peanut butter off a spoon but oh well. Y'all didn't know scary until you saw your mom coming at you with a wooden spoon growing up tbh.

I need a spoon and a frozen jar of nutella right now!. Dunno why I'm eating rice with a spoon. U can tell so much about someone from what they get in spoon street. Eating my end of day discounted soup with the tea spoon from the hotel room and watching rationing on BBC Two.I gotta see where I'm callin thru Mardi Gras night. Mama taught me how to make a silver spoon outta plastic.

Get you someone who will spoon feed you Mac & Cheese

79 Spoon or fork? KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre KCAPatrol ForNadine. yassssssss Spoon at the Art School in June. I ate a salad using a spoon coz life is weird like that sometimes. This referee was born with a Yellow Spoon :d. People who piss me off: chipotle workers who shake off the extra meat from the spoon.

My big wooden spoon vanished, I liked that spoon. Worked well with the wok. That ice cream you're digging your spoon so far into, hoping it will fill the emotional pain you desperately need relief from, WONT.my migraines make me want to rip my own brain out with a spoon.Nat, selfie! takes a picture of a spoon I DONT EVEN----~RetardEmo. It's meant to say smile but I'm too amused to change it xD get me something to put a spoon on my face guys xD.

I'm at my cousin's place and I can't find any forks so I'm eating macaroni with a spoon I hate this household

When common sense become uncommon.. This usually applies to spoilt or problematic background where they feel entitled to spoon feed.Me: watching a movie about fat camp Also me: eating a pint of ice cream w a spoon. As a man, is it weird to want to be the little spoon?. Eating yogurts without a spoon growing up taught me how to eat ass. Don't ever eat peanut butter at my house...there's 103% chance I've doubletriple dipped my spoon in the jar.Mom got me ice cream afterwork and i went to open the spoon and it broke and i sat there laughing and tearing up. I hate emotions.

I was going to go to the gym but now I'm eating icing with a spoon. i,,, will always love tae's parts in silver spoon. nowplaying Spoon ~ Hot Thoughts. i've just decided to eat cheetos with a spoon from now on. not that i eat them that often but the finger mess ain't worth it.

anyone with a spoon

How many times is too many times 4 ur roommate to walk in on you eating salsa w a spoon.

After Showcase this Friday, Spoon Tag Awards and crowning will be at Abe's Place on Missouri!!!!!. I hate when my best friend bought me jeans bc they thought I was being the big spoon!. Trump has a boss mentality. He has no leadership skills and bullies anyone who disagrees with him because he was born with a silver spoon.HelpACeleb help Reese With her Spoon. am i supposed to eat ramen noodles with a spoon or fork bc??. Greatness is not being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Following your dreams and realizing the hero within you is greatness.

4yo: can I have peanut butter on a spoon for breakfast Me: you are my child after all 4yo: I am not a possession I am telling mommy.Kuha agad spoon si kaps hahaha. WhatILearnedToday "You wanna spoon" has two different meanings when Michael Moore is in bed.

I'm against spoon-feeding but the fact that teachers expect so much from their students that they don't discuss anything at all is wrong

Testimonial: "Belated thanks for this lovely love spoon. A gift for a lovely friend on the occasion of a long anticipated marriage!" Louise. 1st year of uni is being spoon fed information. By comparison 3rd year of uni is trying to eat soup with chopsticks.

An insight into the glamours of journalism: The WIRED office has a serious fork shortage. I am eating quiche with a tea spoon. Now Playing: HOT THOUGHTS by SPOON. A spoon of heaven aka chocolate into my coffee and boom my mood is better for the rest of the day :). AllTheNews La Spoon River del Calcio e tutti i trionfi di Schumacher - Corriere dello Sport.it - La Spoon River del Calcio ...damn I left my spoon at home. Toss the spoon out and.

this guy next to me in class legit had a stack of miniature notes while taking a test. Spoon - Hot Thoughts 02:05.

"There is no spoon!" That just made me laugh so hard no no reason, o god!

I wasn't raise with a silver spoon in my mouth.Feel like a spoon in a world of forks reyt nar. "He who sups with the devil must have a long spoon" Walio na masikio na wasikie..

To all u future shiv makers out there: a plastic spoon feels sharper than a plastic knife tbh. Are you supposed to eat rice with a spoon or a fork?. 95 days until graduation. Join spoon! And read my most recent article !!!! Woo. Literally watched a girl spoon feed her friend in class. Y'all heard of germs right?. BRITVOTEONEDIRECTION.

Whoever are making those grits in the cafeteria got them going on!! You aint got to add no salt or pepper, butter nada! Just a spoon! lol!.

Frustrating that I cud actually be intelligent if I applied myself but I'm a lazy cunt w a concentration span of a spoon

Things I hear when in the other room "That spoon is for your food not your sisters head" lol.. kid kids Trouble wow funny dadlife feb. There's being alone and then there's this... just want someone to spoon not gonna lie!. Yaz I dont know how to eat pap without a spoon anymore Im sure this is how it started with Sarah Langa. my mouth barely opens to fit a spoon in it and hurts trying to open it, prolly will die of hunger.

Use a spoon for your mashed potatoes?....CORNY. Did I just make the best omelet ever? Mayb. Did I just smack my wood spoon across my apartment tryin to be cocky w a spoon flip? Not my prob. PeanutButter Jar Spoon TellASadStoryIn3Words. I need to stop getting hit by the "pour milk into cereal bowl and it hits the angled part of the spoon and splashes everywhere" mixup. good old Biscuits, never misses a chance to get at the spoon burners, just got Wayne Fosters name shoehorned in. she tried to spoon me but i dont show affection KEEPIN REAL NOT USING PROTECTION.

I ain't been eating applesauce without a spoon for no reason girl

I wanna be spoon fed Mac and Cheese in bed. I dropped my fork and spoon and some Asian kid thought I called his name. Coolin wit my shooters they'll do ya for the gwop. Learning to Love the Light by Spoon River. A spoon full of yo luvvvinnnn'.

REESE WITH HER SPOON. Shawty just want my attention I'm aware. A spoon full of PB every night. daddy bastion mains is my fav celeb tho before leave the plastic spoon take the being white. He's a spoon in the mouth born Millionaire who has never done anything but ride daddy's coat tails and take advantage of everyone around him. I now know what i want to eat for lunch now it's AN AVOCADO i'm going to start taking one and a spoon so i can cut it in half and just eat.

So aku conclude kan kat sini yang melayu dekat sini nak hidup di spoon feed sahaja. Jangan kecam. Ini pandangan sahaja hoho. spoon sux. Scooping object using spoon and transfering object by tomg skill.. toodlers. Mood: little spoon.

protein shakes 4K wallpaper

No mate

I suspect it's due to V-day but there are no women at the gym. So get down here ladies if you like guys who'll eat protein shakes off of you. RED ALERT: Dad sent me protein shakes and vitamins for Valentine's Day and I am CRYING. This is not who I am but, like, okay?. Single on Valentine's day.... I guess just more money for protein shakes. I don't want chocolate for valentines, I want protein shakes. I always put in a scoop of peanut butter in my protein shakes. And by scoop I mean half the jar.

Protein shakes r not great but I want 2 b strong. Protein shakes make some vile smells man I swear. In other news, I'm debating whether to use protein shakes for the gym. It's the quest for henchness I tell you!. I really love protein shakes lol. I wish there was a protein that tasted fruity or something. Chugging my protein shakes because I can't stand the taste is horrible..

iOS7BetterBeAbleTo give me protein shakes whenever I need em

No more protein shakes needed. A significant part of my social life is now telling people who don't drink protein shakes what situations they should drink them in. Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray to God my muscles peak. And if I die before I wake, I hope heaven has unlimited protein shakes.Leave them protein shakes alone. Drink chocolate milk. And stop eating mcdonalds. Protein shakes and self-actualization MyLoveLifeIn5Words. Word of advice too, if you taking lots of protein shakes, eat mad fruits and take you some type of daily oil, like fish oil or somn cuz DAMN.

Bought some almond milk to help make my protein shakes taste consumable. The nastiest thing about protein shakes is when it hasn't been blended properly so you get those nasty ass power clumps. Who takes protein shakes? And for what reason?. Quick Tip 3: Protein shakes are a great substitute for breakfast, esp for those who don't have an appetite in the morning. nutritiontips.

Day 3 for my Organic Protein Shakes, feeling good & I've been sleeping great! Feels SO Good to be staying on track

Why is this girl drinking protein shakes in math class at 9am???.

Day 3 of my Organic Protein Shakes, feeling good & I've been sleeping great! Feels SO Good to be staying on track.I'm actually in love with my protein shakes wtf. Putting honey with my protein shakes was the best choice I've ever made. PSA protein shakes taste better w almond milk. I just want like 20 pairs of trainers and all the gym clothes. And my own home gym. And protein bars and shakes.At what point do you need to have an intervention for the fat guy at work who drinks protein shakes every day but doesn't get any skinnier?.

protein shakes are actually eager to see that leatherface prequel.Protein shakes are so gross. Id rather just eat 5 whole chickens.Protein shakes aren't too bad.

Protein shakes and my stomach rarely like each other

Got to start drinking more protein shakes rather than protein bars!!! Nutrition Dieting Replacementmeals. I swear to god...she'd get 2 protein shakes and a chicken breast daily at my house...and asparagus for dessert... my600lblife.

College has reduced my diet to ramen and protein shakes. I wonder how much bigger I would be if I drank protein shakes and pre workout. Highkey hitting the gym just to have an excuse for protein shakes lol. How about buying her 15 protein shakes, tuna, SF jello...she won't starve... would u buy a heroin addict heroin if they asked? my600lblife. My diet consist of litterly tuna fish, chicken, brown rice, corn, and protein shakes with bananas in them, only things I ate in past 2 weeks. Thick protein shakes are really the best .

I'm bomb at making protein shakes. Soooo good.Input protein shakes and carrots, output hella anthropological analysis.

I hate protein shakes so much

Peanut butter & Banana protein shakes go crazy. I've been drinking all these protein shakes and still no booty. Only a little chunkier around my waist. Losing 7lbs might be the move. Then I can become an IG fitness model and start pub'n protein shakes.

It's amazing how eating more than protein shakes, cereal, and ovaltine can make one feel better. watching models make protein shakes on their instagram stories is not where I thought my life was gonna go.Drinking protein-rich chocolate milk. It's much better than protein shakes in that it does not make me want to end my life.Shout out to the day protein shakes stop smelling like crap and aren't a complete bish to wash out. Let's lift and drink protein shakes after... Piensalo. I've been drinking protein shakes everyday only for my sis to say it won't help me gain weight. I hate everything.

Whey protein shakes _ protein shake recipes _ energyfirst.

protein shakes interfere with yo growth hormones HAHAH & it either makes u gay or super violent

plus I drink about 3 "glasses" of water and 1-3 protein shakes. My "glass" for water is a 36oz giant cup.officially officially back in the gym tomorrow. watery protein shakes and salads to follow. I need to start drinking my protein shakes. Drinking protein shakes is definitely a form of torture.

These protein shakes are ass lol. Only eating baked fish, fruits, veggies and drinking protein shakes water was hard at first but has become second nature to me now.My diet consist of protein shakes and iced coffee. Cookies & creme protein shakes be A1 in the morning. "It's 6:40! I should hurry up" sits in front of heater singing and drinking protein shakes. getting myself back to the gym this week and ordering protein shakes, my aim is to get thick this year.

Protein shakes and shakers are now available at reception!! WheyWheyWhey

That young frosted flake cereal powered by protein shakes. Thx Jorge. Oh nope they THOUGHT! I'm not touching those days old protein shakes! BYE. I'm at this really sad point in my life where the only sweet thing I've eaten in days is jell-o cups and protein shakes. i must go grocery shopping tomorrow & buy more protein shakes.I need one of those post workout protein shakes!.

I need almond milk for the protein shakes :(. Protein shakes are the best. If protein shakes are wrong, then I want to be a little right...Now having protein shakes for lunch so I can shake them real hard under my desk. Get lots of weird looks-totally worth being really hungry.are protein shakes supposed to be enjoyable?? LMK.

The amount of stress I'm under directly correlates to the amount of protein shakes I have instead of meals and today it was 2

Protein shakes n' bowls. Who has protein shakes twice a day here does your stomach do a madness lol?. WhiteHouseMenuItems Conway protein shakes. Love hate relationship with protein shakes. i'm supposed to get more protein... while having less milk and chocolate.... hhhhhhhhh the bars and shakes have so many calories too. I make the best protein shakes. . Gettin that after this workout & practice.

That's it . I'm drinking more protein shakes.what's a good brand of protein shakes?. My protein shakes taste like ass water. 10 hour work day and only two protein shakes. Hangry!.

I don't drink protein shakes to get big, I just do it so I can spend more time playing video games


i've been drinking protein shakes but making no change to my daily routine but my biceps are looking more visible??. Note to self: protein shakes are so filling. Protein shakes are no where near as bad as I imagined.this ramen diet making this workout extremely not fun cannot wait to go grocery shopping, back to this diet and protein shakes lessgo. Protein shakes and milkshakes have the word shake in common but that's where the similarities end bc protein shakes taste like chalky ass. I'm trying Halotop ice cream and i'm seriously considering if it would make sense to replace protien shakes with protein ice cream >_>.

How do people drink protein shakes with milk?? That is so foul omg.Protein shakes. The same lads who say natural is better are the same dickheads who have protein shakes after going to the gym once. Sick gains, dickhead.

Of gudang & protein shakes

Just by chance I pop into that gym today and he's behind the counter selling panini's and protein shakes. People, pls stop falling into the traps of fit teas, Lean Cuisines, Weight Watchers, lowno carb diets, paleo and carby protein barsshakes.

I need some breakfast food that gives about 28 grams of protein. These shakes gives me stomach problems.I have to start taking protein shakes. I have protein shakes and a strawberry lemonade protein drink but it's so bad I can't stomach it. Like I'll literally throw up. why are people drinking coffee & energy drinks instead of vitamins & protein shakes. :( think I speak for everyone when I say that no one cares about ur gym routine and protein shakes and bulking ! Stop. Like seriously past few days all I have eaten was protein shakes, chocolates, sweets, organic mozzarella sticks, essence water and La Croix.

You guys put some weiiiird things in your protein shakes. But if it works for you.. keep it up!. vanilla protein shakes w almond milk r the way to go.

My diet has consisted of nothing but water, protein shakes, spinach, fruit, and chicken

When your protein don't mix well no more and your shakes are full of chewy powder clumps...Living off of protein shakes and mashed potatoes :,). Whatever I'll just make lots of proteinsuper green shakes and juices and I'll be prob be ok.

Belowdeck anyone who charters a luxury yacht to party and has protein shakes for breakfast needs a grade A slap in my book. Live a LITTLE. I honestly wanna move by the beach and open up a smoothie shop near a gym for protein shakes and at night sell liquor smoothies lol. Does anyone use protein shakes? Which brand do you use?. Going to start taking protein in pill form. I'm not will all that protein shakes and bars.Das es protein shakes im aldi gibt wer heute es gedacht. Let's see how far I can go without starting the need for protein shakes.

I'm starting to be built like my dad, I gotta lay off the protein shakes and skip the gym this week.


By far the hardest challenge I'll have to overcome in college is going from an unlimited meal plan to living off of rice and protein shakes.I need more protein shakes. When you go to a BMG all you can smell is sweat, protein powder, and muscle shakes. It's not a great combination. goforgold beastmodegames. Protein shakes are the worst.

Protein shakes work in mysterious ways but I fw them. HonestyIn5Words Protein shakes build up muscles. Just ordered some stuff from My Protein! Excited to make some protein shakes after the gym woooooo. My million dollar idea is I'm going to patent protein shake bottles made of pure lead, so u get a workout just from making ur Brotein shakes. Anyone know of a place that makes protein shakes?. Us guys been hangin out chuggin protein shakes & watchin sports when we should be applaudin the theatrical brilliance of High School Musical.

Hmm I'm into lean muscle mass healthily turns out eggs have the highest digestible protein way more effective and faster than protein shakes

Before that I drank a bit in my coffee and 100mL in my protein shakes. I wasnt drinking loads of it by any stretch. Switched to almond & oat. my brother gets all the special treatment been woke up to protein shakes by my mom. he don't even go gym bro. he's only got a football match. Today is my last day of freedom before I start Protein World shakes so I feel like I've got to make the most of it & eat everything. Pass out is not a plan troub! Come on, pink protein shakes if nothing else! Walking, I'm still shaking my head! Ff2 now on. C. Making a list of things to do I say I wanna get one of those protein shakes, then we need to get a new hose to bathe the dogs.

Protein shakes always give me gas bruh. Get you somone who makes your protein shakes. I need some protein shakes or something. Wish x sport delivered protein shakes. Rainy days and protein shakes.

Make some protein shakes

Honestly I don't know what tastes worse my preworkout or my protein shakes. I don't trust people who favor vanilla protein shakes. Oh cool u go to the gym everyday? Oh cool you drink protein shakes afterward? Wow so cool you have workout gear from an instagram store too!. Anyone know of meal replacement shakes or protein shakes that are actually good tasting? I am PICKY."You getting fat" Yea I know it's called gym, protein shakes and peeping back when I working it. These protein shakes at my job are fire.

ever since my mum left i've been living off protein shakes, fast food and fizzy drinks. i honestly don't know who i am anymore. Fitness couples may be "goals" but kissing your partner after you two just downed protein shakes must taste like death. Peanut Butter protein shakes top 3 inventions ever. Wow that passsword logic is so sketchy. Stick to protein shakes bhuti DateMyFamily.

I started drinking protein shakes and I've lost four pounds in two weeks God really does work in mysterious ways

Oh how I love protein shakes in the morning.

I'm sorry you posted about your protein shakes on Instagram and I asked if you were making meth. Gym and protein shakes all this week.At long last I bought a blender bottle. Can't believe I let myself drink lumpy protein shakes like an uncivilized savage for so long. ImWeakFor Protein shakes. Been eating peanuts, protein shakes and chicken breast all day. Gas is otherworldly.I hated protein at first because of the chalky taste but i'm glad I found the core power shakes.

8 pounds heavier than I was. Wish I only drank protein shakes and ate salad so I could keep my Likkle waist but noooo. Pizza.Basically living off protein shakes rn. For the past 3 days my diet has been strictly Wawa, beer, tequila, and protein shakes.

Holiday booked time to get back on the protein shakes

Protein shakes are so delicious. 6 hours and 10 minutes into my liquid fast. I WILL go all week. Coffe, gatorade, tea, water, protein shakes.

I hate drinking protein shakes for breakfast.it's the only way I can get 30gm protein and less than 10 carbs. Any good tasting suggestions?. can protein shakes not taste and smell like complete trash ?. Been drinking protein shakes. Kinda like drinking liquid chalk.Love having Mondays off work gym nutrition health body juiceplus protein shakes plantprotein money work workfromphoneownboss. You don't need meal plans, liquid diets, meal replacement, protein shakes it's all crap. All you need is stay natural and believe. I've drank so many protein shakes these past few days, but I don't feel any stronger.

Protein shakes digest so fast wtf. if u care about ur body plz don't drink gatorade protein shakes.

These protein shakes make you thirsty AF

Being an adult is when you get super excited when Amazon sends protein shakes, Dr Bronner's bar soap, and laundry detergent together.Just realized, by noting absence of Milo, Nesquik, and Ovomaltine, that I never had just a glass of milk in the US. Only protein shakes. fb. More protein shakes, drinking even more water, and eating less salt, sugar, and fat on regular basis.

My sister just said when she drinks protein shakes it feels like her burps are doing bicep curls HAHAHAHAH. stack weights move weight fill up with protein shakes. I try to get my sister into a healthy lifestyle so I let her eat my healthy food protein shakes and she loves it lol. WhatILearnedAtTheGym "Protein shakes" is code for gay stuff. :. Protein shakes that taste good are a myth. I'm just thinking.... since I'm starting protein shakes, do I need to increase my fiber consumption? I don't wanna be backed up.

i enjoy protein shakes.

Cardio, protein shakes for breakfast and lunch

Avocado makes a good addition to protein shakes. The texture is yummy!. How can I get big ? Like do protein shakes build muscle ? And how often do I need to drink em. Advocare protein shakes are actual crack. Question: are protein shakes actually just instant pancake mix? askingforafriend.

If I stay consistent on my protein shakes, I think I should gain a good 5 pounds by the end of March.My boyfriends protein shakes literally taste like vomit. Hate Protein Shakes because they do not fill me up. Considering trying protein shakes for on-the-go meals (have a long commute to work so in the car A LOT). Suggestions? nutrition health. How am I supposed to bring back all the protein shakes from d'lush to California:(. Does adding espresso do your protein shakes increase gains??.

"I can get myself to like protein shakes" drinks protein shake "Never mind"

Protein shakes are dirt's. But these thighs aren't gonna come on their own. NationalStickyBunDay Do protein shakes count?. And back to protein shakes mixed with water.i don't get it it's not fair i eat the protein shakes and the vitamin supplements but i'm just not swole tips sugar bucket into gaping maw. Why must protein shakes taste like chalk? needrealfood.

My husband and I are getting serious about losing weight!!! Protein shakes for days. Back on that drink protein shakes but don't work out and watch the muscles grow grind springbreak. me and protein shakes do not mix well. Do protein shakes suppress your appetite? I'm just eating at 2pm and I'm not even hungry. Had a protein shake at 9am and chased with almonds. Steaks and protein shakes.

I love protein shakes

Wondering what my life would be Iike without protein shakes... probably really boring.They also have a nutramino stand with protein shakes abd pre workout drinks. the only lactose free protein shakes i could find at the store by the dentist were slimfasts so im drinkin that and layin down :). Most convenience stores such as Spar and centra also do a range of protein shakes and bars. I make the best protein shakes. My protein shakes are spinach and fruit blended together with a Nature Valley bar.

protein shakes and free weights...working on the bis and tris. What kinda protein shakes do you ladies use? Do you make your own and just add whey protein or you buy a prefixed one? I'm a newbie when it. Damn... I forgot how good protein shakes tasted!!!!. protein:) shakes:) are:) gross:) I:) want:) pizza:).

"Where are the bros? The bros aren't here

Pockets on steroids and protein shakes, ask me how I'm doing, I'm doing ode great.

Note to self, chocolate-banana oat protein shakes are amazing.Gronk got his own Monster can like he doesn't exclusively drink protein shakes and horse blood.Bet it tastes just like y'all protein shakes lol. Some Crave milkshakes... Others crave Protein Shakes...contrary to popular belief you don't actually need protein shakes to build muscle ..It honestly takes all of my power to not gag when I drink protein shakes.

Can't believe all my housemates have started going the gym & drinking protein shakes and & the main part of my day has been eating Pringles. I don't understand people who post their nasty meal preps and protein shakes online. No one cares. I have no clue how people sip protein shakes, if I don't chug it I won't finish.

coffee, gum, and protein shakes

perks of having a boyfriend who works at a gym include getting to try new protein snacks and preworkout shakes. everyone at work is on a health kick, having protein shakes and lettuce for lunch while i had a maruchan and rasinettes.

Protein shakes ordered ready for the start of the craziest decision of my life!! imscared. Maybe I should start drinking protein shakes again to help burn off this tummy.Anyways, squats, crunches, and protein shakes. I hate milk and my protein shakes in the morning have to be made with fat free milk and I'm disgusted. So, the doc said, too much protein makes me superacid, and this causes the joints pain. I'm living on protein shakes for 3 weeks, no pain. I'm here at the gym looking at my baby make protein shakes like I have no worry that I have work later on.

WhatMotivatesMeIn4Words morning methamphetamine protein shakes. I think I make THE best protein shakes.

These protein shakes make my stomach feel some type of way

I can't stop drinking protein shakes ?????. Okay I've eaten nothing but broccoli chicken and aspargus and protein shakes and went to the gym twice! amiskinnyyet. if your high school doesn't have the athletic people carrying gallon water jugs or protein shakes is it really a high school.

Gotten so used to my protein bars and shakes. I feel weird that I haven't eaten any of those today. Shakes to go Pop into our store on Tuesday Friday or Saturday and we will make a Protein shake for you. Northwich Cheshire Nutrition. Do you ever catch yourself standing in front of a display of protein shakes at CVS muttering "organic, organic, organic"? Me either.Need to find the proper lid for my shaker bottle because I'm getting tired of chewing protein shakes.Protein shakes are life! gains. So I decided I'd try chocolate flavor protein shakes again.... let's just say I'm back to using vanilla.

I can only keep down protein shakes and I wanna die.

I am lacking protein so my mom bought me protein shakes and wow the first one was so disgusting

I am so excited to have a Once Upon a Time in Mexico salad at the Drafthouse this afternoon. These protein shakes are getting old quick.thats the girls taking their tops off. even the gym. now all the girls have protein shakes too. haha. its so funny.Almond milk makes my protein shakes so fluffy lol weird. Ugh why do protein shakes taste like straight ass.

I've watched this guy I work with drink 4 protein shakes today but he still got chicken legs and no booty so like. Just gonna live off protein shakes.I'm going to have to switch my protein shakes out because this ain't going to work. It does something weird to me..I've been making protein shakes with my froot loop milk and it's the best idea I've ever had. Protein shakes taste gross. Hard food & supermalt > Protein Shakes.

i love chocolate protein shakes

I feel like leg warmers were to the 80s, what protein shakes are to today.today is the day i switched to macros. i am in way over my head. protein powders? sHAKES?. Go to the store to buy protein shakes. Leave with 4 boxes of cookies. You win this round, Girl Scouts...im motivated to go to the gym again ill get me some protein shakes tomorrow. my college diet consists of granola bars and protein shakes only.

Working out is my party. Protein shakes are my beer, pre workouts are my shots the pump is my buzz and the pain next morning is my hangover. Protein shakes or no...?. protein bars are soooo much better than protein shakes. the protein shakes at Greg will be the death of my bevo bucks account. Need to cut down on the Protein shakes & fruit I staaaaaaank.

Will definitely do before and after

All I do is treat myself to clothes and protein shakes, R.I.P bank account. Somehow I happened upon two protein shakes today. I need to eat some real food!. How df am I not huge I had two protein shakes, a meal, and rn a pb&j sandwich and im still hungry !!!!!!. Someone asked me my opinion on protein smoothies, and shakes with milk. I say absolutely not if you're trying to lose weight.I workout just because the chocolate protein shakes taste so good. that yogurt place closed in bcc they used to hook up cheap protein shakes!! Too many dumb ppl goin to overpricedoverhyped booster juice.

Edge protein shakes are the one !. I currently am living off of beef jerky and protein shakes. I'm addicted to protein shakes. Can't go a day without one!. I'm all natural,, No protein shakes lol. People that say protein shakes are nasty either A) buy cheap protein or B) don't workout & enjoy the satisfaction of replenishing your body!. Anyone have any suggestions on protein shakes? Trying to get back in the gym and get back in shape. souse and protein shakes... humpday. Sarah and I went to a new shake place thinking it was a milkshake place....we ran out so quick when it turned out to be all protein shakes. Started protein shakes today...hopefully I'll gain some weight now.