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snow 4K wallpaper

first time back tonight after a 4 year break from playing football - weather prediction: ice rain and snow :

uk snow NR32 nothing yet not even rain! 010. No snow here. Knowsley roads will begin being gritted from 1pm today as snow is forecast from 5pm to 12am. Drive safe!. 'The Big Chill' otherwise known as winter snow. So if it snow's, who is up for building a snowman in Victoria Square?!.

Get ready for pictures of snow very soon, in case you have forgotten what it looks like.Will it snow today in midsomernorton - currently showing a small chance between 2-4pm and at around midnight.So where is the snow at huh? I've been lied to again haha. Lmao I had classes one did this week, god bless snow days. I thought it snow; a white powder dusts my brow, yet it's not cold or crystalline. It's what surrounds me- my walls are crumbling down.

Last Saturday, it snowed

Well I hope we do because we deserve some snow mannnnnnn. Snow laden limbs, kiss, icy waters below, unbridled moonlight, silhouettes the scene, providing, a minstrel show.Due to the Met Office forecast of heavy snow later today the Year 11 Parents Evening has been postponed until Thursday 19th January.We're thinking that baked potato and homemade beans is the ultimate "snow storm" comfort food!. Can the snow come here already? I don't wanna wait till tonight. Areas of northern CNY will see a major reduction, if not elimination of their snowpack from recent snow events. Minor flooding poss. here.

nowplaying Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars. LISTEN WHEN I WAS EIGHT I WAS ALLOWED TO SKI ON MY OWN IT WAS NICE THE SNOW TASTED SALTY BUT. About to board a flight to Brrrrrrrrlin. Some snow predicted I believe but hoping those efficient Germans have it covered.Lupa bawa kunci rumah Nyokap arisan Gw terpaksa nunggu di luar hiks Ditemenin Noir yg merasa terkhianati karna gw ga bukain pintu.

im shook at how fast this snow melted

Thu 06:48: Light Snow; Temp -7.1 C; Windchill -15; Wind NNE 22 kmh gust 39 kmh; Humidity 88%; Press 101.0 kPa; Health Idx 1.8.

Thu 05:49: Light Snow; Temp -26.7 C; Windchill -43; Wind NW 39 kmh gust 54 kmh; Humidity 68%; Press 101.9 kPa.Beautiful morning snow has melted in Norfolk kids back to school after 3 days wow. just so u know how little i value my life im currently wearing flats in the snow on my way to cvs because i feel its where i need to be rn. who said hell is burning fire? it's obviously just snow.mag snow pud unta diri sa pilipinas noh?. Now we know it's nearly over. Feels like snow in September, but I always will remember...

There's currently a Camaro stuck in the snow down the street. maybe I'll go lay in the snow. Observance charlotte vexation credit services headed for snow regardless of thy dusty have the power problems profitably: lhZtBtTi.

CHARLOTTE NC Jan 14 Climate Report: High: 63 Low: 46 Precip: 0

ASHEVILLE NC Jan 14 Climate Report: High: 56 Low: 48 Precip: 0.0 Snow: 0.0 wx. GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG SC Jan 14 Climate Report: High: 62 Low: 49 Precip: 0.0 Snow: 0.0 wx.

I wanna go to the snow :((. I just. Love Jon Snow. So much. bakit snow white!!!. Eu preciso de noite socorrooooo. first hot temps then snow now tornados ?. damn, i love the snow.

Ferlin Husky - Wings Of A Snow White Dove. Today I met someone who didn't believe in global warming because of how much snow there was...

You dont exist You dont live You know nothing Jon Snow

there's an ice storm in north texas wtf come to me let it snow. Tue 11:13: Light Snow; Temp -1.6 C; Windchill -5; Humidity 95%; Press 101.7 kPa.Due to the forecast for plowable snow, a parking ban in the City of Fitchburg will be in effect from 9 PM Tuesday until noon on Wednesday.

Now Playing: Aimer "everlasting snow" Album: Akanesasueverlasting snow (2016) Series: NA (Req. by Bubiss). It's so quiet you can hear the snow falling and the bird's wings...I will come to you as a rain and snow - kim shin sebabtakmoveonlagi. Why Does Minnesota Always Seem To Get The Most Snow? Rip Us.Since my daughter fell back asleep. I guess I'll make some coffee and clean this apartment and watch the snow fall. SAHM goals.i cant decide which selfie to show u people make fun of me being trans bc i honestly wouldnt know how to stop.

I love how none of the roads are clear and there's ice under the snow.... but we still here.

be like snow, beautiful but cold

Favourite thing about winter : Dog's trails in the snow. "Will it Snow for Christmas?" adalah drama yang pernah Song Joongki bintangi bersama Kim Soo Hyun. Snow days are nice and all but all I do is sit around and eat all day long. Having a car is convenient until you need to dig it out of snow.

Snow capped mountains. It dropped below 50 degrees and there was some rainsnow, so now everyone is so Cal can lose their collective minds LARain SoCal. Snow on deserted roofs and Parkinglots -. snow -> overcast clouds humidity up 55% -> 58% wind 9mph -> 10mph. Only missing sun, when it starts to snow. Getting snow all cleaned up! I've been neglecting my baby with this flip floppy weather!.

When u see a little sun so you throw your shades on then it starts to snow <<

Love looking out a window & seeing snow capped mountains, I love Washington :,). Update: no snow. All they do is talk to be heard, but they ain't gone shake nothing.2pm: Light Snow and Blowing Snow -17.3C - Feels: -29C - Wind: N 28kmh - Bar: 101.1 kPa - Hum: 87% Churchill Weather. Fri 15:00: Light Snow; Temp -0.6 C; Windchill -7; Wind W 26 kmh gust 37 kmh; Humidity 91%; Press 100.6 kPa; Health Idx 1.6.

3pm: Light Snow -1.3C - Feels: -8C - Wind: W 30kmh Gusts to 41kmh - Bar: 100.3 kPa - Hum: 81% Kitchener-Waterloo Weather. Fri 14:00: Drifting Snow; Temp -3.7 C; Windchill -12; Wind NW 41 kmh; Humidity 80%; Press 101.5 kPa rising.Siberian Huskies can exhibit what is called "snow nose" or "winter nose." This condition is called hypopigmentation in animals.Fri 15:00: Light Snow; Temp -5.9 C; Windchill -13; Wind WNW 21 kmh gust 36 kmh; Humidity 77%; Press 99.5 kPa falling.The Emperor commands the snow showers to cease here at the Bytes Estate! Cease!, Cease I say!.

3pm: Light Snow -5

Fri 15:00: Light Snow; Temp -4.1 C; Windchill -10; Wind W 18 kmh gust 30 kmh; Humidity 86%; Press 99.7 kPa falling; Health Idx 1.9.Fri 15:02: Light Snow; Temp -2 C; Windchill -8; Wind WNW 19 kmh; Humidity 86%; Press 99.6 kPa falling; Health Idx 2.2.Fri 15:00: Light Snow; Temp -0.1 C; Windchill -7; Wind WSW 32 kmh gust 52 kmh; Humidity 66%; Press 99.3 kPa falling.May you all get out and enjoy the snow. Also spend some time learning about mother nature why your out there.Can I interest you in a snow parfait?. need this snow to pull thru.

There's snow on the ground like bless the snow gods. Look at those stats. I could have WALKED faster. (To be fair, snow kept sticking to my skis so much of the time was walking). It is NOT already Sunday night ugh weekends are short where is snow when you need it I'm in desperate need of a snow day buzz!!!. Was kind of hoping that the snow would go away, and stay away. But that did not happen.

This snow is unreal rn

snow snow snow snow.

Reasons I should just go to sleep : hannah just asked if rejjie snow was bashment. Really hope it don't snow tonight ...What i would give for a snow day .....The universe has GOT to know I need a snow day tomorrow so plz don't let me down once again this week. Really need a snow day.Oc snow tonight.

SNOW DAY. Practice is from 3:00-5:00 today. Enjoy your snow day.Roses are salmon daisies are snow cats is horrid and so is loving waffles.

Uggs is the worst boots to wear in the snow!!

this snow better stick to the damn ground. SO to the snow plow going 50mph down Pearl. I didn't need two showers today.

Forever wearing nikes when I should be wearing snow boots.It was supposed to snow today?. Campus looks dope with snow. If you don't like snow, come to Kutztown. We probably won't see heavy snow until like, March and it will be over Spring Break. not even February yet & already over this God forsaken snow. I wanna go to the gym, but the way this snow is set up.

don't even need to check my email. Lol, if there's snow, there's no Joe. The snow situation is not optimal but I look good as hell so.

Since when is 3 inches of snow a big deal ?????

Am I the only one excited about the snow coming down right now?. Snow has begun in compound. Not bad, weather guys. Said snow would start between 11 & 2. Saw first flakes at 10:57.

how bad is this snow suppose to be?. Number of times Rachel has slipped and fallen in the snow so far this winter: 6. SO. MUCH. SNOW.I swear ppl don't know how to drive when there's snow on the ground. I despise the snow. Forgot my snow boots at home and also made a breakfast sandwich before class and it's still frozen. Oh and I spilled coffee down my sleeve.

Snow starting yup yup.

Good timing to beat this snow nd head back to CT

I will actually be pissed if we get more snow. This snow really got me hot. this snow tho. Throwback to the days when Dr. Hamilton would cancel school for an inch of snow.

Might get a new vehicle today!!!! In the snow!!! Lol. Snow is the worst.Fri 06:34: Blowing Snow; Temp -21.7 C; Windchill -37; Wind NNW 43 kmh; Humidity 77%; Press 100.9 kPa falling.Back out the garage to snow! Lol!. one time i ate snow. Fri 05:00: Cloudy. Snow beginning early this morning. Amount 5 cm. High minus 4.

Snow snow snow!!!!!!

snow -> overcast clouds humidity down 67% -> 62% wind 10kmh -> 8kmh. The snow is about up to my knee too rn. SINCE SNOW IS SO THIC. What is this pathetic tiny snow we're getting. Today was 63 degrees here in NYC & in the next hour a blizzard is going to begin with over 1 foot of snow predicted.

the snow ain't real lol. It's official: Light snow flurries across Wandsworth. Behold & rejoice for the Met Office God has bestowed his bountiful precipitation on us. It's supposed to be snowing (Philly schools closed last night for today ahead of the impending snow storm) but it's just raining lol. Due to high winds Gondola on hold till 1000hrs. Mix of softski packed snow along with groomed and un-groomed areas, with thin cover.Yo snow where u at Nigga?.

Thu 04:10: Light Snow; Temp -22

Hate the snow.Snow more please so I don't have to go to work. sorta wish I was home for the snow storm, sorta like being at the beach more. Contemplated quitting my job completely while shoveling my car out of 17 feet of snow this morning. Trump is like that guy on the highway driving with all the car windows covered by iced-over snow.Light snow in Raunds Northants for past hour 0.80.1 Doing it's best to settle, but just failing. Need DP to get below 0C.

Holy snow. It doesn't seem to snow in Hull, just snerrrrrr. snow is still here..west looks heavy with more...This snow is really confusing me kmt.

i don't understand how people drive in snow for fun if i drive in the snow because i have to there's a 100% chance i'm having a panic attack

It's snowing Yayyyyyyy... Let it snow...

still not over the fact that most of us thought Law was based off a snow leopard but in reality he's based off a chubby spotted seal. Drunk snow days are the best snow days. Full Moon Alert: February's Full Snow Moon Is Tonight! Along With A Lunar Eclipse ! And A Comet! Oh My! A Magical Night Indeed : ). My school's policy on snow days is stupid. I get an email at 6 AM saying classes are cancelled until 11 AM. I have an 11 AM class.There is 35 FEET OF SNOW on Mammoth Mountain at the 9,000-foot elevation level. That means there is more on top. Just had to say that.God help whoever that was trying to make their way across campus in crutches after a snow day.

Snow a beat outside.I want it to snow to go sledding but I hate snow.Todas con el Snow ese que es el nuevo retrica.

Snow - 1 Tesla - 0

kid in my english class: hey mr. dolan what did you do on your snow day mr. dolan: i got six more tattoos anyway so the thesis connects here. snow white had me in court, not the whole thang just seven dwarfs.

ShowsAboutSnow Charlie's Snow Angels. I'm seeing an inordinate number of people with Nordstrom bags, and there's still snow and slush everywhere. Just saying. The world is changing so slowly that it looks like standing still. You might not see the snow melt but spring will come.I will take rain over snow any day. Angel and Austin- I love you more than snow cream! You have my heart forever! Love, Mama. Ricardo doesn't own proper snow boots and it keeps me up at night.

Moderate to heavy snow falling across the GTA. Snowfall rates of 1cmhr are making for a slow drive! onstorm weather. Game of Snow forts ShowsAboutSnow.


So....... where is that snow storm every one was freaking out about.Yay no school on FamilyDay after a week of snow storm related school closures... Yay.I've had a 4 day long weekend due to snow days and I still haven't done the pile of studying or projects that I was suppose to do.

Mon 10:44: Light Snow; Temp -7.5 C; Windchill -14; Wind NNE 15 kmh gust 37 kmh; Humidity 72%; Press 100.8 kPa.my mom is sending ethan and i onto the roof to clean off the snow... stay tuned to to see if ethan pushes me off. Both my classes got canceled today .. haha I got a snow day ..I want snow. The snow emergency parking ban will be lifted at 11am. All vehicles must be moved from the school lots immediately or they will be towed.Today you can call me Edward Snowed-In... It's no secret how much snow we got!.

I remember when I liked snow as a kid now I hate it especially when I have to go to school through it.

I love snow

Things are rough when going for a walk outside without pain is "a good day" -- but I'll take what I can get! Snow melted & sunny out. :). Best feeling when you're frustrated with buses and see your beautiful friend with her wonderful man and dog out in the snow. Yaaay! :). it needs to snow again. Tue 20:00: Light Snow and Blowing Snow; Temp -2.4 C; Windchill -10; Wind N 38 kmh gust 59 kmh; Humidity 94%; Press 99.6 kPa rising.

Tue 19:00: Light Snow; Temp -7.2 C; Windchill -12; Humidity 68%; Press 101 kPa falling.Tue 19:00: Light Snow; Temp -2.5 C; Windchill -9; Wind NNE 24 kmh gust 33 kmh; Humidity 91%; Press 99.9 kPa rising.Yea guess we getting more snow, have to take some photos to post here later .Sooo NYC is going to be 13 and 18 degrees when I'm there! What the hell do I pack? I was ready with snow boots and jackets.DAHSH fansites using snow filters on the fans. they're so cute. Wed 07:48: Light Snow; Temp -8.2 C; Windchill -17; Wind ENE 28 kmh gust 37 kmh; Humidity 91%; Press 100.1 kPa.

Wed 07:49: Light Snow; Temp -1

Wed 07:49: Light Snow; Temp -7.9 C; Windchill -15; Wind NW 19 kmh; Humidity 85%; Press 100 kPa rising.These multiple, giant snow storms are really putting a damper on my donatediscard obsession.Swimming through the snow Wrapped in a velvet glow. supernatural: the boys are now hunting with the treacherous and dishonourable campbells. Who's hitting the snow this weekend?.

I met the boss "Snow Queen" and won him in Mystery Manor! Come celebrate with me, I've got a present for you!. Data 10:15 Pressure 1025.3 hpa Temp 9.8C Hum 69pct Wind 2.2 mph S Rain today 0.0 mm Month 45.9 mm Snowfall today 0.0 Snow Depth0. Night Periods of snow. High minus 9.As I grow original, my thoughts return to the geography of my youth, and Snow's giddier hair...Let it snow!.

You only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Ugh. I need a long soak in a hot tub. Damn you snow! Damn you shoveling!!. This Felix Snow and Wintertime project go. Enjoy this weather y'all I peep snow in the near future. be like snow, beautiful but cold.Does Victor from Yuri On Ice fit as a snow leopard or white wolf?. Enjoy this weather while you can. In less than 2 hours the temp will drop to -5 and 6 inches of snow will be on the ground bc Cleveland.

I really wish I'd thought to buy duct tape today, really hankering to make some snow shoes and explore the woods. IDEA: Cars with periscopes, so we can see over these friggin huge snow banks.Nothing more amusing than watching a dachshund walk in the snow. The snow is dripping from the branches today in the golden sun some lone winter bird sings with no reply if you are outside hear me, cheri.

3pm: Light Snow -4

I believe in goodness snow ball .. Just they don't understand how it works .. :).

Sat 15:54: Light Snow; Temp -4.4 C; Windchill -7; Humidity 77%; Press 99.7 kPa.The car wash line at sheetz is no joke 15 cars deep. Crazy people. It's gonna snow again next week. Just learned that our principal went to the same snow festival as us last Saturday. Good thing we didn't bump into each other geez haha. I want snow. >T. Grower not a shower I hardly know her!!. im gonna call the badass princess lion princess k.

the snow scene in twice's new MV is so beautifully shot.I need a snow man. Cuando escucho Chasing Cars de snow patrol o how to save a life se me parte el cora. Grey's Anatomy traumandome de por vida parte 678165.

I'm not mad but that snow was so cold i wuddunt guhna fuhq wit dit

1am: Light Snow -2.5C - Feels: -7C - Wind: N 12kmh - Bar: 100.9 kPa - Hum: 92% Moncton Weather. Snow is mishearing.

Tears drop, snow fall, all of it is natutal, no need to stop them.If you get buried under snow by an avalanche, spit and saliva will follow gravity. Dig the opposite way. tfw you ask for an extension bc you haven't done the work and the teacher says no and now you're panicking bc it's due tomorrow. It's supposed to be in the 70s on Tuesday and snow on Thursday. What is happening.If it's 60 degrees I'm gonna wear shorts bc knowing Michigan tomorrow could be 20 and snow and I'm not gonna miss my chance. I do not promise , but it could be that march 2017 will bring lot of snow for West-Europe, also last chances for IreUK.

We went to snowboarding with our customer. So...Sales department stuff proposed ski area that non natural snow ski area.... I disapoonted..RT. Dunno how many people I've said 'oh the weathers turning isn't it' to this morning with rumours of snow.Nakakamiss yung lamig ng aircon sa wg cubao mas malamig pa sa ex mo haha snow na lng ang kulang hohoho. I just realized the abominable snowman in monster's inc probably pissed in those snow cones.

road 4K wallpaper

2 Way Temporary Lights in operation at Forest Road junction with Standen Avenue, Newport

Listening to - Boyz II Men ~~ End of the Road nowplaying. shining road. Huddersfield Holmfirth Woodhead Road both directions closed due to snow between A635 Greenfield Road. SCHOOL CLOSING ALERT: Grand Blanc Community Schools will be closed today, Thursday, January 12, 2017 due to icy road conditions.Update: Mountain fire at Glencairn Da Gama Park. Red Hill Road re-opened in both directions.

Stairway to Hell or Yellow Brick Road? Why don't you give your Magic 8 Ball a shake and see if it's ready to play again.I tried grilling a chicken once "Right I'll ask you one more time, why did you cross the road?". Spontaneous road trips are always gr8 with k8. Notice-LTA Accident on Pioneer Road North (towards Jurong West Street 91) after Jurong West Avenue 5 with... SG_Alerts (19:52). Years ago I wrote a script about Michael Jackson on a road trip with Liz Taylor and Marlon Brando. Now someone else has made the story.

Boys have a final practice tonight before hitting the road for Internationals tomorrow

M3 J8 eastbound access Eastbound Road Works. Or they could discuss re-opening the perfectly good golf course they shut up the road. The dog does love dicking around in the bunkers mind.If anyone can win big game on the road is Bill Self.Accident on Braddell Road (towards Lornie) after Woodleigh UP. Braddell Road closed after Woodleigh UP. ATTI: ML30WR Bus 296 on the West Run Route is at the intersection of West Run and Stewartstown Road: 1152017 1:41:06 AM. yung naka road cleats tapos naka coaster hub kanina tangina pacute hahaha.

If you're curious, The Road by Cormac McCarthy is now your bible.Men's Basketball Falls to PUC on the road. Off to sleep.. Fresh start fresh future tomorrow never know where the road will take you. Always a new adventure just never look back!. had to call the farmville police station on the way home because there was a couch in the middle of the road??? justfarmvillethings.

The minister's daughter is in love with a snake

LTATrafficNews: Accident on Braddell Road (towards Lornie) after Woodleigh UP. Braddell Road closed after Woodleigh UP.

When you try to fix someone to show them you are helping more times then not they won't see that until long down the road.Although we've come to the end of the road. ugh i'm finally up north and i can see so many stars and there are snowmobile tracks next to the road i'm driving on and life is so good. On the sick road. Sunday, my favourite day of the week. I can't wait to get to Citam-Thika Road. ARTFUL THINGS II, 1009 Upper City Road, Pittsfield, NH. Open Thursday-Sunday 10am to 4pm.

It's gonna be an empty road Without me right there. That is so sad ish I'm gonna look back at it 10years down the road and laugh at my foolish self. YKHwy5: Eagle Plains KM 369 to Drift Area KM 394, Road Reopened.

YKHwy5: Drift Area KM 394 to Rock River KM 446, Road Reopened

YKHwy5: Rock River KM 446 to YukonNorthwest Territories Border KM 465, Road Reopened.I never knew you existed or that love was even real. I walked this road all by myself and you came and saved me.

<DUA KI APEAL> Hamare Pyary Bhai Abrarul Hasan Hisbani Jo Saudi Arbia Me Road Acident Me Zakhmi Hae.Saudi Hospital Me Admit Hae.Dua Ki Apeal. Road to recovery. I didn't check the road conditions before driving up the mountain AndNowImOnTheSlipperySlope. So... I'm going all in with the Switch... Will get the NEON version Joy-Cons, Zelda Bomberman ! Will pick a SD card later down the road.Don't let me go down this road again. I saw a dead squirrel on the side of the road and it gave me an erection openRP.

I need to go on a road trip.Remember that time Le'Veon Bell played Frogger on McKnight Road?.

Road to 5th yr na nga ba? :(

to the person who's missing a tube of toothpaste, i found it on the side of the road.Minor Severity Congestion: Eastbound between A947 and Auchmill Road Aberdeen Traffic A947 A96. Good Luck Girls Basketball on the road at Home Frosh: 4:00, JV 5:15 and Varsity at 6:30 pm! Go Lady Rockets.

Minor Severity Congestion: Both ways at Great Western Road Aberdeen Traffic A93. Minor Severity Congestion: Southbound between West Tullos Road and Stonehaven Road Aberdeen Traffic A90. Getting sick is inevitable when you spend 10 days on the road (including a day trade show) surrounded by people with colds. OffTheGrid. MINOR Very slow traffic on A167 Grange Road in both directions in Darlington around the B6280 junction.Karachi: Steel Town Link Road Ke Qareeb Plot Se 4 Afraad Ki Laashain Baramad, Tahaal Shanakht Nahi Ho Saki - SSP Malir Rao Anwar. best dpt programs fury road review.

Deceased Black male cat found outside Riviera Cars next to Tarraway Road Paignton. No chip and no collar.

Medium Disruption: Northbound at link road to M6 North carriageway WestMidlands Traffic

T.BAGO: Dae Road Watan Milyl Lashan G Sujanap Partosham Ae Ramesh Tor Thi Wae,M.Cycle Te Sawar Huwa,Ghehri Khad Me Kirn Sb'b Waqeo Pesh Ayo. Still round the corner there may wait A new road or a secret gate; And though I oft have passed them by, A day will come at last when I...There is no road to peace. Peace is the road.(3) blazing through this is the idea behind what peter road in the third chapter of first peter and versus 15 and 16 year old these words.

Great road win today in Milbank! Tough to go back to back and the team responded! Back at it Monday to prepare for Hamlin! GoWarriors. Look at how Gambia is lit up at night. Meanwhile in Nigeria, the only light you see at night on the road is from headlamps of vehicles.Your protests are baseless. Use the road space to walk off your losses you bitter pussies. Absolutely pathetic.A503 Seven Sisters Road A107 Amhurst Park - Road fully re-open, having earlier been restricted following a road traffic collision.Now playing on WGMU: The Road is Rough And Rocky by Danny Kroha from Angels Watching Over Me. There is No Royal Road to Success, But after Success Every Road Becomes Royal Best wishes for those who believe in Struggle Good Morning.

Last minute road trip to kern river

And I'm back on the road, finally headed back up the hills after a longer than expect excursion to the plains below!. Close game for K-State halfway through the second half. And K-State wearing road jerseys at home? OK.2 really big wins for the Iowa State basketball teams today. Men win on road, women beat 22, all when they had failed to finish recently. Cleared: Incident on TaconicStateParkway SB at Exit 8 - Saw Mill River Road; NY 100. (Update) Routine Road Maintenance; N2 Northbound before Umhlanga IC; Cleared; All lanes open; Free flowing traffic.

ATTI: ML30WR Bus 293 on the West Run route is at the intersection of Stewartstown Road and Chestnut Ridge Road: 1252017 9:04:08 AM. just seen a woman on Edenfield Road keep stopping and taking pictures of everything looool wyd you're in Norden not New York. t pains most slept on song is suicide. his vocal range. the end of the road sample that he kills at the end omg I wish y'all would trust me. AATrafficCPT Cape Town CRASH blocking lanes at the Raapenberg Road exit - EXPECT DELAYS RAAPENBERG ROAD - Inbound. road to atleast 1k kills on my cz.

"Coming to peace with fear, leads to a higher road "

He contestado: If your car starts to smoke on the road you need to... pull over. vaughanradio. BellLetsTalk about how i finally had the courage to get help with my mental illnesses and am on a road to being happy. He contestado: If your car starts to smoke on the road you need to... pull out. vaughanradio. AMENDED: Due to signalling problems 14:16 LiverpoolLimeStreet to ManchesterAirport due 15:24 will be terminated at Manchester Oxford Road.Don't pick your nose on a bumpy road. wednesdaywisdom. WILRO PARK Ontdekkers Road , TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at C R Swart Road - HUGE QUEUING TRAFFIC.

Drove through a closed road. Happy first day having license back. Hoping to get a job on the road after school so I can literally run away from all my problems. I would like to try Larp19 at university back-road jung ley. Hiw mak mak. Phone kor pim thai mai dai i sus. so sad xoxo.Maybe the reason why All the doors are close, So you could open one That leads you th the perfect road.

determine to get my car back on the road in march

Hitting the road tomorrow. Tennessee is up first on Saturday.

As you striving to find the right road there's one thing you should know..Bought a Saffire 6 USB for on the road, nice sound, love it. Using Edifier speakers...now the weather has to warm a bit. <D Pi-Qui. To those heading to Waterford tomorrow for Bay Rovers U12 last 32 match take care on the road and travel safely.We are the butter road food trail in N.cork showcasing the finest producers & restaurant's in the area.The butter road dates back to 1748. It's a really long path but we'll do the impossible to get to the end of this road together. Some strong stuff fae The Dandies doon the Merkland Road end. Let's put one in, eh? StandFree.

Contemplating decrees revolving around speed limits and road way signage bcz life is boring limited and distracted.Little 5 hour road trip to Arizona. Pitch: food show that follows emo bands while they eatplay on the road: "The World Is an Edible Place and I'm No Longer Afraid to Dine".

Seems angry cyclists go bonkers if you call "VED" (Vehicle Excise Duty), "Road Tax"

Don't know how niggas went to that club with a dirt road one way in and one way out entrance TheCabin. STOP TRYING TO RUN ME OFF THE ROAD 2k17.

CLEARED:road maintenance operations:I-495 inner loop Exit 28 - MD 650New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring rightlaneandshoulderclosed. Drivers please take care on A343 between Hirstbourne Tarrant and Enham Alamein, road partially blocked due to RTC involving a deer SlowDown. road to top 3 MissUniverse Philippines. My husband has so gracefully handled me crying about the dead black cat I saw on the side of the road today. And during la la land.Swim in the sea Go on road trips Count the stars Find true love Be free.Road to back to back! MissUniverse Philippines.

I need a road-trip ... now !!!. You'll never see the end of the road while you're traveling with me.

They ain't even on the road good and they already arguing RHOA

Just wanna take a road trip.MIDRAND N1 Northbound, Earlier TRUCK CRASH before Allandale Road has been CLEARED - QUEUING TRAFFIC going through the Buccleuch Interchange. Clifton Road Get Ready. We staring Tonight.

Take me down a road I believe in. ATTI: ML09Purple Bus 291 is on Chestnut Ridge Road approaching Chestnut Hill Apartments:1312017 10:29:40 AM. Finish line in sight on this bumpy Thunder road. Statement from the TO Region Board of Trade condemns province's decision to quash road toll plan.We are a Private Members Club situated off the Pinner Road in the centre of North Harrow.On the road again! It's Rocket Time! Catch us in Hoover today at 2200 Riverchase Center Building 600 starting at 11! Get Hooked!.

road to perak futsal league.

governments don't have the will or foresight to provide good public transportenforce auto fares or provide good road infrastructure1

Road 20 Hub <3. We're pleased to announce the latest release of version 113. Some major improvements and enhancements including a new community area.Road Closure ! A20 will be closed from the junction with the B2011 to the York St roundabout Midnight - 6 am to transport transformer. This 1 time... walking down the road I see this guy who used to fancy me. He shouts "yo babe". Me thinking I'm so fly thinks ahh not again.

I'm seeking for refuge but the road home is hard to find. C.M also raised issue of giving Mughal road the status of a national highway, fast completion of Vailoo tunnel & alternate road to Kishtwar.just saw a dead black cat laying in the middle of the road... so that's how my Friday is going so far..the bumpy road. I'm having a little gamedev break due to my back pain. In a few days I will be on the road again!. Minor Congestion: Both ways at College Road London Traffic.

Through the storm and through the cloudsBumps on the road and upside down nowI know it's hard, babe, to sleep at night~~

So two men blatant jaywalked across the road. My Dad & I said how stupid they were to ourselves...For some reason I feel good after recording my first episode of Road to Ranked for Pokemon. Don't know why but I'll take the feels. Education is the transmission of civilization. -Will Durant. Kalam. Rat Se Shadid Barfbhari, Abtk 2 Feet Jab K Paharu Par 5 Feet Barf Record. Mazid Jari. Tahal Road Khula He. Rpt. Rd Siddiqui. Road runner... Meep meep.

let's see whose road gets there faster. NowPlaying On the Road, Off the Phone by PSA On BSoulRadio. But SC said the repayment road map extending till July 2019 is too long and wanted to auction the properties to realise the dues.The cats down the road always walk up to me when I go past and it's adorable.Forth Road Bridge: Abnormal load - Abnormal load crossing southbound 10:25 060217.

The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer

Road to big night, PBBPADALUCKMAYWARD. I can listen to George Straight all day but if all you listen to is about tractor's and you've never road one than you're a dumb cunt. Mezzanine 952 Sq,ft Defence Phase 1 Near Korangi Road Separate Interest 70 lakh final. Al-Khizer Real Estate Muhammad Akram. 0321-2287867. Minor Congestion: Westbound between Summerhill Road and Croydon Street Bristol Traffic A431. Minor Congestion: Westbound between Gamston Lings Bar Road and Radcliffe Road Nottinghamshire Traffic A52 A6520. Minor Congestion: Westbound from Barnet Lane to Marsh Lane affecting Barnet Road GreaterLondon Traffic A411.

AATrafficJHB Florida North HEAVY TRAFFIC towards Hendrik Potgieter Road Hendrik Potgieter Road - Both Ways. A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.Lorry drivers that jeer and beep when they see anything remotely female walking along a road are disgusting. Grow up pal x. Bank Rented Properties for Available in Shaheed-E-Milt Road Halal income save investment. Al-Khizer Real Estate Muhammad Akram. 0321-2287867.

Beware of the moon, stick to the road

I want to go on a big road trip with my friends and get away - Hotel in Singapore.

My road rage is a 1510 this morning. Everyone driving like damn fools.RT LeProfEnCubeOff: ShaZenOffi GG 70K MEC !! Road to silver play button. I'm not afraid to take a stand Everybody come take my hand We'll walk this road together, through the storm, whatever weather, cold or warm.Electronic literature is Brazil, sound installation, and road narrative.Kelas writing dibuka dengan, "grammar mungkin penting, tapi jam terbang nulis juga nggak kalah penting". Okelah, road to IELTS nyenggir. if you don't have car karaoke sessions with ya man on long road trips, is he really your man?.

I'm following my passion. And as hard of a road as that has been, I'm fulfilled as a woman, as a person.Dunno what went down in Shoreham for them to have both a Ham Road and a Hammy Lane.A tank full of gas, a great playlist.. and a road that stretches days.

I once stopped my car to allow for a family of frogs to cross the road

UPDATE: I-88 Westbound - CRASH - at Yackley Road - MP 129.0 - ALL LANES OPEN. the ginger one always follows me up the road when he sees me and the tabby was hanging out on a fence and they were so horrified.

Once other trickier issues are worked out down the road, it may even allow for translated localization of error messages. Road to Rudder. Get a friend that calls you at midnight for a spontaneous road trip. My portable charger is dying. Some career highlights: -2x Spring Training -2x Oakland -Vegas -Maryland -Dozens of other road trips. So anyways I'm probably going to be killed in a road rage incident some day.Okay, who's the first opposing owner to give Oakley courtside seats for a Knicks road game?.

BJ has the worst road rage than any other human being on the planet. Didnt have to rush to work with road rage today and now Im sitting in my truck eating wendys and MGMT came on. Its the little things in life.

winter maintenance crew initiated road salting operations

00:36 DANGER serious blowing survey thika road... Chunga via bakernjugush. just saw a whole rotting animal skeleton on the side of the road im...... Going to kill myself. KITSAP ROADS UPDATE: Seabeck Road is now open.

Your Nelson Leafs are on the road tonight! Check out our website for Webcast details. GoLeafsGo. My sleep-addled mind and bloody nose had caused me to drop my phone onto the premixed road. And now my otherwise pristine screen is cracked. That's the reason I don't go to places like ladypool road. It's their hangout.Medyo bobo ng construction along Sucat Road. Walang tuwiran mula SM BF hanggang sa Grami at lagpas pa siguro. No Jaywalking pero required.I'm tryna road trip across the country with my homies in an RV. Now playing Motoi Sakuraba - Valkyrie Profile -Lenneth- Original Sound Track (Disc-1) - The road to glory and prosperity - Rating: 05 ...

Only hate the road when you are missing home.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: He was giving it last rites

Due to the Windmill Rd closure we are diverting via Old Road & Gipsy Lane. We are unable to service any stops on Windmill Rd.As a whole nation we salute to our martyred policemen & civilians who lost their lives in blast at Mall Road Lahore&condemned this incident. So I just saw three of me friends on the road omg. Lahore: Mall Road Per Dhamaka, DIG Traffic Lahore Captain Mubeen, SSP Zahid Gondal Samait 7 Afrad Janbahaq, Mutadid Zakhmi LahoreBlast.

Today has been a long ass day. I was stuck on the side of the road for 3 hrs !!!!!. I see The Whole world coming out of Road House But still not SEEING MY MOMA DOE?. This road is never ending, we'll find a way somehow.On a road trip with buddies. So many laughs already carsingalongs. Lori Harrigan presents petition to stop the town from selling property on Tavern Rock Road. Stratford. ROAD OR ROGUE WARRIORS MRS. NOVA VACATION ?.

19 subs till 800 then it's the road to 1K

ATTI: ML30WR Bus 290 on the West Run Route is at the intersection of West Run and Stewartstown Road: 2142017 7:07:01 PM. Can you believe there was a bomb blast down the road from me SHOOK. On now: Hotel Ceiling by Rixton, from Let the Road vandyradio. Yet as much, however, for she regarded him the turnpike-road, so cheerful! how came to be civil to fulfill them a beautiful. I am thankful for all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech. -Nancie J. Carmody.

Why did the lightbulb cross the road? To get hit by a car.What did the elephant say when it saw the Chihuahuas coming down the road? Look out for the mice!. Shikarpur: Adv: High Court Sadar Mazhar Hussain Mangrio Aur Mangria Bradri Ka Saniha Sehwan k Khilaf Sukkur Larkana Road Par Ahtjaj. SHAWAZ. The ship of state is the only adventure open to the square of the road. -STROMER ZELLMER. A big Seminar to be held on 16th Feb 2017 for Development of Road Construction department  Jharkhand that is great ProgressiveJharkhand.

Heavy traffic expected on Galle Road, Kandy Road, High Level Road & Negombo Road due motorcade protests by University students lka Police

CLEARED:road maintenance operations:I-95 southbound Exit 67 - MD 43White Marsh Blvd White Marsh left lanesandleft shoulder closed. I've never seen such novels fighting so hard over who gets to take the high road lol why is theatre always so extra forever. How far is it going then davey road that's it. Road Closure UPDATE: Victoria St StAlbans has reopened early. All services will resume normal lines of route along Victoria Street.Hit the road.travelling to road 32, Dhanmondi.

I've not even been on the road for 1 hour yet and I already stopped off to get a white monster. Bottom part of Old Gloucester Street is 2 way. When leaving it you can L Theobalds Road R Drake Street. Accident on the Taconic State Parkway NB before CR-19Bulls Head Road blocks the shoulder lane. nbc4ny. 135 - Outbound to Bury: L Trinity wy R Great Ducie Stt & R Waterloo Rd, R Elizabeth St, L Cheetham Hill Road and resume normal route.

Put Dat On My Mama Ima Road Runner

"God always heals the Christian either by natural means, by miracles, or in the resurrection." E. Stanley Jones (Christ of the Indian Road).

My sister rathers me walk to school than let me drive her car down the road. Smfh, selfish ass. Well Darkside of Dimensions you rekindled that spark but it looks like Konami just smashed that spark with a Road Roller.Road construction. Right lane closed - I-75 North between 11 Mile RdExit 62 and 12 Mile RdExit 63. So same day I was running an event on gov't issues down the road at SJU a prof doing same was taped, F&Fed, etc. Teaching IS frontline work.me and a stork were just flying and driving together down the road.....jurassic park would be so much fun. Next time I'm bringing my kindle when on the road. I'm sure Bangalore will help me achieve my target of 30 books this year.

I hate traffic caused by nosey bastards slowing down to look at smashed up car on the side of the road. it's called a rainbow road. flaws and scars are the cobblestones that shape the road to goodness.

Elinor sat down his relations too common working on hearing that though irresolute what the present reverse of the road

road maintenance operations:MD 100 eastbound Old Montgomery Rd Underpass Ellicott City right shoulder closed. ... his course toward a dilapidated gas station a hundred yards off the road. He turns sharply, kicking up a ton of ...

2nd acc kasi rehat dulu. 1st acc road to 3.5k.(-21717008) Road Work - HARTFORD I-84 at Exit 46 (WEST BOULEVARD) at 2172017 9:30:14 AM cttraffic. i just saw a cat wait for the green light to cross the road. Back on road. quote You always pass failure on the road to success.Just saw a road sign that said "Take time to be a dad today" and I just don't know what to think about it.


Sorry, race time again

It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.Welsh primary education seems to be a high road to petty nationalism these days. Really depressing to see what kids come home with as work. i'm on the top level of a bus and i just saw a girl's highlight from across the road. go on sis.

nowplaying Gin Blossoms - Allison Road detour MUSIC. At Welford Road. TMO should have gone to spec savers. UPDATE: Planned construction in Monroe on Card Sound Road north before Toll Plaza, all lanes blocked.UPDATE: Planned construction in Monroe on Card Sound Road south beyond Toll Plaza, all lanes blocked.everyone on road in India is basically ready to die. Reckless driving on a complete different level. Now Playing on MaxMusicMix ROCK ON RADIO: Bruce Hornsby & The Range The Valley Road (Remastered) BruceHornsby.

68: Maine Road no7 sees red after being shown a second yellow....altercation in the Irlam box...not sure what happened tbh.

You gotta realize bumps in the road come

Crews responding to another brush fire in the 4300 block of Lancaster Road SE in Union Township. nanow. I wanna go on a road trip . But Idk where to. Massive power cut on all of Sutton road. you ran me off the road.

So lufc got a point at Portman Road, happy with that or a couple dropped?. BBNAIJA where is the dancing Debbie.....man no let u see road... Lol. and every road you take will always lead you home. A road trip and some bud sounds lovely. It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.Warren J0NE just showed off his skills, which is fighting since the SlamDunkContest is tonight! Nice road win by the squad. RP40.

The loss is also the first for the Flames on the road in BigSouthMBB play

Charge toll road fees at entry points to discourage swarming of cars in the morning traffic rush ...sources of revenue. Tryna go on a road trip to the Bay Area asap..THE FUTURE SCHOOL Project Of Town4 Kids Singapore ADMISSIONS OPEN PG to Matric, Grid Road Niazi Chowk 730430 03317671841 FB futureschool.dik. 9 We have a long road ahead. We're going to lose much more than we win between now and 2018.How long is this road? I've been keeping walking for 10 mins.

Just flattened this skunk in the road and I can't go near my truck without my eyes watering. AATrafficDBN Durban TUESDAY - ARMED FORCES DAY - ROAD CLOSED from Athlone Drive from 0800 until 1500 ATHLONE ARGYLE - Southbound. I need concerts or road trips right now. Preferably both. it actually only takes 45 minutes to get to Quezon City from Las Pinas........ if there were no other cars on the road otherwise its 3-4 hrs. KHI MA Jinnah Road Or Tibbet Center Pr 15 Roz K Liye Dafa 144 Nafiz, Jalsay Juloos Or Raliyo Pr Pabandi Ka Ittelaq Aaj Raat 12 Baje Say Hoga.

I just want to get into my car and drive away

CLEARED:road maintenance operations:I-695 outer loop Exit 2 - MD 10Arundel Expy Brooklyn Park right exit ramp closed. I'm just a sweetheart who also happens to have an extreme case of road rage.U might find it some what cold or sly for me not addressing the issue it's because I've been down that road. Slow-moving traffic on Hans Dettman Highway ( Northbound) between Higginson and Wood Road.Elizabeth - accident bothways Main North Road at Phillip Highway - CLEAR. Hold your breath in a road tunnel. The lights will overtake you. Your lungs will blink out of reality. Your eyes will blink away the road.

Yeah we sleep in cars Oh so far from home Watch the sun go down On the open road I've been searching for this Part of my life. Feeling Sad about the road between sindhuli-bardibas has collapsed.But truthfully I had cruise set at 80, and there weren't even cones near the road.CPAC and Milo's defenders can go down that road. I'll deboard this crazy train now.

AATrafficCPT Cape Town HEAVY TRAFFIC between Duinefontein Road and Hospital Bend FROM: Duinefontein Road - Inbound

Constantly reminding myself to be patient and tough. All these career road blocks and stressors are teaching me something useful.

Woke up a lot later than intended to get on the road.FOUND: A Domestic Short Hair on Feb 02, 2017 at Road. Please contact us for more information.to love-to sport--veto-clues to road-cladding-rock-ketchup-enzyme progress-elliott-act \ welfare-carbuerettor-spelling-caspar,booklj. FOUND: A Shepherd on Feb 16, 2017 at Found on Grand Berry Road. Please contact us for more information.FOUND: A Terrier on Feb 16, 2017 at Found on Trinity River Road. Please contact us for more information.I can sense the pollution building up near Thurrock - London Road (Pollution Low : 2).

Road trip was fun yesterday. I can't escape off this endless road, I'm so afraid, all fictional.ive been given a date for my final road test at the end of march bsvdldsbvakbs I DON'T KNOW IF IM READY BUT I WANT TO BE DONE. rocky road ice cream :(. this little road trip has gone beyond my expectations. 45 minutes for a 2km strech of road. Damn.I guess when you turn off the main road, you have to be prepared to see some funny houses.' - Stephen King". With ICE or SNOW, give other road users space. Stopping distances can be TEN TIMES greater. Use high gear, accelerate and brake very gently.NowPlaying CRRadio Dot Com ID 2 2016 on Cortelyou Road Radio... DitmasPark's Radio Station! The Best Playlist In Brooklyn!.

city 4K wallpaper

When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy

As I ride threw my city im thinking looking at the lights. Ready to wake up in my New York City loft, make a pot of coffee, and just enjoy mornings with you..."Traveling in Oklahoma City? Drive everywhere FREE w 10 FREE Lyft rides. Use the Lyft app, use promo code GUESTS credit lyft code". Need either city or united to drop points today. gooood morning antwerpen-city!!.

CITY TOM. I hate this city. This forest leads to the City of the Ancients... and is called the Sleeping Forest.Does yours characterization qualify forasmuch as the mastercard only visa free city?: WQm. I don't make Trump jokes. I'd burn him so bad that all of New York City would need treatment for radiation poisoning.

Walked into a piano bar on my way home

83' Henninger must have left track marks with that sliding dive! One of City's most promising chances. MelbDerby wleague. We need to keep winning, City play spurs next so someone's dropping points there..85' PENALTY CITY! We have a chance to bring a goal back from the spot after Luik is fouled in the area. Fishlock to take. MelbDerby. Vueltaaaas por la City con mis primos..Conte reveals why Costa did not play against Leicester City. the circus is closing cause they found a better one right here in new york city! that's right folks, we're talking about my ass.

Playing The Boy From New York City by Ad-Libs. Conte reveals why Costa did not play against Leicester City AkwaIbom. Kansas City and cowboys, you know what to do...Jesus was hated on in his own city.

i'm the mormon leader

Goin' home to Santiago City.

If Atlanta win the super bowl the city gone be extra piped up. Every time I have to come back to the city, my heart melts leaving the town. round the city round the clock, everybody needs you. City get a pen! 85 min, 2-0 down. Would be nice to score.ARTFUL THINGS II, 1009 Upper City Road, Pittsfield, NH. Open Thursday-Sunday 10am to 4pm.De Kansas City y Pittsburgh quiero que gane Steelers.

"where's Kansas City" OMFG. It's real life flooding in the city.I'm never moving out of the country because city water just don't do it for me lol.

The city is out

The Pharaohs Tracker: Day 13 "Zuzu wandered the city with Celina both in a disguise hoping they don't get seen by Fusion Dimension spies.". City Church San Francisco The Feast nowplaying.

It's hell on earth and the city's on fire Inhale, inhale, there's heaven. How bad are City going to get spanked by Tottenham?. It's now Maghrib athan time 4:25 pm according to Bradford city local time. Bradford. Machine-gun raps for all my niggas in the back, stadium packed, just glad to see the city on the map. Talking to business leaders, developers. Concerns growing about City Council's lack of leadership. Other areas seem to be taking advantage.The city and police were more concerned with their own budgets - not public safety or marginalised folks - than anything else. That matters.

Kansas City Chiefs is nowplaying Sho Me Love (Featuring Juvenile) by RichGang cubevenue. I get back of sushi from the whole city smells like a complete stranger using my car tires tried to bed using a misdemeanour.

No Manny for City, he barely missed a game here

i'm in your city and i'm wonderin if you're home now. Sir In City most of the yellow board cars drive with High beam Light,But no action has been instated. Do I get a city centre flat? Pro's and cons:.

Good Afternoon from Charade City. christian masterchef salt lake city mitsubishi. I'm never worried about the city soon they'll catch on mean while I'm still progressing daily. free royalty photos download city credit card offers. There is a house in sin city. Spring St being block off in front of City Hall .... this should get interesting dtwnLA.

what's your favorite city?! askxavier.

City and Colour

Rip City!!!!!. and now we let the womens march fall into obscurity and what was achieved out if this? just a bunch of people blocking city roads. All federal, state, city, town, township, and parish administrative employees and their families. 2. Flint still doesn't have clean water? Water? Clean? A city?.

Haltom City TX Wed Jan 25th AM Forecast: TODAY Sunny Hi 59 TONIGHT Mostly Clear Lo 31. Citrus City TX Wed Jan 25th AM Forecast: TODAY Patchy Fog Hi 81 TONIGHT Clear Lo 51. NEW YORK CITY!!!!!. TravelMySong Paradise City. Why did I think going to city was a good idea it's the longest thing of my life. St. Charles County police pursuit of reportedly stolen city vehicle in progress: Northbound on 94 and H, tires falling off city vehicle now.


Woke up in my city Now you know im bout to cut up. Hellemmes city lol. In City of Detroit, Wayne Co, didn't vote 4 Trump. However vote tally found more ppl voted 4hillary then r REGISTERED in Det. FRAUD, u bet.If the derby is moved. Our run in could potentially be- Arsenal (A) Manchester City (A) Spurs (A) Crystal Palace (H) Woah!!. The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare couldn't even condition all Medicaid support on Medicaid expansion. Why is "Sanctuary City" different? >>.

Sanctuary city is a name given to a city in the United States that follows certain procedures that shelters illegal immigrants.Kansas City Chiefs is nowplaying Springsteen by EricChurch cubevenue. Protestors say there are 22 cops in city hall. Wheeler seems surprised by this, but points out they are not in council chambers.How do people say there's no voter fraud?We know dead people r voting and in some cases r are more people registered in city than live there. 39,000 people in New Caprica City. Doc Cottle is out of work and out of antibiotics. BSG TotalReWatch.

city of stars, are you shining just for me?

Own Goal! D. Bent (8') scores an own goal to help Leicester City. Derby County 0 - 1 Leicester City. Gcsu better chill and let us have a lit tent city. hopefully for the contest they pick more than one winner for each city. you can't imagine how much I hate this city. I wanna leave this place. but I can't. Ora in onda Jan & Dean - Surf City (Re-Recorded) su Webradio Finance. A special thanks to Mound City Bank in Platteville, WI for allowing us to speak about rates and land values to thier producer customers!.

Hey Yosuke. let's go to the city. yeah. SUPLEX CITY does the. WB won't cast Cory as the Riddler for Gotham City Sirens but what if they did. How is traffic trash going into the city?. "Hanya orang bodoh yang mati demi cinta, aku akan bertahan hidup untuk cinta." (Ryo Saeba ~ City Hunter).

Miss U at Labangon Cebu City haha

Seems like people in this city has taken the SwatchBharat campaign very seriously. Enjoying the morning shine with beautiful face around.

HuntsvilleAL response2 MuslimBan news conference noon Mon., City Hall. Muslim, Christian & Jewish leaders BeTheResistance alpolitics. Langya yung guard sa city hall, top 9 na daw yung Haiti hindi daw nakapasok Pilipinas. Nag uwian na mga tao jusko hahahaha MissUniverse. Who wants to gift me a whole bunch of stuff from Colourpop? Broke. Yo Dan can you do more of the Sims 4 city living? Like if you want Dan too do so.I thought I saw Waka Flocka at the Ponce City Whole Foods and my heart momentarily stopped. Wasn't him tho :. really starting to think that chicago is gonna be the city for me.

things you should do on a Sunday night: sneak out to a concert in the city w your friend. City of stars, are you shining just for me? LaLaLand. QUEBEC CITY (AP) - Court clerk confirms the names of suspects in Canadian mosque attack as Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed el Khadir.

Flags at City facilities are being lowered to half-staff in recognition of the tragic events in Quebec

if you haven't heard One of 2 gunmen who shouted 'Allahu akbar!' as they opened fire at a mosque in Quebec City was of Moroccan origin, a. Lovestoned by Justin Timberlake is nowplaying in South City Publick House, Binghamton.

Going back to my hometown next morning, gonna miss Kuching's city atmosphere :x. What's wrong with my city & the people in it?. If you are feeling down today remember that the Australian city of Melbourne was very nearly called Batmania, after its founder John Batman.Ross McCormack at the city ground would be class. nffc. SangbaraNews De Bruyne Berharap Man City Bangkit ketika Lawan West Ham.Absolute scenes in Bristol as Matty Taylor mugs off the Gas to join City. Surely deadline day has peaked with this?.

Traffic in this city just Horrible! Horrible Been stuck for half an hour & late for work yegtraffic something to think about next election. I told him that he doesn't know city life bec he has never lived with city kids and study in the city so don't talk like he knows everything.

The city about to be crazy come Sunday

It's Friday!! Gee I wonder what city the Antifa cry babies will burn down this weekend. OpposetheResistance antifa EnoughIsEnough. Disabled vehicle on I-76 westbound at Exit 339 - US 1 SouthCity Ave. There is a lane restriction.NEVADA CARSON CITY PBBPADALUCKMAYWARD.

my city now. city of stars, are you shining just for me. In 1980, Detroit presented Saddam Hussein with a key to their city. KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre. 1v1 me no bicycles mumen only Z city. Mr.SpotonMayor, suggestion to city is that there shuld be a new business showcase quarterly &team jozi & brndSA exploit th potentials...Premier League champions Leicester City can use their FA Cup win over Derby to kick-start their season,says Andy King. regepoison.

over the next four years there's a nontrivial chance Steve Bannon floats regime change for Vatican City at an intelligence meeting.

Sandy the wild cook laid on the beach last week and went to the city center

I think that city that we're from just kind of ruined things .Ah sudahlah, sudah banyak pemantau debat pilkada di TL. Saya mau nonton 'Ayu Anak Depok City' saja.Estamos en aperri City. It's so funny bc they found it in a big city but like 10 years ago on a school excursion in the woods we found an active ww2 bomb lol.

WHAT IS THE CAPITAL CITY OF NEPAL?. siguro kung hindi kami magi-star city bukas, broke af ako ngayon palang lol. Bus was totally on time today! City crew did a good job clearing the streets. Conquer any City Challenge Race with friends or loved ones and get 14% OFF! Use discount code VDAY at check out! Deal ends February 14th!. whyilovechicagoin4words Those awesome 80's ballads....Wait the CITY of...Ahh OK...I got nothin'. Never been there. Line u mobile dekat alorkudu city serupa palat.

Broad City did a Mrs

National park profile_ glacier national park _ _ rapidcityjournal. com park city utah vacation rentals National park profile_ glacier ...IM IN NEW YORK CITY. You see some very interesting people at the loves gas station off 75 by my house.. gotta love the great American city of Emerson. yeah i check in sluggie city. Covering Pick Central v. Grove City tonight.

Wth happened on Gate City? All I hear is sirens.All I wanna do is make the city proud ya wishin all the OGs could see me now now ya. JUAL JERSEY MANCHESTER CITY BBM: 56DE444B jerseymanchestercity jerseygo jerseybola kaosbola jerseyclub jerseygradeori. DoctorsJailed betrayal in the city.But details thin on when City Council might take up the issue for discussion. Also not yet entirely clear what the draft contains.

When people ask for things to do in a city I've been to, I reel off a list of the restaurants I liked the most

So you've seen the city Have you fallen in love?. Ah there it is, Werewolf City, kinda like flea heaven, isn't it?. Young city bandit, hold myself down single handed. New York City is made up of 50 islands.GO CANUCKS GO!!!. Que lindo volver a la city con los amigos que quiero.

bcafc I hope City play with some steel and aggression on Saturday. They're too soft. Attractive intricate passing with no end product.I am so incredibly proud & beaming with happiness that City Council passed a fully inclusive jaxhro protecting LGBT rights in Jacksonville!. Also... Paris is totally the city of love today. Thanks PSG, happy Valentine's Day to you as well!!!. STOP WHICH CITY SHOULD I GO TO FOR CHANCE.

Have you heard of the great running back Leo Lewis Sr

If ur looking for some decent food try Granite City. Found that out last night. Ashley's steak was buttery smooth.

No problems to report on city streets or major freeways, so far, this morning. Traffic is starting to fill-in on the I-15 corridor.Yeah so the Forbidden City is bloody amazing. The size of it is unbelievable.City is enforcing trucking ban by hurld-wyman site - daily times chronicle_ woburn alabama softball roster WOBURN &8211; Aware of at ...Living in a queen city of the south! 35thJaDine Day KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre. Kinda wanna live in a big city and hit the clubs. Kinda wanna do hella drugs.130615 talking to mate in CBD about orange city rest centre & drugs sold there a cop over heard I got searched but not their dealers U DOG.

IslamAbad: Afghanistan Mathloob Daishathghard0n K Khilaf Karwai Karein Ya Hamare Hawale Kar Pak Fauj By Zakar. at legazpi city convention center. You there, brother! Make yourself useful and kill these city bullock.

Now Playing: Gold City - Preach The Word Is On Good News Southern Gospel NowPlayingOnGNSG

A blast at a refinery in China's northern city of Songyuan killed three maintenance workers, the municipal government of Songyuan said.The City of Cape Town will in future also align their support programmes to accredited neighbourhood watches.... WCSOPA.

Ice City Going Platinum Baby ICB. Where is the best South American City to live in?. I told niggas I wasn't playing I told the city I had em forever. ElevationCertification in hand, presented our site plan to the City only to learn our 3 lots 60' x 150' are to narrow for new construction.i want to live in the city!!!!. Hilton Cleveland Downtown is an extremely nice hotel. Plenty of natural light and excellent views of surrounding buildings and the city.

I found out this morning that 911 is city specific. What is that??? We need to change it now.20170217 09:29 EST N521PD CITY OF HAWTHORNE Call: PD55 Squawk: 1200 Position unknown. Altitude: 400ft.

advertise for the gangs bc this city also has a significant impoverished population

His home address is 5-1 Furuikecho Yomiyama City. Trivia. A has a 4 day weekend. Annnd this Saturday is our city's MARDI GRAS YASSSSS. In a few hours, join me in support of Join me and tomorrow at 10am at Bally's Beach Bar in Atlantic City!.

Avalanche City Love Love Love. You make the city look bad , that's the truth. Saan ba makakabili ng murang costume ng aso bukod sa Dogs in the City?. road maintenance operations:MD 100 eastbound Old Montgomery Rd Underpass Ellicott City right shoulder closed. The best thing about my horrible day of travel yesterday, the New York City skyline. It was everything they said it would be. NYC NEWYORK. in my city im a young god.

Now! The Team 21 is gonna have a Street show at the heart of the city... arasta walledcity nicosia cyprus.

Airasia City transfer Nakornphanom Minibus Airasia between mukdahan

Huddersfield Town over City or Wolves over Chelsea?. Good morning Xela City. Kansas City blessed me .As the wise Loretta Lynn once said: "Dear Nazis: If you don't want to go to fist city, you better detour around my town." sort of.

Funny how no one talks about how much of a fraud jesus navas has been since his arrival at city. FA CUP: FIFTH ROUND LIVE Huddersfield Town vs Manchester City SUBSTITUTION Huddersfield Town (72') ON: 37 Isaiah Brown. hoje eh dia de city. 74' Bonner lets the ball roll out of play not realising it's deflected off him. Corner City. CCFCLive 0-1. FA CUP: FIFTH ROUND LIVE Huddersfield Town vs Manchester City SUBSTITUTION Huddersfield Town (72') OFF: 16 Jack Payne. Navas with a cross. Problem is nobody expects such a good cross from navas hence why nobody gambles.

RESULT Q: Punjab Ka Capital City Konsa Hai? Ans:Lahore Positons Sajid Ali Mahar Subhan Khoso Ab:Hakeem Shar Haseeb Khaskheli Thanks All

Jesus N is not as good as Jesus G City yet to net. HUD may bundle them out. It's a perf day for a walk in the city maaaaan. FictFBFeb17 The Rim is, by definition, outside. Pushed to the outside of The City where we can be ignored. Those of us considered inferior.Really wish you wer here to explore this new city and see me do my thing. This years fa cup is gone be mad the semis will be Man Utd vs Man City and Arsenal vs Spurs I can see Chelsea getting kicked out FACup.

City & some drank is most defintely the move rn. Does anybody know where I can getbuyrent two blonde wigs in the Canon City, CO area?. The City really yea right now!. Bem que queria ser uma heimm hering de janas city me contrata.Leicester City Iffa Baje.

Kingdom Hearts 1

Should mention, these are Sydney based. Yes, yes. I know. Sydney is the bin city.Did the Kings think they could only trade Boogie to the team in the city where he was currently located or what. City of New Orleans, you're the captain now. If Pune don't compete this season they should quit IPL or change their name to some other city. Felt good to go back to the city yesterday for a lil bit MaconGA. All the bands tonight exceeded my expectations, if the Jesus pieceJuliavamacharaYOTK tour is coming through your city make sure to go!.

apenas tentando aceitar o fato de que me restam poucas horas em canis city. Midnight city came on the radio as I was driving home just now. What an interesting radical night. New job opportunity! We are hiring a Lab Technician for assignment in Calvert City, Kentucky. Who cares what delousyio says good job grabbing that criminal in the city yesterday thank god one less loser in the United States. Well done to the young Arsenal fan who was the Man City mascot last night. He won a competition and did a great job.Man City v Monaco last night was crazy!!! What a game!!. Happy WorldThinkingDay from everyone here at South and City!. The US-led coalition has dropped leaflets over Raqqa city Syria ISIS.

winter 4K wallpaper

Winter doesnt mean seasonal DE-pression

I am going to jerk off for the rest of the winter goodbyue. i dont remember a winter this cold in ages maybe it's tru the winds of winter is getting released this year. I don't know what kind of unit a TOG is, but a combined TOG of 23.5 is almost too much. twoduvets winter. My thigh gap is um why thin UGH. 'The Big Chill' otherwise known as winter snow.

All Malaysia is having flu and cold without having Winter WorldSolidarity. I smell winter. I have sneezed so many times today Proof that winter is here. Windy_chilling_dats winter for u lakeclub. I think hibernation through the winter should be a human thing. Come on evolution, get to work.

Why did BSU give us like a five minute winter break?

Delhi only moderately cold. My winter jackets are feeling disappointed.When is Mid Winter break?. My blanc floral shirt with my winter madness vanilla ice cream illuminate my rosy studded cheek. Winter is Nature's way of telling you to polish. Underdog Project - Winter jam nu op LocalFM. Local residents take a winter walk through McClelland Park's renovated trail system.

I don't know if it's socially acceptable to play sublime in the middle of winter but it's happening. Birding at Torsha river under Jaldapara National Park....I think a wonderful experience...they are winter visitor...hurry up.It hurts but it's okay. Farts stick to you in the winter.

Ok listen I know I just had the longest winter break my academic career has ever seen But I'm still not ready for classes to start

This winter weather has been a joke!.

Two biggest games this year. Winter Classic and this one. Lost them both. Awful.Gotta say I enjoyed this winter break but it's time to get serious again since school starts Tuesday. Then it's Creative Writing 2 over WinterSpring, a Summer break, then Creative Writing 3 in Autumn 2018, then seeing where I'm at. Sorted.Exams season (winter) is here. ;). bts are so gay in public i really wanna visit their dorm just for a day i bet i'd get enough nut material to last me through the winter. i never really saw it for street lit novels, especially Coldest Winter Ever. but i lovedlovedloved Flyy Girl.

My plan for this upcoming summer is to work my ass off, save all the money I can and travel next winter. Keep your bike safe this winter. Gold standard DLocks for £10 from Birmingham Wolverhampton travel centres. Just show a valid rail ticket. Vandaag sluit in 2003 de Winter Efteling. Dit jaar was het voor het eerst mogelijk om je entreekaart als sms te ontvangen.

ice is NOT fat how heaven weightloss

Half pissed by afternoon. Must be winter in England. Or any other time of year. Or part of the UK.TV The Cold Swedish Winter (BBC Radio 4 Ex) Thu, Jan 26, 10:00 PM Sitcom by Danny Robins about a London stand-up living in Sweden. 44. ..

Did we have a winter this year? Kinda just feels like fall was extended lol. Are women artists only supposed to dress in winter coats and sing songs about baking cookies? Like wtf. Was Albert Camus a good guy? I suddenly remembered a Camus quotation: "In the midst of winter, I found within me an invincible summer.". Fasting was hiding food because why guilty UGH. "Now is the winter of our discontent"" I'm or about to murder my brother (he's ajerk, but he's cool) things are looking up!. Winter 5 years later.

Don't forget to come see us today from 3-5 in the gym for Winter Club Fair!. "when winter passes, spring follows, you know that" my heart hurts so much I.

Noway the polar bears are dying this winter

Cuticles need a lot of moisture. Apply a cuticle oil before bed every night & in the winter I apply a few times through out the day as well.Listening to Winter Song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson, on my Echo!. My thigh gap is NOT huge WHY WHY WHY collarbones proana.

My favorite part of school is getting 3 hrs of sleep a night because I feel like a real pos during winter break when I sleep 14 hrs a night.Remember, a torrent of angry snowflakes is called a blizzard. And winter's coming. WomensMarch SnowflakeAvalanche ResistTrump. The Lion In Winter by the Rococo Players at Gloucester Cathedral was wonderful. They're doing 2 nights nearby next week. Look them up!. It's been a hard, S.A.D. winter. BellLetsTalk. Can't say I much like this winter weather when I have to drive over an hour to get to work. Got the January blues? Us too. We can't wait to get out of winter and into springtime already.

Favourite thing about winter : Dog's trails in the snow.

That Winter, The Wind Blows

The need to control an undesirable situation by pushing or pulling a partner into compliance, is the root of all torment. - Susan Winter. Welcome to Utah where we snowblow our drive ways in shorts and sandals. neighborsbecrazy hellsnow winter Utah. He is the shine of my winter. ah lil winter cleanin aint goen hurt nobody lmfao.

Winter > Summer All the way.Come to the winter dance; tickets are on sale NOW!!!!!!. Winter dance is going to be fun. There will be a wood fire pizza, cupcake tower, candy bar, photo booth, and Polaroid cameras.the only positive thing I can say about the winter time in Utah is that my chapstick doesn't melt in my car.dankest winter brew ever - perfect for your after work after surf friday!!! this dude is liking it. Fever or hot flash? I don't usually wonder but then I'm not usually ill. I just opened up the window in the middle of winter.

ok i love winter and all but summer 2k17 wya???

I definitely suffer from some seasonal depression. Can I suggest that all blockbuster movies be released in the Winter from here on? Grazi. Our annual Senior Winter Formal Dance is Thursday, Feb 2, 6:30 - 9:30 pm. I thought winter was over wtf happened. You know it's winter when you rub your body with lotion after a shower and you still feel the Bern.All schools in Kanawha Co closed Mon 13017 due to Winter Weather Conditions code B.

Nice cool evening. Returned three dvd's to Library. Quick walk in the crisp winter air.I am such a winter baby this weather makes me feel at home. Just when I thought winter was over.Seeing shows come to a Winter Finale is a WinterFinale like the word Fetch something people are trying to be a thing, is it a newish thing. from "winter is coming" to "bad men are coming" real quick. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The winter sun is a bright one

LA: lol what is winter and spring?. Winter. We in the 4th quarter of the winter...I will not complain... pep talk to myself all morning smh. People am so does size zero ...i just remembered the winter finale of teen wolf is on tonight and i'm so hype. Finally makaka suot na ko ng winter clothes!! Boots with a furrrrrrrr... fourseasons.

the ONE bird that didn't fly south for the winter laid some hot chocolate on my car we have 8 ACRES of land and you have to choose my car. i said this on the hell site but in norse mythology hell is pretty much an eternal winter and i'm really feelin that rn. Today I went for Winter Spice beard oil. It made me feel Christmassy. Always a good plan in February.This cold weather is not it. Ready for winter to be over.

What is bare in the winter and covered in the summer? PBBPADALUCKMAYWARD


Winter Wonderland. Just played: Adrian Younge - Winter Is Here (Something About April II). The NHS is in the middle of its toughest winter for many years. So how are the four UK nations performing?. Skinny People were thin so i'd rather 2468 UGH. COOL WINTER FUN ROCK TRICK: -Put rock in the freezing cold for days -come back to rock -its gone -i took i. Winter weather on I-84 westbound between New York State Line and (End Of I-84). There is a speed restriction.

Winter weather on I-84 eastbound between (Beginning Of I-84) and New York State Line. There is a speed restriction.I hate washing my face in the mornings at winter ever since that day my eyebrows froze to ice on my way to school. Winter comes calling, With frozen dew softly falling. I awake feeling cold, tired too, A new day, an old heart to renew. faith.

I love the snow and winter but nothing pisses me off more than how quick my car gets covered in salt 2 days after i cleaned it

Also on the Winter Fair card tomorrow, a WINTER RUMBLE! The winner of this match will be crowned the number one contender for the ECCW title. after arguing through email, I got a B in my winter class, I was not gonna take a damn C.

Varsity girls' ice hockey vs. Darien will be made up next Thursday at 2:10 PM at the Winter Garden. ctgh chsgha. All this ice out got me practicing for the Winter Olympics. How quickly we are reminded that it's still the Winter season in New England. More to come tonight, Sunday & Monday per news! SnowLife. Lads: if you're in a long term relationship and your bird regularly shaves her legs in the winter months, you can't trust her.the ABC diet ached fat because why thigh gap leavemealone. I was reading this over winter break and it's such a dope book if u wanna borrow it hmu.

I was not born for the winter.And I stand alone Ge boys are in my zone In the winter time I was frozen cold.

I've seen seasons come and go, from winter sun to summer snow

winter maintenance crew initiated road salting operations. These operations will continue throughout the night.   oakridges. you get your summer body in the winter but my mom just sent me a box of mini chesecake muffins for vday so. thong the new fashion trend for winter?.

Is it winter gloom or something else at work ?. May need to stop giving tests during winter for the simple fact I wont have to listen to everyone with their head down sniffling for an hour. This weather has me keeping both my winter and summer clothes out cuz you never know. i don't have time to go get a winter ball dress can someone just get one for me and i'll pay u back. Vivaldi Winter. coldest winter by ye just came on. i'm convinced my playlist wants me to be sad.

Brentfordfc ruining winter holidays since 2011.

Be home soon

REALLLLY GON SPEND THE WINTER WITH THAT OTHA NIGGA. Murag winter diri na side mga bes. Charles Silence Trio - Winter Sadness. 6. Greek proverb - "If there is much rain in winter, the spring is generally dry." EngProverb via EnglishTips4U twinglish.

If the boys have grown over the winter break then the club shop is open during minis training on Saturday morning. "Passing by the edge of the cold winter .. until the days of spring... Please stay, please stay there a little bit longer". This winter is terrible, I'm over it.it better be 54 degrees in July bc i did not get my cold weather in what was supposed to be winter. "it was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple in the portico of Solomon." ~John 10:23 Bible. Thats why I dress so nice all time except during winter.

this winter: spandex crawdad-huntin' capris are back in!

I told my heart it was just a summerthing But you made me fall in the winter Bloom in the spring From June 'till December It was you and me. Yeah winter schemes for my summer dreams. Winning seems to become routine. It's my thing. Underdog, never under yall. Ugh winter why do you keep showing up with no snow then leaving again? I just want a snow day. Or five. teacherproblems. The story of the winter I forgot how to speak. 161:176 The childing autumn, angry winter, change Their wonted liveries; and the maz'd world, AMNDBots.

Winter Park is so nice omg. Spose I can start getting ready. I'm slightly ill but still going to be streaming normal time tonight for you guys. Tailend of winter has left me with a stinking cold.Don't come to have your blood drawn and sit in all your winter wardrobe like an idiot.161:171 For lack of tread, are undistinguishable: The human mortals want their winter here; AMNDBots.

60 degrees this weekend WTF

Bevan Wilson's Grade 6's from Spruce Glen PS! Loving the winter enthusiasm!!!. I honestly don't pop out until summertime... I can't do this winter stuff. There's no point in being cute and cold lol.but it's freakin winter.....?? how are they...,, staying overnight..... outside.... ;;;. Rudi de Winter, Immo de Piramide Diest. 'Het conformiteitsattest is de rode draad als we het over kwalitatief wonen hebben' wooninzicht. Do you think winter is over please say yes. i shaved my legs for the first time this winter last night n now my legs feel like babby dolphins.

Wake up Everybody! Go outside and kick a groundhog in his butt Winter Is Over!. You never realize how truly huge you are until you try on swimming suits after winter. Winter Drumline competition today at Independence High School. Ravenwood performs at 5:09 pm. Come out and support the line!. 73F today. Might finally get our Winter Dragonlet out for a walk.

I've had enough of winter, except I still want soup

16 teams in action today at the Winter Open. Watch for details!.

I want the real winter back already. These birds singing outside my window have got to go. Had an amazing night with my wonderful boyfriend at the Telstar Winter carnival dance! Made some amazing friends!. Gotta make sleds right fish nets right have right rifle enough gas right homemade winter clothes enough wisdom fo land hazards. me: awe it's winter!!! also me: lives in texas where it is currently 85 degrees and where i have to wear shorts. sleeping the winter, i'll your sacrifice break me am i everybody's paper flowers. Living up to my name winter moon by shoving ice up my ass!.

Festivals draw intrepid visitors in the winter. WhenToGo WhereToStay. I love Kentucky but it's time to move to Florida to 75 in the winter. So until another day, winter, good night.

Writing my first paper since before winter break

Iced out like winter season. I'm getting scared, it's supposed to be winter like this ain't right.

Some of the riddles in this game I'm watching as I write are pretty good.Last winter was the coldest and you know you still important sniffing Vicodin in Paris never felt so euphoric yeaaahhhh. WINTER TIME IN 2DAYS. We literally had no winter ..Obsessed with it not being winter anymore yas byewinter GRATEFUL. winter, summer, spring, fall. dari semua itu aku tentu paling suka yang fall.. ~ falling in love with you.

New Brunswick has had enough FamilyDay this winter, we're going to workschool. snowpocalypse. Our winter sale day has started. Winter Storm Watch issued February 22 at 4:59AM CST until February 24 at 12:00PM CST by NWS. Winter Storm Watch issued February 22 at 3:59AM MST until February 24 at 11:00AM MST by NWS. Winter Storm Warning issued February 22 at 3:59AM MST until February 24 at 11:00AM MST by NWS. Throwing up am bikinis so why ice weightloss. WINTER IS GONE. Has it already come? Since when???. Nobody meets anyone in fall, or winter. What are you going to gamble on the unknown contents of a bulky sweater? Winter is coming. - Schmidt.