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Guy 4K wallpaper

This guy I knowwonce opened a diet coke can and the whole :hing was ficled with actual copaine

This white guy just said he liked my romper... I'm wearing a top and jeans lmfao. Talking to a guy: Him: "Wanna see a movie and go eat?" Me: "Only if the movie is Founder of McDonald's and then we grab a Big Mac". My youngest nephew is really into Rock music. Nobody in his house listens to that music. This guy really rocks out to Imagine Dragons. cool. Yale punishes dead guy.A guy that goes out of his way to make his girlfriend jealous and makes her feel insecure is weak af. No bruh , you insecure not her.

that guy is definitely not a fan HAHAHA. "If I had a vagina, long hair, and pretty then I'd be her" -Straight guy. She says I got a chance then posts a picture or her and a guy " oh I love this guy he gets me" with all sorts of I'm into this guy context.Like literally this guy stole it out of my back pocket at a party. Wtf is wrong with people these days. A guy just ordered a bowl of rice with thousand Island dressing on it and I have so many questions.

I can't listen to A7X without remembering the time some guy tried to impress me with his 'poetry' skills

New Header! Miss that guy!. This guy didn't believe that the first movie I ever saw was Jurassic Park so I SCHOOLED him on dinosaur knowledge and it was beautiful. Le duo Guy -Le Guen c'est le Cornet - Ghezzal du commentaire sportif. FOUR LIONS WAS CHRIS MORRIS, NOT THIS GUY. PLUS IT WAS AGES AGO.BAFTAs. There's this guy sitting next to me in the study room and he's been murmuring "what am I doing wrong" for the past 20 minutes.Just the other day I saw this guy walking across the road now he's gone, it's mad.

A guy really just rolled his window down and hollerrrrddd at me .ive never been more disgusted lol. Dam Gyllenhaal, I love this guy!There are so many good movies, but Im rooting for Nocturnal Animals or Hidden Figures or Andrew's BAFTA2017. Le digo a un amigo que estoy molido por pasarme la noche follando y el pobre se ha llorado. "Follar, dices". Me ha encogido el escroto.have u ever played drunk marco polo with a blind guy.

Who tf is this blu guy

random guy just told me i'm beautiful and it made my day.

Is it sus for a guy to go see 50 shades of grey. In what conditions you can interact with a Na Mehram , can a Guy have debate with a Na Mehram in a TV show ? please share ISLAMIC Reference. Stop paying attention to that Ryan butler guy. He's not apart of Selena's team but likes to act like he and and they close. He is no one.Last night I gave the pizza guy the wrong number on my card by accident & it was accepted. Feelin blessed & sorry for whoevers number I gave. .Who is this guy? I know he's D.B.Cooper!. Now she all alone and starting over Now she got baggage on her shoulder But the new guy really loves her.

A guy just walked by a little old lady who dropped her keys.Some guy: hey nich Nich: hey how's it going Some guy: good how bout you Nich: Pretty good how bout you tired. This talk by some guy named Christian Chua in the div audit feels like he's about to preach about Christ hahahaha.

All I need is a guy who will cuddle with me, watch movies and rub my back

Corinne throws her body at Nick. He rejects her. She immediately feels insecure. Girl, a guy doesn't give you your worth. TheBachelor. the way he described her omg i hardly say this but now i want a guy to love me like that and talk about me like that what the hell:(.

this guy talking about no option lets kill somebody wowwwwww. Guy Fieri's Crock Pot Candied Duck is Ready To Rumble In Your Kitchen!. Just sent my friend off to her date, and watched the guy blushing n smiling bringing her flowers & candy, and my heart low key melted. Not glass half full kinda guy when it comes to City who've ruined enough we's over 25 yrs but 15 left 9 at home cause for hope ecfc. Te agradezco por hacerme sentir eso, random guy i never met. but i swear, no matter my love i will break up with a guy if he beat me.

today has showed me how many people have truly always been there and how much a guy is irrelevant to me on this day. Guy bought himself a range n a merc for his wife n namibians already started with their conspiracy theories smh.

but according to straight people im supposed to be the guy in the relationship so im a lil salty lol

A terengganu guy, chipmunk voice, pakai baju puan... Bakpe ye dari teganu. Driving past a guy just casually smoking out a bong while driving... I feel you. He is probably the guy I dreamt for.. forvaaaa plus his Egyptian.

My dream guy drinks coffee.So i went out to go get eye drops and this homeless guy walks buy and i heard a sound i know well that i hate, the sound of METAL Baseball. Met a guy and he grabbed my hand and kissed it as a greeting. I feel.... nice???. Watched theraid , main problem with the action scenes is that he looks like he's beating up kids, why can't Asians grow pass 16?. yo I finally got a chance to see that video of the guy that cheated and I dunno why I'm crying in the club right now. need me a guy that his main focus is me and his hustle.

They broke up but the poor girl is still crying about his cheating, and the guy is just chilled vibes. Kunzima ukuba umuntu wesifazane.

u can find a fine ass nigga anywhere, but a guy that actually talks about real stuff, is a gentleman, & has goalsambitions is rare to find

Goodnight everybody except the guy who just rolled up to the dog park, put his pit in the park, and went back to his car to chill.I want to be with a Hispanic or Asian guy tbh ):. I mean the guy wasn't the issue. It was you and your dope problems. So...Her next man will be a lucky guy.

Trump says Flynn is a good guy who was wronged. This must be why Trump "fired" him. Follow Trump's Russian money. followthemoney Day 27. I had this guy from Kuwait for class last semester and he just replied to my snap talking about his camel named Sasha lolol. me and Jeremiah are role playing family guy. I think a guy broke my heart in like 05. Pretty sure that's what that feeling was. I shed several thug tears.Me: gender doesn't effect me in anyway Me: sees a guy idk hides im scare of guys. Like I like this guy, but I'm also over him lmfaoo.

Work without reward checking on another guy's gf and vice versa

I love a guy who tells me how they're feeling. Lookit that. Hahn just realized that other guests are actually smart and that he himself might just not be smartest guy in room. RedEYe. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that me loving another guy bothers other people so much.. It's not your life so be tolerant of it..A tiny guy and a huge guy just broke into fisticuffs in the street, and he was yelling "COME ON THEN, YOU MIDGET CUNT." It was mental.The guy is a demon(different breed of kramain). So many of his kind on your TL.

Keberuntungan juga merupakan kekuatanmu ~Maito Guy~. Every girl is beautiful, it just takes the right guy to see it.Why so many girls play hard to get? When they shouldn't be so guarded if the guy doesn't want to slip. That guy's not that bad. He was clearly remorseful n gave her honesty. I think everyone just wishes she didn't have to endure that pain. i blocked and reported the guy who cheated on her.

At least that's what the guy here in town who improvises his own superhero costumes said

Between "taking a break" and off & on relationships females always go back to the guy that done them wrong. Stop faking for the video.I remember this one last time, this guy said to me, "Bagi lah I bayar pulak." Tak tahu nak rasa apa.Just need a guy who will raise dogs with me. I really hate that guy that fires a shot gun 2 kill javelina's(which I think is illegal) in the middle of the night scares the hell outta me. maximum ride guy: ew ppl outside the gender binary XDDD. Nr: A Guy Like you Manwa (webtoon).

can this guy stop sending me dick pics i wanna vom. luv that guy. Guy in next seat on train doesn't get the irony of his long loud phone call threatening someone with legal action re sending out spam email!. I really like this guy, but idk if he likes me back..

Family guy is getting really stale

'It's not my priority,' says guy at dry ski slope. OK, so things like just going to the dry ski slope is then? FFS bbcbreakfast.

Gotta say, I'm shocked that Albertans are willing to vote for a 48-year-old guy who's never kissed a woman. Impressively broadminded. ableg. Met Denzel Valentine tn. Chill guy.To ouvindo help do pink guy no repeat :3. SORRY FOR THE MESS HERE. THIS GUY JUST WOULDN'T STOP BLEEDING.I think it could've been Percy. That guy that they interviewed on YoTv. He had dreads nje and sang. I wonder where he is now.that otter jesus guy may have been a huge fagget but even he can't ruin otters.

Remember that one season of America that totally jumped the shark and cast that reality show guy? What were the writers thinking?. Im at five guys with cynthia and she thinks every guy here is gonna kill us.... why am i friends w her LMAO. Ppl can try wined that in for some more donkeys too come like picture guy gonna kill ya.

oomf the cutest guy ever i swear but he gotta stop getting mad at me all the time

This guy has dreads and a green hairband and all I can think about is how much I love Lucio. Hmmm it's all quite scary with this Nathan guy isn't it? Corrie coronationstreet.

Girl in class: I want a cheeseburger. Guy in class: you must be on your period. ??????????. Thoughts from my NintendoSwitch hands on in Manchester: pro controller is great, Screen & HD rumble are fab. splatoon was v popular.Small thing you people will start making a case of Jonathan was better or worse. The guy had to Go. Buhari sef go go. We'd search until ...WHY DOES IT MAKE A GUY 10X HOTTER WHEN THEY WEAR GREY SWEATPANTS. binch tht guy started asking questions abt my parents backgrounds and religion and if i believe in god and when i said idk he was like "why". Do you respect yourself enough not to off pant for any guy? Like honestly.

lol Kentucky is always the bad guy in every situation. Gotta love it. That guy has been baiting Briscoe for several minutes now. If you ask me, he threw the elbow and knocked him down. This is total BS!!!.

My dad was a shy guy, that's why he left when i was born

Bro the confused white guy meme is GOLD. We were standing in the parking lot while the mall was on fire and this guy walked past and politely and nicely cat called me. Kris Amador2 days ago I'm gay I would beat off a guy I would beat off a guy 61.

To err is human; to blame it on the other guy is even more human. - Bob Goddard. RIP to the guy who got stabbed in the taint in John Wick 2. Also, that's one good movie.How can people hate this guy.AM ACC SCREAMIN THIS GUY REALLY THINKS I WANNA DATE HIM. I FEEL SO BAD. there was this guy named houston i met i was gonna make a joke like "is your last name texas" but it was best that i didn't. Osborne has 20 already. Guy can really score. Surman Neal has 15. Guy can really shoot SWOCC nwac.

I'm the guy at the gym sitting on the thing you sit and lift weights on and watching tv.

Trump is like Popeye, need his supporters to get his adrenaline pumping! Popeye better guy!

I'm definitely at my trashiest when the guy at the hibachi restaurant makes a train out of an onion and I start clapping.En direct de l'Univers avec Guy A. Lepage . Excellent et touchant.i love jacob but the guy who wrote him is writing liam......... im worried now. Acting all confident huh?? Okayyy.. See y'all at the Bridge our "on form" friends... see you at the Bridge KTBFFH Chelsea.

She deserves a guy who'd treat her right & not say something rude too her bc that just shows that he doesn't know gabby the way i know gabby. Bassey smart guy. Let me be CLEAR, I don't want a guy who hasn't built character via true adversity, & destroys the environment wgolf courses, to have power.A series loss would not be ideal for Clemson. Trail 3-0 but more importantly, Clemson pitching staff needs to find where each guy will be. Bassey won!!!!. Sharp guy!. Every girl has that one guy she will never lose feelings for.

Sharp guy

Badt guy..guy fieri vore me. Bassey na sharp guy. i was about to type out "i wonder what thomas and guy smell like" but that's not the type of life i want to be living right now.There's this British guy that Periscopes walking his Malamute and it's seriously the best thing I've ever watched. The cheekiness is an A.

Guy just came to my door talking about "we need to save the bees." The bees? Somebody needs to save me. if a guy sent me a video jacking off id block. NSNSNNSNS. iiii need them raaacks Ceiling hiiigh they be staaaaacked Feeling liiike I am thaaaaat Guy iiii need them raaaacks. Don said don't call it fake news and the 1st thing this guy said was fake news lmao. Add me on social medium.

r u mine is playing which brings back memories of a dick head guy before he was a dick head guy

I have a fever and most likely 2 ear infections and all i can think about is the cute guy in my English class & how i love procrastinating. the guy that brought me food just complimented me on my jordans he has them too lmaoooo. Haven't heard much about that Milo guy since those Berkeley kids shut him up.Canada's cons: CPCLdr US TV guy, Can Values woman, bible thumping misogynist yokel, fear migrants drunk, ex-PM singing for Trump...sigh...Fb relationships: Meets guy yesterday for first time. Next week: "I married my best friend!". Yeah you making the background of your pictures doesn't look like the Iphone 7 plus portrait quality sorry guy :.

being with a guy that treats me so well makes me wonder why i put so much effort into boys THAT DIDNT DESERVE ME IT GETS BETTER Y'ALL TRUST. this guy sends me an unsolicited selfie on snapchat every day and the caption always has something to do with his beard. "I just wanna make sweet love to you sometimes, Junkrat." Guy impersonating Junkrat: Wot? "Nothing." "Wot you say?!" Silence Impersonator, -. girl: kiss me in the rain guy: oh ok I can do tha- girl: wait that's too sweet hit me with your car in the rain.

Who's commentating along side Brian Stann? That guy definitely needs to go!

just gave a guy road head so he would take me through the mcdonalds drive thru.

"We didn't even talk about why the guy in operation is awake. His eyes are open and he's having like nine surgeries..." uks kimmyschmidt. Guy walked past. Full on beard. Viking mode activate. Oh man.... I wantssssss mondaymotivation. I used to think you were this great guy, and now, from where I stand, you don't look much like a man at all.I am HERE for these biblical startled-white-guy memes. the guy sitting next to me is drawing in his notebook and playing chess instead of taking notes... why bother coming to class then?. I hope Bill Nye The Science Guy has a great day today.

just witnessed a guy sit down on a hammock and immediately fall out backwards..... i accidentally said "same" out loud. CAMON LADY! OR GUY! OR IT!. "I want eleven captains but it's important to have a guy I can talk to a little extra. On the field I want eleven captains"- Kjell Jonevret.

its mostly older guys but i have gotten cocks from high school boys in public restrooms too,love servicing guy after guy looking to get off

We talking about snowboarding and smoking on the lift and this guy sends a gif of someone brushing donald trumps hair????. Met a guy called Jared today, you can imagine my reaction.

"I'm just looking for a guy thats emotionally available and not filled with bees" -Trixie Mattel. A car just drove down my street and gave me a flash of the past. There was a guy on top of the car riding and a 2 guys in the vehicle.Corrine introduces Nick to parents- mom and dad, this is the guy who plays the bachelor on the Corrine Show thebachelor. "I am no traitor! I punched a guy I didn't agree with and he just so happened to be the leader of the country!"New Gintama season looks good. If this guy really wanted you for this product, he'd fly to trash South Carolina or wherever it is you slimeballs live TeenMom2. that one lizard guy from yowapeda creeps the hell out of me.

A GUY AND A GIRL CAN HANG OUT W OUT HAVING A "THING", FRIENDS EXIST. Thanks to the old guy at my work making me watch the bachelor.

I need a guy that has an LA body & an Oakland face

watching hometown Bachelor episodes Mom:"woooowwwww I wonder if Shelby will ever bring a guy home to meet" WE GET IT MOM. Thought Gideon was about to get roofied But that guy is going to get poisoned? APB. 7. leave you 100 times but when you leave them you're the bad guy.

the library is my fav place hands down. saw an old guy wearing two pairs of neon knee socks at the same time. hes livin right. Perfect guy is not the one who has more money or the most handsome one you'll met. Its the one who knows how to makes you smile everyday.Could you date a sensitive guy. The guy who was supposed to buy the teggy never showed up.... smh. fcf city ... The city guy all the way. so i hit a guy today and he fell down on his knees and started yelling in pain.

kahit ang sungit nung delivery guy love na love ko parin yung nideliver niya huhu.

EVERY girl knows that one annoying guy constantly asking "So when we gonna chill?

h8 when a girl knows a guy's taken but acts all hoe-ish whenever she's around him. Hope the abusive man conversation doesn't end at "this guy is making us look bad" to my fellas out there.Guy is egoing me in DM's. I said every fight always involves him. Can't accept he is the problem, not me or the rest of the people. I'm done. Saw a comedy show & spoke to the guy after & gave him a thumbs up but he thought it was a handshake so he grabbed my hand??.

Guy next to me in the men's urinal burped so loudly. Guess he was trying to do a burpee.This homeless guy already knows I'll buy him food he gets all happy when he sees me. don't want to be That Guy, but I do kinda hate how you have to get spoonfed a bunch of highly prejudiced nonsense to get a medical degree. sits behind hot guy on train adjusts feet and accidentally kicks chair. hot boy gets po &angrily shouts stop kicking my chair cantwin. Watch this guy,he packs a punch! Are you sure he's not one of yours? I know I have what it takes to do what is right. Timing is everything.Or when a guy orders for u.

theres this bald guy in my class that pats hus head like he wears weave

so this guy is talking about soccer saying that playing forward is better because you don't have to run as much...tf...I am a dragon. Not some guy Dan met at the bus station in a dragon suit. He proceeds to ask me what I'm doing that night. So I'm like oh I'm going on a date blah blah. He's like oh well he's a lucky guy. How's a dead guy won. the guy I used to like looks homeless but I'm pretty sure he always looked homeless he's just really embracing the look now.

And the one day I order a frapppe from Starbucks I talk to this guy from Spain. Stormzy what a load of wank this guy is. Please someone send this guy home BRITs. I swear a guy could be riding the bus shirtless but he wouldn't get as many stares as a niqabi would.I think I'm a nice guy compared to Future.

I wish the ugly kid didn't talk to the hot guy during the whole bus ride

Can this guy shut up. Tried to toss my mechanic the part he needs to fix my car. Poor guy just can't catch a brake.classmate: "you're that guy who's a genius at programming right?" me, full poptart in mouth: "yesh". So I just got hit by a guy on his bike. Using in the sidewalk. While I'm trying to talk to the little kids that we're calling me.Who pays for yalls fake titties at 18??? Do u take out a loan? Do u ride an old guy a couple times a month?. All my guy friends are getting asked to Sadies....... Must be nice.

this guy sent me an anon saying can I break your hymen and then rtd it after I replied lmaooo. Just gave a guy a shape up and shave and he said I'll be back next week to pay you. I'm really bout to start asking for cash before I cut.this guy won't stop looking at me what do i do. Missed the NASA announcement, and for some reason I'm not bothered to check.

melon = mean guy

who is this guy talking during the commercials he scares me.

When a song comes on and you're like "wow did this guy write a song about me???". Every time I see Brian Tyree Henry on ANYTHING I get excited to see what level of talent he will bring. This guy is a beast! ThisIsUs. Terrible choice to have Chris Martin sing that tribute. He's a talented guy, but he's no vocalist. Should have been Sam Smith BRITs2017. Even if Jesus was just a regular guy, as he might have been, I would still follow him to the hillside and eat up his words.I'm a simple guy. Candle lit dinners, walks on the beach, breaking and entering suburban homes to steal the candles for those dinners.good woman hard to find these days but they out there somewhere probably worried around making money and aint worried about a guy anyways.

A guy that has the wealth or a guy that can sustain the wealth? Choice is yours to make. For me its not about now but the future.Just buy a snickers, be a normal guy. a very enthusiastic older guy took my ticket for arrival and said "awesome movie. gotta keep an open mind it makes you think" ok friend.

so this guy , came to my bus during dismissal for busses , & waited for me to get there , just to ask me for my IG , because he didn't want

So the guy who did my nails had on Jordans, a polo sweater, and a tear drop under is right eye .....Stockton! What a guy.

STIDKX I WONDER IF MY MUTUAL GG TO WILL SEE THE GUY AND SEE THE RESEMBLANCE OR NOT IM TRULY CURIOUS. to be fair, i should have expected it; they are guy's parents and that man is A NIGHTMARE to go to galleries with. he reads EVERYTHING.abbreviates for blueberry on coffee cup writes bby accidentally flirts w old guy. I was going to the bathroom and this cute guy walked out and nely straight up asked him if he had a girlfriend cause she saw me look at him. "I've been bullied for being Arian" -white guy that made a nazi joke. this guy knows me too well.

Maybe, it's just i don't deserve a guy like him.No mention that I've seen about my police visitors this morning but a guy was arrested on the same street later today with a sword.

Take it from me that being a good guy gets u no where in life

The woman got some weird friends... The only normal ones are the girl who's like a falcon and the guy who is as calm as a dove.I'm so extra I drove thru rich neighborhoods w a guy I've gone on some dates w bc I told him that's my fav thing. Now I look lame AND poor.Why make me look like the bad guy tho? Lol.

bbnaija i really hope no one is voting for kemen cos dat i really dont know how he was picked in d first place..dat guy is an issue himself. When Tabi was on green color as his hairstyle, everyone called him alay..then you know that Jared Joker could be inspired by that 'alay' guy. ur heart ever break bc a cute guy was a hoe but then his cute homie tries with you but then ur heart breaks again bc he a hoe too. Watching family guy. nsfw is there a guy who's up to joining plot dm's group? I'll dm you. NSFW I need a guy to cuddle with or more, the one who's descriptive is highly appreciated. Please reply below.

How long does a guy shower????.

Kamukha talaga ni jet si Tumblr guy from davao

I need someone to act like my fake boyfriend this weekend because I'm tired of having this guy on my ass all the time.The husband is a master carpenter and mason, tile guy, etc, etc, etc. I sent lots of photos to various ppl. He's booked for two months. Michael feels himself a little too sharp where he goes to New York at 2am BUDGE WHAT A GUY. Today this really attractive guy mistook me for someone else because he said I had a nice jawline... and it was a good day.

If a guy gave me the reaction & compliments Trell gives me when I see him will be the one I marry. Taeyeon cried because of a guy. Is it just me or this Kemen guy doesn't have Fans. Teshana said i looked like a guy who takes drugs and who sniffs glue today. She was right.We looked at our uber rn and it was a white guy driving a Prius bumping 21 savage omg. I'm still thinking of a guy I saw at a traffic light yesterday, the guy had both arms amputated below the elbows. the scars looked fresh.

Why are 'wise man' and 'wise guy' complete opposites?

They guy with full of talents XIANisGEMS BestSupportingActor. So if u get married to a guy and the guy later marries ur friend , she's yr madu. But what if u fall in love with her, what is she to u now. Only in Bollywood movies a guy will always choose the girl over his career.that scottpoid guy..i don't like him. NowPlaying Guy Mitchell - She Wears Red Feathers On Atlantic Radio Uk.

John Cena with the same promo he's been cutting each & every time since 2005. That guy defines boringness in a new way.But Oh it's John Cena. lowkey still haven't met a guy who really deserves me. I think if a girl wants to have an abortion, it should be her choice & she shouldn't be pressured by the guy nor judged for doing it. Log date 31 Got borred and read a book and yelled when the evil guy who was supposed to be dead wasnt. Also started this like star trek idk. The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and the unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed. - Gordon Park.

Listening to BANKS at 3 AM and feeling like every guy I've ever talked to has hurt me

I'm listening to this Rag'N'Bone's guy single and it's really fire.I don't know. Maybe I'm looking to far into this but like, I can't be the only one who's spooked by this guy.lol tell me how i found out this guy was a catfish within 2 minutes hehe. internship guy has still not gotten back to me U got like 4.5 hours please. Why is the movie called Logan? Wouldn't that be like calling the new Avengers sequel "Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha and a guy named Thor?". A in Guy! Now! Who has had this its of internal contradictions!.

If a hot girl can influence a guy that quickly... shame shame shame.A guy was watching me. He was literally holding his phone up, smiling while filming me.I hate admitting that I do feel safer sometimes with a guy with me. The guy beside me in Tims is blasting tool ... on full blast.. noheadphones ... easily one of the most annoying things going lol easydj.

Yeah but that guy does look like a honey mustard pretzel stick

What happened to "The Rent Is Too Damn High" guy? He made it to Congress yet?.

I enjoy having fun as much as the next guy. I enjoy having the fun of ten men. They found the most nervous Asian guy to go undercover in the criminal elephant ivory trade. Probably going to watch someone die.Di nga nya pinafollow si girl kahit nameet na nya several times at friend nya pa si guy. KCAPinoyStar NadineLustre. This guy that asked for my number is currently on a date right next to me lmao. tanned bald guy. i'm laughing.I cannot stand when people think me and a guy talk just because we're good friends.

(I found this in the depths of my drafts) Concept: Adam Sandler is your dad. Tim Gunn is your grandpa. Guy Fieri is your stepdad. I hate being all nice guy about it but I really wanted it so I am kinda miffed D:. No way did some guy send me a picture of a wad of cash to try and get my attention! I'm ded.

Dating a girl that my guy friends actually like too is such a blessing

I hope this guy call me Wednesday I need you lol. its funny Alabama's cool with beastiality but a gay guy isnt safe for kids? I see that its probably a conservative furry state.

YOU STAYED BECAUSE I MADE IT SO CONVENIENT TOMA GUY RITCHIE DISTRAIDO. don't be the guy to only try and talk to a girl when you know her boyfriend isn't around.Lol a guy who lived a floor below me for two years at Iowa is now working two blocks from me. smallworld. I would say: err I don't know any guy in recycling or cleaning fields ... I did hire some when I was in SH because I have to work that time. Efe our effective guy... Efe nation let's pop t up for our dude... BBNaija. I used to have 2 guy best friends since high school and recently they both got girlfriends and went ghost on me, smh.

Abe: Abraham Lincoln U want to take my man won so bad Sweet guy Football Cringe. Just watched HiddenFigures ... Ruth, Mrs. Mitchell, and the guy from Big Bang theory all got on my last nerve.

This guy loves anything oatmeal

this guy is getting attached don't get attached. I have liked the same guy for like 5 months lmao wtf. had 3 deals today - one guy was a nice guy, one guy was kinda gay and creepy and this one is gna be an hour late.

MERGE POINT GUY IS STILL OBLIVIOUS. THIS DUDE HAS NO IDEA THE CHAOS THAT IS HAPPENING LITERALLY ALL AROUND HIM.Just being blatantly honest...and this is coming from a guy who has song his praises...I don't think Fiz knows what he's doing right now. Dadbod Kelly is slow, unathletic, and doesn't have good striking. But he always finds a way to land. How can you not root for this guy??. I need to see Terence Crawford asap.. That guy is beastly. there's nothing cuter than a guy who's all about his girl. Oo a Wise guy ehhh.

A guy at Zumiez told me about James Blake today and he was such a blessing in my life tbh.

yo i was at Ulta and this guy comes in and attacked a girl sitting on the salon chair

It feels so good to finally be grown when it comes to doing whatever you want but them bills are a whoooooole different ball game my guy. Maybe I shouldn't be talking, I'm not exactly a genius in the ring yet. But I'm strictly speaking as a fan, neither guy amazes me."i hope you find a guy that does stuff for you like i do for your mother". Don'x mak:vfun of a fat guy with a lisp. Heos robably thick and tired of it.

i just got left on read because i told a guy no and that is what is wrong with this world lmao it's sick. No matter how supportive or good naturedintended a guy is he'll almost never understand the feeling of being invalidated on daily basis. My manger and I have the same tattoo and got it at the same place by the same guy. weird. do u think guy fieri listens to kpop. In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teens thought Sherlock Holmes was a real guy, while 20% thought Winston Churchill was not. TMYK. I've never gave a guy money other than my brother, I can't get myself to. How y'all doing it?.

I'm ready to plan our next prank

I ACCIDENTALLY SCREENSHOTTED THE GUY GIF AND NOW IM DYING. This guy is very well spoken DateMyFamily. Nothing surprising here: first guy hitting in the cages - Beltre.Ew this guy is disgusting.I wasn't paying attention to the "news" yesterday, but good dog almighty, what is wrong with this guy? Obama should sue him for Libel!.

So you wanna fall for the bad guy? So you wanna fall, get mad high?. Women behind me talking about how one of them almost shot a guy and the bullets explode when they hit someone? "Could have been messy.". At tonight's mic, one guy in the crowd gave me the finger, another interrupted my closer by asking for my number, happy women's day!. It's so easy: You know what the guy against you is doing to do, so you muscle your stick into a place and drive forward. Giving away goals.ffghhhjjhhhjjjjjjjjjjjjj this guy in my class.

Anyone else forgets that Mike guy exists? Dude gets no screentime AYTO

I love how girls will caption pics with "wifey material" and guy's are never captioning like "husband material". If Ed Sheeran and Mr. Almond had a baby it would be the guy I just sat next to on the plane. any1 wanna do a turbo for free? guy says he'll sponsor me and a friend. Hi, I'm Guy Fieri. Or also known as, the Blooming Onion.gabi has a numbered list of every single guy she's kissed and i think that's really beautiful. I just want to be rich enough to not worry about paying 4 for a blue guy.

I swear there is only one guy who can handle my worse..when my dads tells me i look pretty it means more to me than it coming from any guy. West Indian guy on the train platform approached me just now "Beautiful smile. I love you. What's your name?" No thanks. I didnt get Id'ed cause the guy at 711 recognized me as the only person who buys Genny Cream Ale from there.

if i meet a guy that bumps musiq soulchild like i do, i just know we're meant to be

Walking past a homeless guy getting thrown out of subway, he looks me dead in the eye and says, "yo momma." Tf did I do to you.

Guy told me I look tired and sound tired, appreciate that. I smile a lot because of this one guy hahahha hahhahaha hahahhaha. How important are women? Just look at this season of the TheBachelor ...they carried the ratings because that Nick guy is terrible GirlPwr. Where did this creepy guy come from and why did he say he's seen me before omg I'm legit terrified to walk home. Aust went on a run at the park today and noticed this older guy acting weird as a girl (our age) was running towards him. The man was...Wanna know what happened to Michelle. She met a guy and after she paid for airfare to visit him, he broke up with her.

Stephen Jones isn't playing around. Let Church walk, waiving Romo tomorrow. Restructured deals to create cap space. This guy is a genius!. That scruffy VolvoS90 poetry guy is seriously bugging me, and I can't stop worry about the cold fox.hotel guy called me back 2 hours later.

Family guy and chill

Convo 1: guy talking to his friend about his reno woes. Convo 2: guys talking about the trials and tribulations of lost keys. It's getting to the point that Skal does something every game that makes me say "Wow". Amazing.

Jared Dudley the fakest tough guy in the league. i had to put on my glasses so i could see the guy who keeps referring to a "banger mixtape" one table over. fun fact: the guy who voiced golem.. well his net worth is 1 billion dollars.so to that guy tho lol..................................... i dread knowing he lives in my town. This guy giving me a pedicure is massaging my legs so hard and I swear he's left a thousand micro fractures in my legs and feet. SOS. Deacs only down 5 now, AND have a guy that is perfect on the season from 85-feet out.

How old is that guy? 25? He probably just touched his 1st mill last year with the Kanye & Snakehips feature & festivals. "He's a white guy, Jay Z's a white guy. Jay Z's a white businessman. ~ Melle Mel.

my dream guy is literally just garrett watts

i don't know about you, but i think that Turbo guy is pretty cool. OMG the main guy in this is the main from "Get Out". He's a damn good actor. If you're a guy and you appreciate One Tree Hill, then you are a gift.

It was so hard not to take this guy home with us...Yuri acts feminine when a handsome guy is near her yurifacts. Hekima is a silent guy... He seems to be invinsible, he only reacts in school... He's said to be intelligent but untouchable.I feel sorry for u lot who aren't close with your mother, she is my go to guy bruv, she will do anything for me and I'd do anything for her.this guy is on Facebook live polishing and washing his car WTF. Finding a cute guy is easy. Finding a guy who understands you is a whole different story.

Josh Hart is the ideal college basketball player. Ultra talented. Clutch. Outworks everyone. 4-year guy. Recruit Josh Harts.

Just threw up the peace sign and some guy thought I was flicking him off and got so offended hahaha

remember when i was in bali and some guy got strangled by a snake outside my villa & i got seriously bad food poisoning :). that nobody besides my friend group really knows about & talking about my little fling with my guy best friend. shes changed ever since. I hate when a guy tells me what he can do for me financially like what can you do for me spiritually?. Me: I REALLY LIKE JAPANESE MEN I'M STRAIGHT NO eh you look at this guy he is so cute so pretty Them: why you always like the girlish2 ones.

First win of the year for the man Stephane Robert his reward playing some Swiss guy called Federer BNPParibasOpen. My one boss wasn't in today so this guy is her replacement for today and he's super religious and he just sits there and talks about Jesus. Lmao Joel Berry, cmon my guy. we never hear about his parents so they're either dead or absent probably Guy's Doing Fab. 1 guy from band with weird name stan. Day 0 of springbreak: skyping the rental car guy, acting as mediator, getting hotel keys that actually work, and fixing the pull out couch.

meangyu, mean guy, meme guy

I always try to treat women right but some of them take it for granted... You do good i do good, You do bad no more mr nice guy. umm excuse me where is Jake T. Austin? who is this new guy??!?. Family guy need to make a movie. omg i was just stopped by a guy wanting to take a picture of me for a school project cause he liked my outfit NICE. There's always a guy who always checks your WhatsApp status.

im the kind of guy who keeps a separate folder in my gallery for gifs of puppies and kittens for when i have anxiety attacks. Get u a mans who loves u as much as the drunk guy screaming "ASHLEY I LOVE YOU" at 2 AM loves Ashley.Roman Reigns has my guy Believe that. omg can you imagine if i let that guy i hated buy me a bottle (because he offered to) i would've been so mad rn. I was going to continue drama in highschool but I spoke with the guy teaching it & he said they'll be a lot of choreography in it so I.

She was shocked seeing me

That SJ guy and his homophobic ass fans can choke. GET ME ADARSH. PERIOD. I NEED NO OTHER GUY. I MEAN IT.That time when you sit next to a guy who gets you thinking of a million counter attacks in your mind.Why when you try to be nice guy. Guy Fieri's Smoked Sweet & Sour Ravioli is Sure to Knock Your Socks Off!. I thought I was drunk but that guy was swerving all over Irving park.

The right guy will show you off to his friends & family. He'll take it as slow as you want. He'll only go as far as you're comfortable with.so embarrassing when u think u nailed the big interview and it turns out he was interviewing the guy behind u the whole time. Like aye the black guy was winning at the end its crazy GetOut blackexcellence. We see you, guy who "doesn't want any pizza," contributes no money, then eats 6 slices when it arrives. We see you, and God sees you.

WTH! Where are you guy's?! Today is the biggest annual festival and most of them are in their own fantasy world HappyBirthdayShreyaGhoshal

"The rising tide will cause all the ships to rise" Management 101 I bet Foley fires himself. He's the type of guy to fall on his sword RAW.

I'm at the point where I refuse to take any guy that approaches me seriously and I take it all as a joke and I just play around. I don't understand why all these cats are hating on Lonzo. The guy can play. I have a lot of respect for StateFarm fools a beast and he's a super nice guy. The same guy who was so "hesitant" to do The Bachelor again also signed up for a season of Dancing with the Stars. Mmhmm TheBachelorFinale. never knew a guy was more important than a friendship...Tammy the fat guy bought a diesel truck and then forgot what happend before waking up to rumble of a diesel engine.

OCC Cancelled Tomorrow = No Midterms = One Happy Guy. The gay field agent in 24 is not very convincing of a gay guy, seems V hetero. flipside, one of the protags is a free-runner and general Extreme Sports guy nicknamed Mo'Steel (either "Man of Steel" or "More Steel"),.

The last girl I talked to said she had never had a guy pump her gas before

It's properly upsetting to know that this guy ~forgives~ the seme raping an innocent person in order to get his attention. desperatewriting. If I seen that guy running from station to station in London id of deffo tripped him up.

11 and Finn saving it is the first glimpse that he's a good guy. glee. Tanner is a kind of guy you can depend on Happy3rd YASNERsary. wait masturbation is gay cause you jerking off a guy. If anyone wants to interview me for a story about a gay guy hanging out at a het bar in MS re: het mating rituals I have observed, DM me. Women always see red flags we just choose to ignore them or think we can change a guy.This guy is so hilarious XD.

and the guy is cute too ngl. Getting mail addressed to "Current Resident" is the sales equivalent of a guy group texting "You free tonight?" to every girl in his phone.

"No matter how the storyline plays out, I'll always be the bad guy

"I really appreciate the help that the Phone Guy gives." RileyBot. I have yet to see bongos or maracas, but there is a guy holding a hard plastic prosthetic leg and a stick walking around. WBC2017. A guy's pocket is not a bank, Anyone who treats the pocket as a bank is a gold digger.

im crying at why the bbc interview guy didnt get up to take his kids out the room it was bc he was wearing jeans and he'd expose himself. Lol i've been bringing food to the AV room all semester and my last day of class the guy wants to be a stickler. Blow me. You're staring at your phone waiting for a text from a guy who probably having deep conversation with another girl.Can't believe Lloyd is 65 and still competing. What a guy. Who's that guy. it's my nan and grandad's 59th anniversary today. 59 years married. and i can't even keep a guy interested for more than 2 months.

Buddy Guy - "The Devil's Daughter".

jack gilinsky is an amazing guy and i love him so much

Same old guy. This guy at the clinic is like losing his mind because his wife isn't the next patient, like it's first come first serve, chill sir...Sad when you meet a nice young guy and then realize he doesn't measure up to treating a girl with respect.Manga doesn't usually talk about that. This even had a Japanese secret police torturing a guy for suspecting he was possibly a communist.

SO.....The MILAN FASHION WEEK & GUCCI after PARTIES ARE ONEBIGFATBLACKLIE. GUCCI was never IN VOLVED at all. These guy spent their LOOT. lol. Some guy just asked me was my ass real wtf. The guy who runs the laundromat is off his tits on coke rn. I'll never believe the black pentatonix guy makes those insane soundsbeats w his mouth Unless he does it right beside me!. If you enjoyed attending college where the yiddish were in control, I probably can't endure a conversation with you.I'm the guy at the gym right now that's facetiming while he's working out.

Just a guy who wants to kill himself

Corny af but the way this guy just looked at his wife drunk dancing out of buffalo was heart melting. Have a guy look at your holy book for determination; "Wow, I don't think you can live in America, your book says it's okay to stone gays.". I'm so happy I don't live with no guy. I'm perfectly fine being alone with my kid.This one guy in my class that speaks so much glib and never ever makes sense.I want a guy to fight for me the way that Nathan always fought for Haley.

Pray for a guy that Brandon is talking to. Having a deep convo about why he "does what he does." brspi17. when the guy you like sends you a goodnight snapchat talking about wanting to be in your bed. Got serious feels for a guy who "insults" women in his truck. No wonder he questions my loyalty. This nigga ain't loyal.There's this guy when I take the dog out in the mornings, that sees us and throws the ball backwards for his dog to chase... wyd. Same guy just asked me if I would hook up with him because he "needs it", and is now telling me he thinks his girlfriend is "the one".

hello y is it so hard to find a really nice charismatic guy that makes me laugh until i cry and wont cheat on me hello where are yall hiding

Spying on Trump would be like spying on a crazy guy screaming on a street corner. Not really necessary.He's a linux guy and his disdain for windows and its administrators is not new, but god it never stops being exhausting. It Doesn't Pay To Be The Nice Guy !. Well, at least that one abusive guy got consigned to deserved oblivion. Dude pops back up someplace Welp.hope this guy gets hit by a bus. Hi guy.

PSA: the no shoulders dress code rule is right... my shoulders were showing and a guy tried to talk to me. (True story rules still wrong). Hot guy fed me free chicken parm then after I ate it I said that I have got a man.How's it doing Bassey this night? He's so excited they won during his hoh regime. Dead guy.Who's the cute guy in the russian movie; Attraction??.

May the winds of fortune sail you, may you sail a gentle sea, may it always be the other guy, who says, "This drinks on me" StPatricksDay

Omg he is really ordinary, the-im-not-famous-type of guy. Nothing special about him.

Maybe I've told this story here: one guy wrote a play about Robert Johnson. I think it was called Crossroads.If u seehave a Latino guy who owns an expensive car, has an education & priorities straight u caught a unicorn don't let him go. jussayin. if I can sit through a 4 hour flight watching strictly guy fieri's diners drive ins and dives show, you can do anything. "I'm the only guy I know that can live with one liver" -Brian Malone. Watching Force Awakens with my almost 4 year old and she is beside herself about Poe. She keeps saying "Why did that guy (Finn) losted Poe?". You can tell a clubs dead if there's not a black guy trying to sell you lollipops in the toilet, even he knows.

males are ver persistent i literally just told this guy "no thank you" 5x's he was cute but i'm just not interested sir. You like someone I don't? Fine, whatever. You like a group who's leader is a guy who's identity is literally fox hitler? That's a problem. I'm going to kill this guy wtf.

Squart Guy is the nickname of OKCupid user papapaka, who gained notoriety for his online dating profile describing

Who are ya'll's "that guy is still in college??" player. Mine is Nigel Hayes from Wisconsin. marchmadness. This guy dmd me like "honestly I'm just trying to pay your bills".

Hailey goes the guy in the first pic looks like someone you would date & she ain't wrong (;. This guy is killing our play. Just thought about the guy at the mall that said "Prom shopping? Need a date?" Lmaoooo now that's game. You either gon love me or hate me. I'm not a just like-able kinda guy.Then you have the guy that are looking for a wife but don't know how to lead and be a man.LOL THIS GUY IS TALKING ABOUT HOW ALL CHILDREN ARE EQUAL. WHICH IS TRUE. But my god if you think that then why do you like pres trump?.

wait huhu kanina nanaginip ako na may ka-thing akong guy pero di daw okay family ko sa kanya bc ma h i ra p lang siya huhu. Had a guy movie night last night and watched John Wick. Enjoyable film!.

Why do some people assume that having a guy as a friend means your banging?

Martins Indi got this guy in his pocket.If this guy doesn't stop completely hitting on me I'm going to lose my mind..shet naalala ko si creepy guy sa taft.

Really know the plug yeah that's my guy. Saw a cute guy jn. I'm just a jealous guy. The guy sat next to me smells AND is biting his nails like he's against a clock fml I wanna vom. Also, WHY CANT THAT GUY JUST STOP HIS MUSIK. LIKE. ?????. Lmao who is this guy?.

FRAvWAL French full back dances around all of our backs, then gets nailed by Ken Owens! What a guy! RBS6Nations LionsWatch.

The guy in front of us is making noises a his baby like it's a cat so it'll look at him

I saw a guy look under his car before getting in. So don't park next him.can we talk about how some guy tried to steal my goldfish at Macdintons last night? MajorNoNo L. There's a guy who takes notes at literally every gig me and Beth go to in Manchester. I want to know you, more taking man. IT'S THE GUY!!!!! THAT SENT US TO HYRULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Whenever Arrow's wanted by the cops, he should change colors and pretend to be a new guy. Fuchsia Arrow by season 10.A lil mouth would b nice too...from either guy or girl lmao. Feel like the guy at the dumpling shop is judging me for coming in 3 minutes after they opened. Pull up to get a pizza after work & some random guy is trying to get into my car. I'm shaking my head no & he continues to try & open it. The moment a guy stops giving u attention. He starts giving it to someone else. jess, my mum, tabling next to me: that guy likes sonic! you should exchange details so you can meet up to talk about sonic and be friends!!.

Do y'all think aliens are real too?

Here's a question I've always wanted answered. Do you tip the valet guy?. if the guy who literally ruined and derailed your life so he could smash is about to die you should be planning to riverdance on his grave. They should find out what racial slur that guy spilled to make bailly that triggered. a ver Family Guy. Naw naw naw how are ppl defending the guy that shagged a 12 year old :)))).

If you think before you speak, the other guy gets his joke in first.This guy and his excuses. Bad guy.Every girl's dream is to dress up for a date and blow the guy's mind and have him tell her she's stunning..And speaking of dropped characters, no Tantalus? The guy was an ass, but he was amusing.

Guy who's paying me for this school logo thing has this whole long term project worked out i can't believe this

did this guy really just get stabbed in the middle of town. This Gorsuch guy has got himself a voice for public radio.The guy tried to pull my headphones. And once before a guy grabbed my arm so hard his nasty ass fingernail scratched my skin.Kansas City Chiefs is nowplaying Sweet Talkin' Guy by Chiffons cubevenue. The guy's name is Dill?! Now that is what I call laid back. I wanna know all these surfer guy's names now! NinjaStorm. So... a cop just rammed into the back of some guy in drive thru.

im sorry but post malone just looks like that weird guy that goes to high school parties even though he graduated two years ago..hope the guy punya balls pecah tho... but pity her bike.. guess she won't be cycling for a while.. she must be rad to be cycling this late-. On the interview I found out desiigner was shot when he was 14 years old. Poor guy though. the guy that i used to literally be head over heels for just asked me out now that im head over heels for someone else WHY ARE GUYS SO DUMB.

aw i love cm they were asking a guy at a park if he knew the unsub and he was like hold on baby come here AND IT WAS A GUY i love

A few years ago I hadn't seen the guy or his lookalikesomeone wearing a mask that looked like the guy in several years and we got some food.

IronFist: "We love what Bruce Lee can do and we love the idea of a martial arts hero! But not the Asian part. He should be a white guy.". it happened before a guy got killed by the animal they are. gorsuch seems like a good guy he would get my vote. seems clear in his objective. who really knows, but my 2 cents confirmationhearing. 100% of my time as a radio advertising guy would be telling business owners they couldn't be in the commercial. The guy was getting mad bc 13 of the drunk guys was really disrespecting his friends and they were even about 2 fight!. Guy two booths over at pho store looks like rick rubin and is talking about black flag and I wanna make friends but don't know how.

oh my god word vomit time you're literally the coolest person ever this is amazing you're rad af you're the best okay just the awesomest guy. Can't trust a guy with a ponytail bro. Nothing disappoints me more than a guy or female that can't dance!.

Boy oh Boy, Jill Stein isn't going to help anybody when THIS guy starts being the 9th voter

The amount of confidence in the guy that sits behind me is mildly appaling. He literally calls out each answer wrong. Every time. had a convo w this guy on the shuttle and he stopped me mid-sentence and said "you have the cutest country accent" ..... where??.

I'm always viewed as the bad guy or selfish. But it's called self care.im pretty sure i've seen just about every episode of Family Guy. That guy made my dayyy hahahaha. Not this guy working here said you're not about that then you just followed me last month.When he's cute but he's a white guy with dreadlocks so ew, no.myhighschoolconfession I was the short guy who always sat in the corner shouting pregnant while the teacher was marking the register.

Nelo Smith 10.5mil PPV 5.1mil gate Rev = 15.6. GGGDJ 5.2mil PPV 3.7 gate Rev = 8.9. Guy does bit more than 12 Rec but wants 45-50%?..you can meet a guy from across the world but as soon as a girl from ashland meets him, it's done. you just lost your man.

Good Guy Question of the Day

guy or girl its just impossible, wat abt u ?. Shout out to the guy totally loosing his cool at 630 am on a krogers. Same bro, same...hunted is wayyy too scripted. guy walks up to a "stranger" and asks "can i sleep outside, on your patio, under your house" <- too specific.

Love The Way you lie by Calibre 50 featuring Guy Sebastian. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! I'm a lucky guy.I guess i'll be the most hated guy in the room..I WANT TO HELP THAT GUY SO BAD THOUGH CAN YOU SEE ME BREAKING IN TO PIECES. Girls sleep on the sweet guy that would hand them the world if he had it in his hands, but complain when they get heartbroken by a douche. I'm super late to work but I woke up next to the greatest guy on earth and i couldnt be happier.

I need a guy to hug me. Please.


"Keberuntungan juga merupakan kekuatanmu" -Maito Guy-. there was a couple who kissed while the guy's driving. Guy on my train is doing spoken word American Pie. Good morning.Flimography: City Hunter, The Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi, The Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy), Dong Yi.

Imagine falling for a guy only to discover that he can't grow a proper beard... :(. I'm that guy sitting at the bar around 2pm. Just seen a guy in a full suit with trainers on eh. AskAman nna I suspect this guy is not very good in the sack. Those excuses shes giving sound dodgy...kea sola..she gttn it gud elsewer. theres a hot guy im yell. Wait do y'all remember the preview for that movie where it was just some guy laying in a field and then a plow or something runs him over.

Dinner tonight with some reality tv peeps with my guy tonight who want to work on a project! awesomethings. She's probably cheating on him , poor guy AskAMan. i still cant process how sunggyu got up there before jinyoung, like who is this guy, wheres non-athletic and weak gyu. Can't hear a thing this guy is saying AskAMan. THIS GUY is arguing over who should Hillary's campaign. Good guy Dwight finally. TheWalkingDead. I'm not even doing hard guy again.

turtle 4K wallpaper

I'm Ganna force my dad to buy me a turtle hahaha

I rly creep turtle out its amazing. Nakoooo nandyan si Turtle bes jusq nandyan din si G anuto gantihan beshu?. I would never go to Turtle Bay again. How DARE you serve tangy rice and peas?! It was the most lack luster food ive ever tasted.I feel like a turtle in the repertoires of love.OneBigHeartAteneo wahhhhh bat nandyan si turtle?.

Glued a dick to a sea turtle's back. Take that oceans.lrt it was too funny for me that they added the screen shake when you camp while the turtle mountain screams. Feels so weird to wear my watch on my left hand."If you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know it did not get there on it own. We are turtles on fenceposts." Someone helped us.It is actually shocking how much worse turtle is than doublelift.

"missed chain of corruption by Turtle" seems to be the standard this split hence why I don't like Turtle on Varus TSM

Lastnight is a sick blur after Gorilla literally i dont have a clue how i woke up in a girls turtle neck jumper powerofthesesh. Wanna know what's worse than putting on a turtle neck after you've just done a full face of makeup?? Absolutely nothing.only 90s kids remember sound proof booths and turtle beach listen-ins. TodayImWearing MUJI turtle neck pull over top white cotton V neck tunic, UNIQLO skinny denim pants, UGG boots, MONCLER long down coat.Words of Wisdom - If a turtle lives in a shell, but dogs live in a house. Think about it.Lord forgive me.

The turtle has finally stopped moving. FinalFantasyXV. meme or no meme. Turtle without a shell.A little disappointed the turtle has decided not to join us this morning.

turtle net puchi

Jin truly the king of turtle necks.

funny how people say Republicans don't care about poor people when Mitch McConnell is clearly a homeless turtle who has lost his shell. "Yeah they call me Rabbit, this is a turtle race.". KOSK is in a high-potential market as shoppers become less patient and seek out less in-person interaction.Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. bot. patay na si Turtle. Turtle net.

"Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when ve sticks his nlck out."James Bryant Conant. turtle rock is calling my name.Forever in my heart my old internet friends monster and turtle love you guys where ever you are in the world.

"Inspirational Quote Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell

I am pretty much the only water deck user at my locals. Finally.College is the Psi U pledge in the Reg wearing both a neon green turtle costume and a massive hickey.

Tbh I've just given up. When you drink a lot of bag of popcorn, you feel full of turtle.4 people showed up to class today smh. untied and mighty our soviet landlord. i think Ima bring out the turtle neck tonight. 40minutes in and the turtle is still not at half health. This is gonna take all day.

dnd encounter An evil, aquatic dragon has bullied a dragonturtle into being its vassal. The turtle carries a small island treasure.To do list: 1. Buy a turtle. 2. Name it "The Speed of Light". 3. Be able to honestly say "I can run faster than The Speed of Light".

When you are

KOSK has a subsidiary, CRS, which has supplied more than 150K units to customers in the last 12 months with 230% sales growth.i see their point but imagine being a hungry sea turtle and choosing to eat something that's 95% water. Dino's CV Enzo's a turtle that grows bigger and bigger if he absorbs water! DinoBOT.

turtle net aff. ICYMI - Waste Management, Inc. announced a brand new turtle today!. HELLLLLOOOO EVERYBODY!!!! Sorry I haven't been on in a long while but I'm back (Sorry) I also Have Had a Name change I am now Spock Turtle. holds up little turtle finger listen..I'm love with your body. Need to find a turtle neck shirt.

Kesian kat turtle tu, mmg nmpak kesakitan lah nak keluarkan benda tu sampai berdarah darah hidung dia.

Baru tgk video orang keluarkan plastik dari hidung turtle

help me. cause she lemme wear me chain & my turtle neck sweater. Yong internet mong turtle net grrrt Marlo Mortel FirstVLOG. The counsel slow turtle splutter designs: QSA.

chchch. delhimetro is running slower than turtle...who wants a fan sign from the turtle?. The only species of turtle that lives in the open ocean is the sea turtle. chika mo sa turtle bui. Kibum in white turtle neck wkdkwk im so weak.

meme rap made me do it

CBIS will split inventions and IP stemming from its research agreement with Harvard affiliate, the Dana-Farber Institute.punyeta turtle net nanaman. Mipag turtle nala deng tao keni haha. Literally had to delete my RT of that sea turtle with the straw in its nostril and I cannot stop crying and thinking about it.That poor turtle.

Long nights in the studio doing what we love to do without no distractions just genuine niggas enjoying what they love. juila butterflies drink turtle tears for nutrients.I just wanna be able to live comfortable & work in the studio with my homies WPNS. fk turtle net. i got a tirtouga in gts just named turtle im screaming.

Turtle Race Go

"Ask ur mom her body count" - idiots on the internet embarrassed about their body count. Raising kids (and a dog, fish, turtle) is a walk in the park. Jurassic Park. justsaying MyLifeStory. So I'm not allowed to turtle the final chapter because enemies keep spawning, but I can't move forward because everything kills me?. Hungover like a sea turtle, but I'm gonna give this day all the ocean I got. I don't understand why Turtle Jackson plays. He has ZERO chance to score. all i wear are over sized turtle necks.

I want to get a pet turtle and name it gamera. TURTLE PLS UR ARROW LUL. Btw the Headset is the Turtle Beach XO seven, a very very good headset.I want a pet turtle so bad lol.

According to Kyrie Irving, the earth is apparently flat

imp turtle.

TURTLE'S ARROW LUL. They're finally making that figma of my turtle son. Yesss.YES KEEP MISSING THOSE ARROWS TURTLE. Yes I'm still awake, it's 2:36 AM and my internet connection is so slow! What the heck! So turtle!globe. i followed more turtle fans the other day at long last n my dash is turtle interesting again. So...I might buy a rabbit or a turtle..not sure which one yet.

Which starter do I want? A lizard in which rocks can kill it? A slow turtle? Or the thing that my food eats. Can I just have an Entei?. A Turtle's HeartEasy:2Normal:6Hard:8Mili. pj just told me he wishes his legs looked like mine bc now i look like a ninja turtle and that's cooler than not looking like a ninja turtle.

Adventuring today in Turtle Cove, Smith's Reef and in the roadside! Turks and Caicos really is a nature lover's paradise

Lately I've been so calm & I'm wearing turtle necks,I'm reserved & quiet I feel like a grandma lol. Maryland Wisconsin game is like watching a turtle race.

I don't even know how Turtle die NALCS. Turtle You are no ROBIN HOOD lately. i just spilled red gatorade on my green turtle neck. merry christmas i hate myself. Y'all let that lil coon ass kid make bank off imitating black women smh. Just got the cutest turtle neck been needing one!. Pretty sure Turtle is actually the worst at ashe arrows. How do you miss so badly NALCS.

1) when i was little i had a giant turtle named bambam :D. bought a lil painting of a turtle in the city im happy.

I let my hair air dry last night and woke up looking like Lisa Turtle

turtle has a cs lead IS IT REALLY TURTLE. I need the turtle neck plug. there is this kid sitting in the common room and he looks like a turtle.

I wanna get litty off gin sodas and dance to di turtle ship remix on top of a red suede couch in a club in bali. opp boiboi. "is Kermit the frog and lizard or a turtle" a frog????. There was a turtle in the street on the way home and I almost hit it, actual tears followed by a heart attack. Had Greene turtle last night. Pooped 3 times already since this morning. Bueno pues he grabado 3 partiditas de Battlefield 1 en TCT para subir al canal con el micro de los turtle beach y queda bien y todo!!!.

Turtles is in fact a real turtle. I saw with my eye holes.

We've invented ways to protect turtle eggs as a kick off to our Endangered Animals topic today

I got Midori a mascot character and the next day he got me a stuffed turtle. Does this mean we're dating now or. Money comes like a turtle and goes like a rabbit. lays on my back and wiggles legs like a turtle. In love with green turtle.

Actually I'll start now. My MacBook is from 2010. VintageObsolete by Apple standards. It's been slowing down, turtle style for awhile.REVIVE SINGAPORE SLING: - Add a measure of gin - Add three measures of star grass Garnish with Turtle shell. He sitting at the kitchen table eating cheese pizza like a ninja turtle. Looking like such a big boy. I can't believe he's turning 2!. im going to play mario kart 8, get caught up on acid soup, and try to get a draft of the next chapter of fast turtle done. Ts Ps4 add turtle_apple. Getting my turtle Beach headset Thursday wooo super excited.


Turtle Blues. "I'm turtle heading so hard rn". i have to write my college requirements and it's asking stuff about me and i'm like i'm a lazy turtle that loves ayapan there's nothing else. mds eu odeio o turtle. Ps4 ts add turtle_apple.

OMG, Americans "out there" are finally figuring out cause of their pain, wastes tax 's (GOP!). RISE UP against the evil-turtle, KY! inners. People are following me even. Though I have Ethan the turtle as my name and a picture of Ethans head on a turtle lol I love life. nobody had my back during the turtle slander, tori? canceled. mohoe? finished.Why do people feel the need to bash other's faves in order to praise their's IT doesn't add up 11=turtle?. i love my icons and my turtle friend, who, in case you missed it, I have named San Francisco.

Ano na globe? Turtle padin? D na makastream bes

Turtle net tf. Turtle net. HEAVEN ForMYXCelebrityVJ. DAMI MONG DAMA ATE, KWENTO MO SA TURTLE.You gonna keep playing and Ima move onto someone who actually wants to be w me. My mum just called me invalid umm what..?. one bee in a turtle neck sweater.

When did the TURTLE cross the ROAD? HeShe didn't bc: Artificial intelligence told himher STOP! Auther! 'iT'. "Behold the turtle. He only makvs progress when he sticks hi. neck out."James Bryant Conant. pillow pet de turtle. nonNative european descent there in spirit standing strong in support of WaterEarth Protectors at Standing Rock nd Turtle Island NoDAPL.

"half man, half turtle, no bepis required"

smol turtle.

Se Red Turtle nao ganhar o Oscar eu paro de ver essa poarr. 3. He has a turtle tortoise. Ed in that turtle neck tho amirite. Who will win?!?! Elephant, Turtle, Chicken, or Snail?!?! You choose!. I'm craving pizza like a pregnant ninja turtle.CBIS 2017 is setting up to be the biggest year for the Company and Shareholders since our inception in 2009.

Yapma be baba BenimleEvlenirMisin. My mornings consist of me calling people mum instead of mam and saying "your turtle is" instead of total. The most limited yeezy to date. Wonder if these gonna surpass turtle dove resell prices.

jake had a turtle named graham crackers

Oh, the children complete various styles of the Turtle and Other Stories Consists of the everyday home.This turtle needs Abacavir Sulfate!.

Turtle neeeeet. Punyetaaaa.Turtle net ugh. nowplaying Turtle Power by Partners in Kryme. zippety zappety (at)roaklue. turtle showed me the browser for granblue and now i don't have phone storage as an excuse bye. you should adopt a turtle in 5 minutes or something.

turtle net af .....it took 2 years for turtle doves to get to a resale price of 2,000 DS but it took zebras 3 days to get a resale price of 2k..

"Behold the turtle

Ralphie is definitely my favorite ninja turtle tho. In case anyone was wondering.soviet onion. TURTLE NET XHDNJDNA.

Your turtle had walked inside Brandon.Rachelle the fat salmon turtle from New Jersey. Turtle necks are SO slept on.I love my turtle man lol I always wanted one. Look at God.Turtle net sht.WHOA THAT FILLED MY DIPE.

Like if I don't see some jellyfish or a giant turtle soon, I'm gonna fing snap.

if i was sleeping, that flash flood warning coulda woken me up

You should be writing like a stripping fighting a turtle. "Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out." James Conant quote inspirational motivational. snapping turtle. There are other fishes in the sea, maybe you'll find a sea turtle or a starfish. Who knows.

And I picked the winning turtle. Yea. Woahhhhhh. There's nothing more uncomfortable when you're playing spotify in the shower and an osap ad starts playing turtle mating noises. (Lake Minnetonka Serpent Turtle made-up, though; sorry.). video game designers I am offering myself as fighting turtle superstar slaying dragons chasing rabbits defying odds meeting historic figures. I'd hate to work in like a Las Igaunas or Turtle Bay on a fri or sat night, stress me right out.

Damn so many beautiful ladies in the library wearing black turtle necks today, the sophistication is overwhelming

"Oh my God. He IS Hitler." -Melania having a revelation while reading Yertle the Turtle to children.NASCAR would be more entertaining if they could throw turtle shells and drop banana peels.i cant wait to get a puppy and a bunny and a kitten one day soon. maybe even a turtle and a chameleon, birdie. they will have g8 lives :). liz look like franklin the turtle. turtle net.

ppl usually run 2 protect themselves when their land burns, indig folks on turtle island stay to protect the land from burning. Ima hustler baby I sell water to well talk a turtle out his shell. If I was a ninja turtle, which one would I be?. There are more loggerheads in the waters of the United States than any other species of sea turtle.On my dead turtle Hector Get Out is a good movie!.

lu coulda been my mate alone we circle while we skate clouds of purple u met ur mate im likea ninja turtle if not now then its too late rap

joule. my beautiful joule. i cannot lie to you any longer. QUILL is after me for kicking asimov's Turtle. thats why im screaming. Turtle net!!!. when my sister goes to my house she brings her dog and he loves to tear up this old stuffed turtle my ex got me. I'm tired but I feel good. turtle net -_-. When your turtle neck is crushing your trachea cause your a gordita SlowlyKillinMySelf.

I downloaded a whole entire app to keep this video forever. This sum fresh turtle content.BestFanArmy 5SOSFam iHeartAwards I was walking down the street... and yeah, that's it.UNC!!!. 5SOSFam BestFanArmy iHeartAwards.

I didn't know what to do created turtles injected the oldest blood from a sea turtle before we died seemed my dream can't kill or us dead

then let me love your turtle self, wooseok. if you can't love yourself.

turtle lookin. Don't forget the one who were always there for you. turtle power. Maria Lorente on death at the Ninja Turtle Quarry Paleofest. I wore a turtle neck last night and I don't think I'm ever wearing anything but a turtle neck ever again. paleofest: Maria Lorente on How Palynology Helps Us Understand the Massive Death Event that Occurred at the Burpee Ninja Turtle Quarry.

5sosfam bestfanarmy iheartawards votevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevote. Hey there! I'm Turtle and I write in the urbanepic fantasy genre. My writing companions are within my IP Group! WritersPatch. but ive also put them in the same tank after turtle warfare and im praying that theyll be okay and be chill with each other.

I walked out into my kitchen in my aa turtle neck cheetah onesie and my dad told me I'm so immodest I can't wear it in public????

Loves not a label on facebook. bestfanarmy 5sosfam iheartawards It's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day.

A one legged turtle thingsMurraycantcatch Pens. I'VE PUT A LOT OF THOUGHT INTO THE FACT MY FAVORITE TURTLE BOY AND MY FAVORITE BATBOY MATCH UP. At trivia night: what is the only mammal that can't jump? Blake: A very obese turtle. (Yeah we're losing). taekook seriously wants to not see tomorrow. taehyung drew a pic of him riding a turtle aka yoongi and jungkook used yoongi's audition tape. brandon told me my nose looks like a ninja turtle. Don't associate a "bad day" with a "bad life." Bad things happen every day, it's about how you deal with it and keep moving on keepflowin.

I'm dressing as a pimp to prom on my grave idec, fur coat, turtle neck, rafs we out here. Are you a turtle?.

turtle cove oahu hawaii used bmw for sale in west palm beach

Hi guys, I'm Turtle! How's everyone tonight? storysocial. yunhyeong is wearing a turtle neck he looks like a soft prince what else is new. Some People Don't Deserve What They're Going Through.

how do you gently tell someone they look like a turtle. Today in DC & across Turtle Island, we honor & uplift indigenous leadership in the fight to protect Mother Earth. NativeNationsRising. "Piggy Bank" vid still hilarious. 50 punched Cassidy in da stomach,Jadakiss was a Ninja Turtle,Fat Joe was Butterbean,Game was Mr Potatohead. I just want you to know if you were a turtle I'd help you get across the road. thingsthatneedtobesaid. ok who wanna see my son of 3 years, a turtle. zip per.

The Frostbit Turtle. FreezeAFilmsAssOff.

What kind of savage vacuums at 7 on a Saturday morning?

mcdonalds happy meal the disease that i caught how can mirrors be real if our eyes are not. "oh nooo! my friends will have a turtle. I made. me: catch me if you can me also: an actual turtle. A need sumbody 2 make me a pink Barbie drink with liquor and a green Ninjan Turtle drink with liquor! Wat kind of liquor GTV vodka and.

All I hear is this house hold is "turtle where are you" lmfaoo. the nbhd type of weather. It's crazy to think about how we all live on the back of a giant turtle??. is jennie a turtle. Why y'all talkin bout turtle necks lol. turtle neck A:.

sam just messed our group chat for work with our bosses in it and said "turtle"

a little dead by the nbhd is soooo good. darling your looks can kill, so now i'm dead. KUWENTO MO SA TURTLE hahahacactushahaha. Pareha mig turtle neck ni Jungkook sa Spring Day awieee. Finally found the Turtle Firewatch.

mj sent selfies with her makeup done and everything and i just sent back pics in my ninja turtle jammies, NICE. logan was an emotional roller coaster so if you are down to mentally die 56 times then 1010 would recommend. turtle internet no more!! Yey. sings Freddy Krueger bought some pants, Oprah has a turtle farm, peter piper, peepee poopy, daddy ate a squirrel. I really have to hurry myself to buy a little aquatic turtle :(.

i am the one who nods

Mavericks moving slower than a back-up turtleStuffed right at the rim by Jakob Poeltl RejectedDrakeLines RTZ. i'll make you adopt a turtle. If you see a turtle on a fence post, he had some help getting there Aim High. DUDe for the last time my helmet is not a turtle. My retarded ass dog is barking at animals on tv why can he be mellow like my turtle.YUNOBO SOUNDS LIKE A NINJA TURTLE.

tail of a man body of a turtle mind of a lizard manurrd. Fight a turtle bigger then a mountain that takes hours to kill sure no problem but get this damn fishing lvl to max end me. Well, ive never heard that before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense. Mock Turtle. If you see a turtle on a fence post, he had some help getting there.

Bruh imagine right now some 10 yr old kid is n school and his friends just scrolling make pics of his moma on the IG

Turtle net langya.

CBIS will be rolling its new inhalation device and CBD-based pain patches to partner dispensaries in LA very soon.My turtle don't even be in the tank no more he be coolin walking around en la sala. Inception was really a great movie, I wish life was like all the movies we actually watched ..long legged bepis. I really want a turtle. Dear John Cheever, You have lived a K-Mart life under the suburban sun and moon you are a soft shell turtle. Sincere, C.R. amwriting poem.

I want a turtle. Sad turtle. You're a disgrace, yeh they call me rabbit, this is a turtle race.

Catch me in some navy blue turtle swim trunks at Skyline tomo my life is very Aquatic

SING is preparing to meet a surge in market demand for payment processors in the legal cannabis industry.SING Has a Low-Risk Approach to the Cannabis Industry.

i saw a turtle at the park totally chill. Turtle penis on timeline. Staat Rustte daar nu met een kogelvrij vest aan?? of is hij gemuteerd tot ninja turtle ! boggel. I have 111 followers my guys. I'm so glad I defeated that turtle on XV that took so long I think a hour least felt like that I don't even know lol I just need the fishing. Ga state will literally tell u that a gender studies degree will at most get u into non profits while trying to get u to work towards it.

Once you hear "surp got me slow like a turtle round this hoe" RIP to beat. "The turtle had affected hard times over time", Andrew Crmeyers, 33, wrote his Clinton state development for John Tytho's measure.

Tfw youre gay nerii: yeah me:

ClotheABand Turtle Beck Sweater. I watch the iSpy music vid often bc even me I smaak to turn into a turtle.He repeats the word "Turtle" over and over.

Beer can by yuba city beer bonfires and camping its my big brother birthday party hmu if you want to hang no drama and have beer 10 least. yo quiero un perro salchicha and a turtle. Mitch the turtle sure has gone quiet this week. rl ada yang tau olshop yang jual turtle neck gak? ; ;. Still confused to how going to watch football resulted in a drunk Nando's then in turtle in my work trousers lol. TURTLE NET!.

Live life like the turtle. "Hard on the outside. Soft on the inside, and unafraid to stick your neck out! " Be Fearless!.

I should get the Turtle to make me some peanut bark or something

TURTLE NET AF!!. Turtle pets. Where do you find a turtle with no legs? Where you left him. Rotten mayonnaise, warm turtle tank, expired milk smelling kid.

turtle net paksyet. I need a turtle in my life. Heyo."turtle meat was my nickname in high school. that's what they said when i was coming" rhett james mclaughlin.Roses are red Lavender is purple Kanye west would have been a better president then this turtle. dick.

I finally platinumed ffxv! Stupid mountain turtle took two hours to fight

I have this container and it looks like a turtle shell and I love it.If you think it's better to have your phone on your belt rather than in your pocket then you're possessed by the devil. "I ain't no damn turtle I don't want no lettuce ". Is it possible that the turtle at the beginning of Moana is Squirt?. Should I get a turtle.

I don't get why ppl find Lip attractive . I feel like his character is how he acts irl too and he really does look like a snapping turtle. Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell.Our cat is kind dove shellfish, and thinks the world is hers, She finds a comfy spot and then we pet turtle sheep purrs.-by Brian P. ...Rocky the turtle finished round 1 with a record of 3-3, we'll have more picks for games tomorrow. Rewatching one of the SchoolRapper battles and just noticed this one kid legit just rapped Zico's whole Turtle Ship verse. Wtf.

smonk weed

CBIS executives will co-chair a special session and deliver a keynote presentation at the Global Health Catalyst Summit at Harvard.need to get myself a yellow or mustard color pullover or turtle neck.my ring and my pendant are shaped as a turtle. I guess turtle neck sweaters is a cosplay thing now?. So could use a kinky crush from green turtle. Rejected ninja turtle ass nigga.

I have a pet turtle. His name is Bob.If we could just get a couple rebounds I would be so happy.I think I'm going to buy myself a turtle for my birthday.just got some new turtle beaches cause my wireless ones dont work with my new ps4 :(.


I'm a turtle. Yeup.

fooking ded m8. i just wanna move closer to nisse and have have a turtle sondaughter with her and tiger and maybe a pup.MY MOM JUST TOLD ME THAT MY TURTLE I HAD WHEN I WAS 8 THAT "RAN AWAY" REALLY DIED AND I'M SO HURT. Im chillin off life. They say I've changed but they never knew who I was.North America contains a large variety of turtle species, but Europe contains only two species of turtle and three species of tortoise.

turtle. me: one time I met the cast of power rangers Jose: omg which ninja turtle did you meet?. Promise!! I'll never wear my turtle neck shirts anymore... makes me dizzy for some reason.

my lord a savor meme-man

like bruh, that chick went from loose clothes & go-lucky to a turtle neck & demon eyes in seconds. Why wasn't I gifted with a good Voice? No instead I sound like a screaming turtle.

I'm sorry if you got any notifications for just random videos titled Starsintro7 or any other Starsintro. YouTube was acting up!. AGAIN PA TURTLE NET TANG INA. IF YOURE GOING TO WALK IN FRONT OF ME DONT BE AS FAST AS A TURTLE. Since we can't have a dog to take for a walk Sebastian wants to get a turtle to walk. dadlife. nagquote na pala di ko pa alam hayyyss, turtle net PerkinspiredDay. Turtle net potaa.

turtle neet. "weird nung texture parang turtle".

I liked a video from Ghasper - Turtle Ship

dia asyik sondol je turtle tu. Can someone please buy me a turtle. Turtle net amp.

The monkey looking very sad and dejected was walking along on the bank of the river. One day, when he met the turtle...When your cat chews through your headset wire. This may not be repairable. I'll be out a mic. Not that is was good anyway. Crap Turtle Beach. Me and brody trippin sippin on that turtle juice. Jon's Turtle stew House. HR BROUGHT A TURTLE WHAT IS HE. tangina bibili nalang ako ng pajama long sleeve turtle neck hoodie boots gloves! Para tago lahat.

SCP-107 The Turtle Shell Safe. Turtle netttttt!!!!!!!. when u wanna talk to your mutuals but youre a socially anxious awkward turtle who has no idea how to start conversations. Yet again I find myself drunk and hungry. "I'm wearing a turtle neck. I am so con-serva-tive".

david olkarny 4K wallpaper

j'veux la vie de David Olkarny.

That was a big discussion 4K wallpaper

shouldn't even be a discussion just let people go to the bathroom wherever they feel comfortable didn't think that was such a big deal???. Just when Congressis thought that Maharashtra election loss today was enough bad news, now DonationGate is a big discussion in Karnataka!. notion of framing back to the forefront... i can remember even in my earliest fandom days that framing was such a big part of discussion. why is there a big discussion about waves, I really didn't know a style was that deep. rubs hands like birdman because I started a controversial discussion in my English class that became so big that all we did was talk. Was up the rest of the night after that. Actually talked my teacher into showing for class for the sake of discussion. It was a big deal.Was having a big discussion about astrology with my classmates. It's so crazy how accurate that stuff is..Giving a big shoutout to the wonderful vasantshetty81. It was a discussion on KarnatakaBudget at munnotaweb that's sparked so much since.Glass on whether extension was on table after last year: "We decided not to do that ... It wasn't a big discussion." iubb.