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turtle 4K wallpaper

okay please tell me i'm not the only one who hears this siren

Megan, the Popular Turtle. that nap was only supposed to be like 20 minutes but it turned out to be 2 hours and it was great hahha. Lyft 50 Ride Credit with Lyft Coupon Code << Lyft Code is: ZOOT >> Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel. Leon: I've never seen a turtle. (pause) But I understand what you mean.Jaebum ft. turtle neck omg.

Turtle net!hayyss MARVOREE ThankfulSaTWOrday. MIN YOONGI YOU CUTE LITTLE TURTLE. So ends an epic journey. Many miles of beach walks. A wee turtle struggling to reach the sea. Snorkelling & fish kraals & pretty seashells. Turtle and lip are my all time favorite characters. Turtle neck hanayo everywhere im.

I love my turtle fatties

Is it just me or literally every time I go to bdubs and get boneless there is always ONE WING W NO SAUCE. Smh. smonk memes. Lmao Atlanta can't stop a turtle so far. Finished Final Fantasy off by defeating a massive turtle. GG FFXV, Thanks for the platinum :). Pep continues to insist we can win w this aging City defense. This turtle defending has got to go.The three-piece turtle tripped and trained while the festive ferret fancied and fixed. three-pieceturtle festiveferret.

i send esmi the ugliest snaps of me but she don't judge me RealFriend :') lmao. Jyln wears turtle necks to hide his trumpet neck. Nigga tries to rock man buns. the red turtle ta terminando de baixar amem. When I get my own crib the first thing I'm buying is a turtle. Where tf I'll find a turtle I have no idea. But trust. I will have one.

I'm so annoying lmao

Jk y'all I don't wanna go I'm a good noodle.

Freaking Turtle Mutant. Who tryna give me a tear drop tattoo real quick. Mandrews is very talented. Hope he gets a spot in WWE WWEUKCT. Sometimes I wish I was a turtle so I could sleep and block out the haters whenever I want. OMG WHOEVER IS STREAMING ON THE KOALA KONTROL CHANNEL STARTED DANCING WITH A LITTLE TURTLE DRAWING, IT WAS ADORABLE...BEING 12 IS GREAT!. Turtle Pond! No more dead.

Pete Dunn vs Mandrews is the best match so far. True clash of styles WWEUKCT. I really want to see people cosplay Goku cosplaying this turtle, make it happen. Why do I keep playing FIFA when it always makes me this mad.

If Future and Drake can pull off a turtle neck then dammit I can to

my turtle has such a sassy attitude i love him. pap ate my turtle when I was 5 and that's why I'm papphobic.

I like that we were more determined to get Donut to change her name more than we are to help Yuli get a turtle. Hmph! Where is the turtle? Are the rest inside? Trish is too, isn't she? Where is the turtle?. I WANT A BEST FRIEND WHO WILL GET A MATCHING TATTOO WITH ME WTF. Dak Prescott looks like a ninja turtle. STOP THEM WHAT THE HELL. sooo voo turtle?.

You have to wonder if Big Ben is wearing a turtle neck or a dickey.If the turtle cage is dirty I ain't payin for it.

Back from a quick 3-day vacation

I found a book ; lisa and her pet turtle. ICYMI - McGraw Hill Financial, Inc. announced a brand new turtle today!. I want a turtle to love.

Nyeta turtle net - -. if you're gonna have bonfires on a sea turtle preservation at least pick up your trash please!!. Me: wraps up in blanket There. I will win now. ....Because you're in blanket? Me: I am now a shame turtle and thus will win.The DJ is my fav turtle bay security guard and as i was walking to the bathroom he played Girls Dem Sugar. So i walked back to the bar.Jeez...That turtle again...I want a pet turtle.

So many adventures planned for this year.

pittsburgh steelers it is then

feelin like a turtle's dream in outer space. The Chiefs have played with no desire. NFLPlayoffs chiefskingdom. I'm here eating a ninja turtle popsicle googling postpartum bodies lol. Turtle net asdfghjkl.

i want to jerk for porn <4. "Behold the turtle. He only makes erogress when he sticks his neck oft."James Bryant Conant. Update in life: I just sat the turtle man at Logan's. so i was really alone and drunk last night and my mom took my phone...polnareff is a turtle. For almost 13 years from 1998 to 2010, Steve Jobs has been seen only wearing a black turtle neck, blue jeans and joggers. fact quotes.

the teenage mutant ninja turtle movie is one of the best films of our time

I just saw a turtle eat a whole pigeon and I think I need to sleep the rest of the day. Are you alive? (doubt anyone would answer this). Turtle necks were the chokers in the 90s. I love turtle necks.Turtle and Eddie stand hunched over a Prez DT ready to sign away ACA, but DT suddenly pauses and says, "I got a better idea!" And... scene!. Vrinda's been calling myrtle beach "turtle beach" this whole time I can't.

The mom: "How about that dress with the turtle neck?" Her daughter: "NOOO MOM that's social suicide gawddddd" Me wearing a turtle neck. I've literally eaten like 8 turtle brownies since late last night... why am I like this. I'm so beyond happy I'm living the days where turtle necks are trending again.I just drove past an old lady walking her turtle...yes I said turtle! oldpeopleofmesa snowbirds. lrt he's like a lil turtle on it's shell.

Je vais vous proposer une prochaine Caverne de MrLeV12 sur le Turtle Beach PX21 !! Une tuerie !!! Fav et je le fais gagner

I need a white turtle neck. Sister is coming down to visit for a couple of days!. lol jk but they don't like doing fun things with me :(. my siblings are lame and don't want to have a snowball fight with me, anybody want them?. OMG Hanne showed me a frog made of glass and thought it's a turtle I choked. death is an even table.

Playing through Turtle Rock in Link's Awakening. WHAT A BORE.I want to please the Lord by offering my best, even if my best is simply two turtle doves. The Lord looks at the heart. What is your best?. bat palaging turtle net huhu. Proper winds me when people don't know the difference between a turtle and tortoise.

A turtle ate my essential projects

Haven't had Wendy's n a long time.

I think I'm about to go get a pet turtle.Recent projections show SING turning profitable by EBITDA by 2018, with profit margins increasing in 2019.The turtle is down. FFXV. in the reptile room there's a 'dissonant turtle' that can only be calmed with "early sonic youth" on little turtle earphones. spoiler alert. Want a pet turtle SO bad. My fursona is a sea turtle with its neck caught in a plastic six pack ring.

I am sure I have almost gotten to the bottom turtle.Cashy Cat and Trippy Turtle dude weird things to my emotions musically. i kno i did so good on this algebra quiz i drew a turtle with question marks on its shell as an answer for one problem i bet its right.

When your consistent bill comes in like a gazelle and your cash flow comes in like a turtle, You are in financial coma

"A turtle in the streets, a fish in the sheets". You know breast feeding a baby turtle is not as easy as they make it out to be.

i had to pick up a turtle and i feel gross i really am josuke. Is a turtle a fish???. hunger. I wasn't ignoring you. I had to walk my turtle.nyeta turtle net. i'm so bored i'm taping videos of my turtle yawning.

"Turtle Cereal With Negative Lunch". I've been stuck on Jupiter Sound for a cool minute.

turtle nettt :3 5

Turtle net jusko LabanLang JK. 19) pets my turtle, shellshock, who's debatably around the same age i am. he's a huge idiot and i love him to death. If you feel like your in second place its because God comes first. He brought us together, remember. Take the turtle off your shoulder,silly.

I think my turtle got ADHD .A hybrid of a snail and a turtle is still faster than my internet.Lord give me the strength not to drag this turtle. turtle net :3. ECOB offers in-home and out-of-home chemical products for protection, including the Eco D-Fence that can prevent brush fire damage.Giorno, could you get the turtle?.

Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell - Bill Copeland.

ETST is heavily focused on increasing its distribution network, and they recently appointed a new CSO

Balik sa super turtle net haysss. Shout out to the guy in downtown Bethel walking around wearing ninja turtle pajamas. memelife. Urashima-san! You can talk to the turtle, can't you?.

most popular vanguard funds turtle beach resort gold coast. You fall in love with a turtle.,=,e Turtle Gang. tensile test lab report sample turtle bay ola. Not understanding how dancing in front of some1 home is a protest. I can't ever see Mitch McConnell without thinking of John Stewart's turtle impression.

Man looks like a fag turtle

I cannot help but laugh when I see Mitch Turtle McConnell's face.When I was younger I had dreams of driving a monster truck over a giant sea turtle.Mitch McConnell aka Franklin the Turtle. Mitch McConnell looks like a frequently molested turtle.Mitch McConnell spent 5000 dollars on his turtle cosplay.

there goes Mitch McConnell looking like a turtle with no shell. Mitch McConnell you're a turtle Inauguration. It amazes me how much resemblance to a turtle our Senate Majority Leader has...It's nice that paul ryan took his pet turtle to the inauguration.Mitch McConnell looks dead on like a turtle.

Even after all of this, Mitch McConnell still looks like a scared turtle

wait, who let a turtle into the parade? mitchmcconnell Inauguration sorryjohnstewart. Mitch McConnell old turtle looking ass about to die any minute. Mitch McConnell looks like a turtle but he walks like a penguin.By age 90 Mitch McConnell is going to transform into an actual turtle. InaugurationDay why does Mitch McConnell always look like a turtle?. I've never seen someone who looks more like a turtle than Mitch McConnell.

mitch mcconnell has a turtle's face in a dinosaur's body. turtle cove oahu hawaii lexington at market square dc. Mitch McConnel even walks like a turtle.why does Mitch McConnell always look like a frightened turtle.

SING is at the crossroads of two unique, high-growth industries: mobile payments and cannabis

Mitch McConnell is an actual turtle.

rfid conversion turtle bay maui snorkeling. omg my plug used a ninja turtle ziploc back. s'cute. Rare turtle gets new home. i love when turtle puts her face in my arm pit. i dont why she does it. Why on earth would they take 30 for 30 off Netflix!. Favorite Basketball nicknames Knee Wade Acne Kobe Bodega Carlos Boozer Jeff Fatigue Angry Turtle.

I want a turtle neck. Turtle neck.Quit sauntering around like a turtle and get going.

A turtle is somehow faster than the internet these days

i have a cutie turtle at my home and its quite big now god i'd rather like and miss my little turtle honestly.Turtle Net.

I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE A TURTLE. Turtle net! Huhuhu LeanOnMe MCLISSE. When yo wanna watch movie but the Internet is slow as the turtle's walk. Gahd! LiveYourDreams MAYMAY. Turtle net . Uyam. Im accepting donations for my ticket HAHAHHAHAHAHA jk. CBIS announced the first step in the development of clinical trials that will lead to approval of successful cannabinoids by the FDA.

oh yeah mr krab. Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

ECOB is creating an entirely new category of lumber product that protects homes from many dangerous threats

if they restock turtle doves im blowin all my cash. If you advocate genocide, you are not welcome on Turtle Island and should leave. This includes Nazis and those who defend them. Monday's Unwrapped: Blondie Brownie, Vegan, PB&J, Turtle, Raspberry Jam White Choc Chunks, Double Choc, Caramel, Walnut & Fat Witch.

It still shocks me how many people don't understand the difference between a turtle and a tortoise it's really quite simple. If you have a long neck you never wear turtle necks.. you wear giraffe necks. CBIS It is believed that cannabinoid therapeutics must be refined to fight cancer metastasis which accounts for over 90% of cancer deaths.www. help. Who want 2 suqq u when u nose b liek a ninja turtle hed. You grow up eating meat then when you're an adult you become a vegetarian?! My sister are you a sea-shore bound turtle?.

Deyoungs a turtle rn.

The older I get, the more I look like a turtle when I wear a hoodie

Right when i said i stole my brothers turtle i mean im literally taking him and letting him live w my turtles hes mine now. that turtle dick was horrifying for a little dude like him i. Turtle well yeah. that turtle dick video is disturbing AF .

i love how CCT knows me as turtle lmao. Poor turtle hid his head underneath his shell lol. I had to see the turtle dick now y'all gotta see it too. In some alternate universe, Jeb! Bush is our president and there is a sea turtle figurine in every home. layla_turtle :)) that's just me as a business woman lmao:)). the episode when Kevin ran over a turtle xDD.

I wana be a turtle now

No I haven't seen a turtle d before.Why would I want to. I need a baby turtle!!!!!!. Are you a ClearDB Turtle Ship? Apply now!. turtle net af. So I've started back on hasbros, have turtleundertaker and am now eyeing off the retro turtles from 88 and starting some Mattel digs. Uhoh.

Zion's Turtle stew Place. Ok so it's either a hamster, bunny, or turtle.My professor is wearing a turtle neck under his dress shirt and blazer. Amazingggggggg. Steves like a turtle, he comes out of his shell when he wants too.this du just runnin his dam mouth about things he likes while the girls at the table tryna talk about turtle shells smh.

Even More BrustersFavs: White Turtle

Little Nemo: The Dream of the Turtle - Part 1. "Bekold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out."James Bryant Conant. CBIS Their work should gain a much better understanding of how cannabinoids interact with cancer and immune cell populations.I got on a Hilfiger turtle neck wit some Hilfiger boots. Mario: Hey, whose... turtle thing is this? Its back is all spiky. Bowser: Oh, mea koopa.The collaboration with DFHCC is one more step that CBIS is taking to increase shareholder value.

help. Authenticity haunches turn turtle white house overt - fate eternally the same: ZqDCmGdI. Legacy 70. Turtle Mountain 58. Found a way after a slow start. JV won as well. saberpride. The first live action Ninja Turtle costumes contained about 60 lbs. of animatronics and were extremely hot and heavy.


i'm wearing a turtle neck. i feel like a new person.

Messi's Turtle stew Bar. Rain drop Drop top Turtle killed it itta with a belly flop. TURTLE NET. Me: Aw Ollie you're so cute. Nelssy: SHES TALKING TO HER TURTLE AGAIN Me: Ya, so.Do crabs think fish can fly?Do they think manta ray are flying carpets?Wtf is a turtle to a crab?Poor guys, such low self esteem pray4crabs. dick in my but.

I want some turtle necks and some blazers, hell some more dress shoes would set it off nicely too. I think turtle neck shirts are disrespect and insensitive to actual turtles.Soooo I found a turtle in my back yard....Anyone want it?.

ME 12am: Phil

JESUS CHRIST TURTLE GOT HUNG OUT BEING DUH DUDE LET SUPPORT CHECK BUSH. So it turns out the Phantom of the Opera lives in the sewers like a common Ninja Turtle.

I am working on the dankest of memes. Go look at emisoccer and see if he posted beacuse his copyright strikes are gone. saveemisoccer. Hmm.. deadmau5 April 8?. Well take my advice and don't go to Turtle Bay in Leeds absolutely terrible. XD turtle. Pat Saved the Places You'll Go!" 4Original release of the Turtle: Unsatisfied with different creatures they hear every. Boses turtle dead oubliets are crash.

You still got it?. NSEH believes it can improve fuel efficiency and cut emissions in vehicles across the globe.

Had full intentions on going out last night until I woke up on the couch this morning

The ultimate goal for CBIS and Dana FarberHarvard Cancer Center is to benefit cancer patients in the USA and around the world.Turtle net hay. Getting stuck in traffic for two hours with a manual transmission will give me ninja turtle calves in no time!.

Who wants to go watch turtle racing and drink w me??. The mother of "cash me ousside" probably couldn't even raise a turtle. update i just saw the cutest ad of a lil kid and her dad singing in the bath abt a turtle or drank all the water and the soap and got ill. ItMayBeHardToBelieveBut despite his appearance, Mitch McConnell is not actually a turtle in a suit.where can i get payed for hating amy schumer. i should've been a turtle so i can hide from awkward outings and conversations in my shell.

i'm a turtle. swings my thingy.

I' m here!!

I'm Ganna force my dad to buy me a turtle hahaha. I rly creep turtle out its amazing. Nakoooo nandyan si Turtle bes jusq nandyan din si G anuto gantihan beshu?. I would never go to Turtle Bay again. How DARE you serve tangy rice and peas?! It was the most lack luster food ive ever tasted.

I feel like a turtle in the repertoires of love.OneBigHeartAteneo wahhhhh bat nandyan si turtle?. Glued a dick to a sea turtle's back. Take that oceans.lrt it was too funny for me that they added the screen shake when you camp while the turtle mountain screams. Feels so weird to wear my watch on my left hand."If you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know it did not get there on it own. We are turtles on fenceposts." Someone helped us.

It is actually shocking how much worse turtle is than doublelift

"missed chain of corruption by Turtle" seems to be the standard this split hence why I don't like Turtle on Varus TSM. Lastnight is a sick blur after Gorilla literally i dont have a clue how i woke up in a girls turtle neck jumper powerofthesesh. Wanna know what's worse than putting on a turtle neck after you've just done a full face of makeup?? Absolutely nothing.only 90s kids remember sound proof booths and turtle beach listen-ins. TodayImWearing MUJI turtle neck pull over top white cotton V neck tunic, UNIQLO skinny denim pants, UGG boots, MONCLER long down coat.

Words of Wisdom - If a turtle lives in a shell, but dogs live in a house. Think about it.Lord forgive me. The turtle has finally stopped moving. FinalFantasyXV. meme or no meme. Turtle without a shell.

A little disappointed the turtle has decided not to join us this morning

turtle net puchi. Jin truly the king of turtle necks. funny how people say Republicans don't care about poor people when Mitch McConnell is clearly a homeless turtle who has lost his shell. "Yeah they call me Rabbit, this is a turtle race.". KOSK is in a high-potential market as shoppers become less patient and seek out less in-person interaction.Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. bot.

patay na si Turtle. Turtle net. "Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when ve sticks his nlck out."James Bryant Conant. turtle rock is calling my name.

Forever in my heart my old internet friends monster and turtle love you guys where ever you are in the world

"Inspirational Quote Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell." - Bill Copeland.

I am pretty much the only water deck user at my locals. Finally.College is the Psi U pledge in the Reg wearing both a neon green turtle costume and a massive hickey. Tbh I've just given up. When you drink a lot of bag of popcorn, you feel full of turtle.4 people showed up to class today smh. untied and mighty our soviet landlord.

i think Ima bring out the turtle neck tonight. 40minutes in and the turtle is still not at half health. This is gonna take all day. dnd encounter An evil, aquatic dragon has bullied a dragonturtle into being its vassal. The turtle carries a small island treasure.

To do list: 1

When you are. Without any direct heIp from the Turtle Club?. KOSK has a subsidiary, CRS, which has supplied more than 150K units to customers in the last 12 months with 230% sales growth.

i see their point but imagine being a hungry sea turtle and choosing to eat something that's 95% water. Dino's CV Enzo's a turtle that grows bigger and bigger if he absorbs water! DinoBOT. turtle net aff. ICYMI - Waste Management, Inc. announced a brand new turtle today!. HELLLLLOOOO EVERYBODY!!!! Sorry I haven't been on in a long while but I'm back (Sorry) I also Have Had a Name change I am now Spock Turtle. holds up little turtle finger listen..

I'm love with your body. Need to find a turtle neck shirt.

Kesian kat turtle tu, mmg nmpak kesakitan lah nak keluarkan benda tu sampai berdarah darah hidung dia

Baru tgk video orang keluarkan plastik dari hidung turtle.help me. cause she lemme wear me chain & my turtle neck sweater.

Yong internet mong turtle net grrrt Marlo Mortel FirstVLOG. The counsel slow turtle splutter designs: QSA. chchch. delhimetro is running slower than turtle...who wants a fan sign from the turtle?. The only species of turtle that lives in the open ocean is the sea turtle.

chika mo sa turtle bui.

Kibum in white turtle neck wkdkwk im so weak

meme rap made me do it. CBIS will split inventions and IP stemming from its research agreement with Harvard affiliate, the Dana-Farber Institute.punyeta turtle net nanaman. Mipag turtle nala deng tao keni haha.

Literally had to delete my RT of that sea turtle with the straw in its nostril and I cannot stop crying and thinking about it.That poor turtle. Long nights in the studio doing what we love to do without no distractions just genuine niggas enjoying what they love. juila butterflies drink turtle tears for nutrients.I just wanna be able to live comfortable & work in the studio with my homies WPNS. fk turtle net.

i got a tirtouga in gts just named turtle im screaming

Turtle Race Go. "Ask ur mom her body count" - idiots on the internet embarrassed about their body count. Raising kids (and a dog, fish, turtle) is a walk in the park. Jurassic Park. justsaying MyLifeStory. So I'm not allowed to turtle the final chapter because enemies keep spawning, but I can't move forward because everything kills me?. Hungover like a sea turtle, but I'm gonna give this day all the ocean I got.

I don't understand why Turtle Jackson plays. He has ZERO chance to score. all i wear are over sized turtle necks. I want to get a pet turtle and name it gamera. TURTLE PLS UR ARROW LUL. Btw the Headset is the Turtle Beach XO seven, a very very good headset.

I want a pet turtle so bad lol

According to Kyrie Irving, the earth is apparently flat... probably on the back of a turtle... like we're all a bunch of Panderians.imp turtle. TURTLE'S ARROW LUL. They're finally making that figma of my turtle son. Yesss.YES KEEP MISSING THOSE ARROWS TURTLE. Yes I'm still awake, it's 2:36 AM and my internet connection is so slow! What the heck! So turtle!globe.

i followed more turtle fans the other day at long last n my dash is turtle interesting again. So...I might buy a rabbit or a turtle..not sure which one yet. Which starter do I want? A lizard in which rocks can kill it? A slow turtle? Or the thing that my food eats. Can I just have an Entei?. A Turtle's HeartEasy:2Normal:6Hard:8Mili.

pj just told me he wishes his legs looked like mine bc now i look like a ninja turtle and that's cooler than not looking like a ninja turtle

Adventuring today in Turtle Cove, Smith's Reef and in the roadside! Turks and Caicos really is a nature lover's paradise...love it here!!!.

Lately I've been so calm & I'm wearing turtle necks,I'm reserved & quiet I feel like a grandma lol. Maryland Wisconsin game is like watching a turtle race. I don't even know how Turtle die NALCS. Turtle You are no ROBIN HOOD lately. i just spilled red gatorade on my green turtle neck. merry christmas i hate myself. Y'all let that lil coon ass kid make bank off imitating black women smh.

Just got the cutest turtle neck been needing one!. Pretty sure Turtle is actually the worst at ashe arrows. How do you miss so badly NALCS. 1) when i was little i had a giant turtle named bambam :D.

bought a lil painting of a turtle in the city im happy

I let my hair air dry last night and woke up looking like Lisa Turtle.turtle has a cs lead IS IT REALLY TURTLE.

I need the turtle neck plug. there is this kid sitting in the common room and he looks like a turtle. I wanna get litty off gin sodas and dance to di turtle ship remix on top of a red suede couch in a club in bali. opp boiboi. "is Kermit the frog and lizard or a turtle" a frog????. There was a turtle in the street on the way home and I almost hit it, actual tears followed by a heart attack.

Had Greene turtle last night. Pooped 3 times already since this morning. Bueno pues he grabado 3 partiditas de Battlefield 1 en TCT para subir al canal con el micro de los turtle beach y queda bien y todo!!!.

Turtles is in fact a real turtle

We've invented ways to protect turtle eggs as a kick off to our Endangered Animals topic today. Looking forward to the rest if the term! MrW. I got Midori a mascot character and the next day he got me a stuffed turtle. Does this mean we're dating now or. Money comes like a turtle and goes like a rabbit.

lays on my back and wiggles legs like a turtle. In love with green turtle. Actually I'll start now. My MacBook is from 2010. VintageObsolete by Apple standards. It's been slowing down, turtle style for awhile.REVIVE SINGAPORE SLING: - Add a measure of gin - Add three measures of star grass Garnish with Turtle shell. He sitting at the kitchen table eating cheese pizza like a ninja turtle. Looking like such a big boy. I can't believe he's turning 2!. im going to play mario kart 8, get caught up on acid soup, and try to get a draft of the next chapter of fast turtle done.

Ts Ps4 add turtle_apple.

Getting my turtle Beach headset Thursday wooo super excited

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Turtle Blues. "I'm turtle heading so hard rn". i have to write my college requirements and it's asking stuff about me and i'm like i'm a lazy turtle that loves ayapan there's nothing else.

mds eu odeio o turtle. Ps4 ts add turtle_apple. OMG, Americans "out there" are finally figuring out cause of their pain, wastes tax 's (GOP!). RISE UP against the evil-turtle, KY! inners. People are following me even. Though I have Ethan the turtle as my name and a picture of Ethans head on a turtle lol I love life. nobody had my back during the turtle slander, tori? canceled. mohoe? finished.Why do people feel the need to bash other's faves in order to praise their's IT doesn't add up 11=turtle?.

i love my icons and my turtle friend, who, in case you missed it, I have named San Francisco

Ano na globe? Turtle padin? D na makastream bes. Bagal sobra. Di marunong makisama tong net namin eh. T_T 6thGaonChartMusicAwards EXO. Turtle net tf. Turtle net. HEAVEN ForMYXCelebrityVJ. DAMI MONG DAMA ATE, KWENTO MO SA TURTLE.You gonna keep playing and Ima move onto someone who actually wants to be w me.

My mum just called me invalid umm what..?. one bee in a turtle neck sweater. When did the TURTLE cross the ROAD? HeShe didn't bc: Artificial intelligence told himher STOP! Auther! 'iT'. "Behold the turtle. He only makvs progress when he sticks hi. neck out."James Bryant Conant. pillow pet de turtle.

nonNative european descent there in spirit standing strong in support of WaterEarth Protectors at Standing Rock nd Turtle Island NoDAPL

"half man, half turtle, no bepis required". smol turtle. Se Red Turtle nao ganhar o Oscar eu paro de ver essa poarr. 3. He has a turtle tortoise. Ed in that turtle neck tho amirite. Who will win?!?! Elephant, Turtle, Chicken, or Snail?!?! You choose!. I'm craving pizza like a pregnant ninja turtle.CBIS 2017 is setting up to be the biggest year for the Company and Shareholders since our inception in 2009.Yapma be baba BenimleEvlenirMisin.

Guy 4K wallpaper

i remember when this guy from rwanda was tryna freak on me & turn me into a proper african woman but we ALL know that didn't work

You know I'm not the kind of guy that hopes for bad things but this wreck on the bridge has got to open up some eyes of the higher ups."Was that football player hacked? Is Jimmy's dad actually jones? Will Lauren ever unblock that guy? Find out next week on UNI Confessions!". so to the guy i just saw dancing outside w no shirt on, u cute but u trippin it's cold. billmurphyvoice is a really cool guy. Great follow.this guy at the gas station asked for my number and i told him i didn't have a phone while i had it in my hand lol.

I love the scene in luke cage where a guy walks up behind him as he's brooding and points a gun at him and he's like YOUNG MAN.............The worst thing you can call a white guy? Racist.Needa practice my free throws for cute carnival guy. I accidentally send a text with a heart emoji to a guy & now he thinks i like him like wtf. So tired of that guy throwing spices meme let's kill it dead.

One time I let this guy borrow one of my Xbox controllers and I just realized I never got it back

The Perfect Guy Doesn't Exist, Lower Your Expectations InsultingMovies. Why did some guy slide into my DMs asking if I'm famous..? I have like 700 followers...The Rock really thinks he's the main guy in the DCEU huh? That his character is what..like the Tony Stark or Thanos of the DC universe?. Dude with camo jacket who smelled like raw onions asked me if the "black guy" still worked at my part-time job. I have many black coworkers.Served a guy today that looked so much like Louis Theroux I nearly asked for a picture. This guy in front of me just bought 400 worth of Olive Garden to go. Jesus Christ man.

This guy on Texas with the Afro & headband looks trash lol. We better win. I'm just a fat guy with a beard.Michael Jackson is a great guy. - Nan. x. Chris Matthews "really dumb guy (and I know him well)" (03192013).

sos how do you get over a hot guy w a beard bc nothing is working

I don't have to worry about stomach because there won't BE any guy!.

The extol opener had been shared onto my facebook timeline four times now, one of my friends even claimed to be the guy who hit it. Change your thoughts and you change your world. -Norman Vincent Peale. Mata will save the day! The only serious guy at united. Lallana has been dull for the first time this season, he is allowed tho, na sure guy. Coutinho is a talented guy. You saw your mom in the nightmare, before the guy was reaching into your brain...

It's about time we hire Barron for Treasury Secretary. That guy will do anything I say!. WhatIMissFromThe2000s John Cena being the top guy, and Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, & Goldberg headlining the road to Wrestlemania. Wait..He's my uncle from my step dad's side of the family. I would see him once a year. But he was such a cool guy.

we cannot give coutinho space to shoot that guy is dangerous

Love coutinho, the guy is on the brink of world class. Whichever club he goes to next will see their midfield become dangerous. This guy told me he'd sit on my face, I-.

Thankful that my cable guy was here 15 minutes after I texted him this am! awesomeservice. I'd rather talk to one guy for the rest of my life than to talk to multiple guys that don't last. nothing is dirtier than a frat guy's bathroom. why does she flirt with literally every guy she talks to. I'm not understanding all this Tom Brady hate. All of a sudden he's winning because he's a "system guy". He's been doing this.Yuto=cool guy edawn=even cooler guy.

Need a guy who doesn't play games. This guy squeezed my butt last night and I got really annoyed so I grabbed his arm and said "don't punch my butt or I'll kill you"'.

In the mood to bottom for this old guy for 200

Mais ferme ta gueule Stephane Guy. So I looked into Trump's claim of being offered to do a 2 B dollar deal by a Hussain Damac (great guy!) from Dubai."Tell me about the water" "We make it in house Guy" "THIS is why i come to bismarck, north dakota".

DateMyFamily Parents died Family in England Came to Joburg Joburg is real Homeless DSTV technical guy ....hebana this guy. This Pete Dunne guy is the truth. WWEUKCT. Wow, Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne likely had the match of the whole tournament (thus far) imo. (And I'm not a cruiserweight guy!) WWEUKCT. Coupled with a reduce Tax Rate on the Rich, This guy is the furthest thing from Fiscally responsible. He'll Bankrupt this place in a Year.gutted Mark Andrews is gone. Love the guy! WWEUKCT. I'm pretty sure just I creeped this dude out bc I was trying to figure out if he is the guy I'm supposed to be interviewing right now.

Also " i honestly pity any guy that screws you over he might as well end his life then..".

Nothing against the fine people of Dallas, but I SO want the Cowboys to lose bc as a kid I was bullied by a guy who loves 'em

wtf is this guy even more perverted than the amagami mc. Why yes, guy shouting at me in the grocery store. It is an interesting game PackersvCowboys. That Aaron Rodgers guy is pretty good. NFLPlayoffs. Im not a Packers fan at all. I just know how that guy acts.

Felt my purse fall out of my pocket, walked back to pick it up and it had already been pocketed by some guy who then tried to ignore me. At the casino and I clapped for the packers scoring a touch down. Guy in a Dallas jersey shot me a dirty look. Wanna fight bro??. Guy cutting my wood at Lowe's "Hey Co worker, got a pen?" "There shoulda been a tape measurer at the station. Dont you need a pen?". Don't let us score 21 before the forst half its a wrap!. Can someone send 5 PayPal to this guy and I'll give u UMg. Guy I Romance and Loves to hold you.

Kansas City, as a guy who grew up rooting for the Caps, I feel your pain

Tonight's new episode of Family Guy pretty much ripped off the plot of "New Cowboy on the Block" King of the Hill S8 Ep 8 from 2003. Weak.Kelce has a big mouth for a guy who's never been a part of a winning team.this guy is gonna fall asleep n probably wake up at like 3AM lmao wish me luck. "Happiness is a pop song. Sadness is a poem." I agree with the Sherrinford guy, she's incredibly intriguing. SherlockS4 sherlock Eurus. I complain about not having a bf but when I guy asks for my number I give him my friends smh.

This guy I have a low key crush on at my job always calls me kiddo like I wouldn't.. nvm. I swear girls are so much grosser than guys. I've never heard a guy burp at the magnitude me and my homegirls do. Again with the boyfriend thing, ladies you are allowed to be independent and not have to constantly be talking to a guy.Westbrook my guy but Im really startina think that he don't really care about his team and just he care about his stats. If a girl cries over a guy, it's normal. When a guy cries over a girl, you know he loves her more than anyone else.

Finding a cute guy is easy

"she went to my school for 3 days and dated every guy, so she left". if I'm a Chiefs fan, I'm hoping the guy who committed the holding penalty on the 2pt try never plays for them again. Sick way to lose.the pizza guy looked 50 ; not judging him he getting that money. "That short guy went too far. Someday i'll see him pay for it."-Mikasa Ackerman, Shingeki No Kyojin. Hi Jaanu, Ok Jaanu.Would you rather a guy with..

crying this guy is shook bc i actually know stuff about football. Once I find that right guy that's all about me & only me, & don't got me lookin dumb out here, I swear he can have it all. after so many years he has been the only guy who has been there for me. Bad guys will never ever realize they are the bad guy. Everyone thinks they are the hero, including the villain.

I'm giving it my all, but I'm nit the guy you're taking home

A girl just wants to find that guy who will prove to her that they're not all the same. TOMIHO FoolishLove 9DaysToGo.

justim: a giant NERD who eats flowers for breakfast and listens to vaporwave unironically me: a cool guy,owns a telescope,promises eels. guy told us she used to travel w another dog but he got hit by a car. He also thinks she used to have owners bt they didn't want her anymore. Just saw a girl leave a guy's room in nothing but a 1996 Packers Super Bowl Tshirt and crocs GoPackGo. Ben Howland on SEC tele-presser "Quinndary is the consummate team guy who works his tail off every day." SEC Player of the Week.A guy like Kaiki wouldn't be there in the first place -- his whole character revolves around him not being in situations he doesn't want to.Has anyone heard of this Bernie Sanders guy? I just found him on the web and I think he has some pretty interesting ideas for this country.

Guess who no longer qualifies for financial aid? This guy!. If providers and payers were honest with each other they'd say "Your data is crap." They need to get their acts together, together.These drivers are really trying me today.

you said i was the only guy that you wished you'd always have in your life, yeah right

Should I wake the guy sitting opposite me who has just fallen asleep and is snoring loudly? He might miss his stop...Big shoutout to my guy MLK we only doing the luxurious things in ur honor family gllllt.

Me: "Hi, yea I'm home, random call everything okay with you?" Flow Guy: "Yea I cool man, mums just call me and say a box home not working". "i worked here and i know a guy who stole a girl's infos and they're together w 2 kids !" so what .. she shouldn't feel violated ?. the guy who installed my radio today turned my music on and flipped out bc we had the same taste in music & we talked ab it for like 10 min. Obviously don't like James Harrison because of who he plays for, but man you gotta respect that guy.Guy spoke about POTROSA, No idea WTF he meant untill he told me( President Of The Republic of SA) faking the American slang POTUS. Mnxim!. "Tanpa arah dan tujuan, tidak ada gunanya seorang ninja hidup di dunia ini" (Guy Maito).

it's the last day to vote for the guy who is single handedly turning our franchise around he deserves to be an All Star Joel Embiid NBAVOTE. Stop the train! I'm buying food (right?) and this guy is shopping for OTHER people. I think they pay him. Why has no one told me about this?.

The guy next to me in this airport smells like a dirty hedgehog

Let's interview a bunch of guys to milk info from then let them walk and hire in house guy. If I don't like a guy, I'm clingy and still upset about my last relationship. If I do like a guy, I'm a slut and need to still be upset.Some guy in Spencer's said I would look good in the see through apron, thanks man.

Yeah a magician at the inauguration would be awesome! Just a guy walking around pulling nickels out of people's ears. Igotyournose. kisses loud bomb guy on cheek the attack was effective!. Guy at my office wearing yeezys and now I want one despite disliking Kanye!. A Guy who refers to women as "prey" clearly came out the chocolate box on his birth day. Oddissey is the best rapper to come from DC and yes that includes that Wale guy. "I havent understood a single proper noun yet." SAME GUY, WATCHING NASCAR.

Shouts out to the homeless guy hanging next to Redbox telling kids the best sites to pirate movies so they don't waste their money renting.

this guy called me ugly

Being the new guy in the office makes me realize I'm actually very antisocial. It was a guy on the loose, shooting ppl. So we in this random house w family members... Idk how they got there... And we chillin. this guy works at the movies and is sending me videos of sing im calling the cops this is ILLEGAL !. My dad told me that a guy will give you his all if your all he wants, and if he doesnt see your worth, than dont give him your all.

Losers scoff at how the successful guy dresses and acts then wonder why they aren't successful.These guy secrets though! Damn! Kinda already knew but damn lol. LiesBrokePeopleTell 2 pm "I'm quiting alcohol", so you can drive for us home 10 pm: AHH were is dis guy? Passed out in the backseat lol. Hum bharat vaalo ne angrez or angrezi dono ki haalat kharaab krke rakhi hai! INDvENG YuvrajSingh Cuttack Dhoni. Is it acceptable to give your card to a guy you fancy on the train if he's been looking over? Any thoughts?. One time i pernah madly in pove dengan this guy and dia berjaya makes me forget about other and world.

My mum and I were listening to beibs in the tap in the car tonight and she goes "who's this guy again?" And I go "Travis Scott"

woman accepting a free drink from a guy at a night club reminds me of the mouse in my cupboard accepting the free cheese in the mouse trap.Ain't a female on this planet that only texts one guy. So in Florida some guy kills people not news worthy but let it be a muslim. Yah terrorism is wrong all that but so is stealing oil. No more mister nice guy!. morning register is the best i get paid to be on my phone but if you goof enough to buy something u best be ready to catch these hands guy.

Does this guy have the right to be mad at his girlfriend for kicking him in her sleep?. Okay this is getting weirder by the second Jace in a mundie hospital I mean like guy who called 911 like THANKS rlly But this is weird. SOME GUY IS TALKING ABOUT SOME STUFF InaugurationDay. The way that guy's (host) voice commands attention thou InagurationDay2017. This guy. This ducking guy. Get a load of this guy. Just look at him. Duck.

I'm the guy who carries around a G-fuel tumbler at work hoping a fellow gamer recognizes it and we become friends, define pathetic

Senator Roy Blunt sounds like my kinda guy. Paul Ryan has that "white guy who won't make eye contact with you on the street" facial expression 247. TASR what the prior guy just said...lotto feb 27 calls for .25. Those shoes mighty moist my guy. On Monday I'm going to carry my guy fawkes mask around school.How to lose a guy in 1 day MakeAFilmFeelRushed.

oh my god today I was reminded of the time a guy I work with misheard one of the regulars. This guy who traveled from New Jersey to sit and watch the inauguration and was like "well I don't protest because I have a job". We get it. Your guy won. Your "make America great again" hat is excessive."That guy is wearing a straw hat and UGGS. I aspire to be him." -Zoe Pappas.

This guy just told me he sees me work at the oaks and I have a fat ass

Always been a stand up guy rather stand out.

Yeah ultimately punching people is not what an optimal society strives for. But, I don't fault the guy who did it.I'm just an ordinary demi-guy. I'll give you all the short version: this guy was burned and had broken limbs, and was filled with wicked intentions.Fall in love with the artist...That humble, loving guy who just likes to create and stay in his own lane.And we're like wait um Excuse me Siri you lying so we pull up next to this guy and he rolls his window down and we ask him where chipotle is. there is this guy in my college, his older than me, gave me so much words of wisdom.

The guy that interviewed me told me "you have to know how to hustle" I just smiled at him. NowPlaying My Guy by Mary Wells HKA - Unknown. call a guy daddy and he ignores you smh.

Sana nakapasok si kuya guy na katabi ko kanina

all this time i thought nam doo is a bad guy huhu hyunggg ur awesooome. Give me one good reason why you wouldn't want this type of guy.

Logged into Facebook and ofc a guy from college who grew up with his father being a farmer is being bullied by people wrt to the strikes.A guy was talking on the radio and I thought I heard Into you playing in the background and I was like 'what an idiot, shut up'. Tanpa arah dan tujuan, tidak ada gunanya seorang ninja hidup di dunia ini (Guy Maito). grabe ka chada nga guy si joon hyeung bay. honestly I don't mind having guy friends & responding back to text messages but I get paro these niggas gonna make. What happened to the guy who was bleeding after being hit by the ball last night? I hope he's fine ProteaFire SAvsSL.

Mark Ruffalo tho...what a guy. Guy at the car service place complimented the CD I had in it, which felt oddly gratifying.

just read an amazing essay by rebecca solnit and had some guy tell me afterwards that id be better off if i just was 'ignorant' to the world

first episode of YoI me: omg wtf is this, that guy is so homo???? also me: proceeds to the next episode. Let's dispense with the notion that Marco Rubio knows what he's doing. The guy can't see a move down the road.tries to flirt with guy Guy: i am good.... ...oh.

I'm a really nice, thoughtful guy. I'm also a smartass. Does that make sense?. Either a girl or a guy seen me before & they turn on their mics just to talk to me lol. Or message me constantly.how did I even got their appearances right.... well almost except i didn't put on glasses on my guy sim. There's a guy in my class who's name is Ken and I always answer for him during roll :. so now i REALLY gotta lurk. so i look through his pics, and there's a guy that comments on him and he's extremely flamboyant (i lurked)..Even further update: I sit next to a white guy named Cody Fillmore in my psych class and he says "aqui" instead of "here".

I want a loyal guy who plays sports so I can keep him focused!.

I'll stay the nice guy, people need a reminder every now and then

Drumpf is the guy who tells you he doesn't have any change, then proceeds to buy Slim Jims w1 bills in front of you only to step on them.Just got off the train & picked up the free daily papers. Guy offers me his copy of the NY Post and I'm like :S :S. its been a long time since i had such a phone call from a guy and i feel comptable to talk with hahaha i hope sa personal din. So to the big guy above for allowing me to see another Birthday TheRealMVP.

Woah! The guy who showed up to service my printer should be servicing something else.Tapi emg cowok di sekitar gue tuh jadi banyak gitu,sebab gue emg so ramah ceritanya pengen punya guy bestfriend gitu:( sayangnya malah baper. Diving off the stage in the crowd it's a mosh pit. Omg can't believe I saw the guy I was in luv with last semester and still didn't say anything 2 him i want to die!!!!. Overheard a convo before class started. guy 1: so, how was your break? Guy 2: summer break? ... Me: really bruh?. A guy from the Discord's steam name is "Delightful Dell" and it's true. Engineer is very delightful.

Stop pushing me to go out more & meet new people to potentially help me meet a guy

Q:Why is Christmas just like a day at the office? A:You do all of the work and the fat guy in the suit gets all the credit.This Guy Is Golden PapaPennyAhee. "he the type of guy to make every girl feel special". It was just a few months ago when I thought the most fear Id ever feel wld b doing short form improv for a guy w"CUNT" tattooed on his neck. Just bumped into the guy I hooked up with at work Xmas party and it was SO awkward. God giveth, God taketh away.

I know I get a chicken sandwich often when the guy at the grill apologizes to me for there not being chicken today.no guy should EVER make their girl feel like their a second choice or burden.. and if he does, GIRL LEAVE HIS HEADASS. Chasing this fat guy around on a loader all day has definitely been the highlight of my week so far. Imagine a guy making you take TFL to the shard. Idk I'm not feelin this trump guy too much.

Really sorry to see Cyril Leeder muscled out by Sens

People spend hours digging up a couple who got covered in an avalanche, once saved they say Thank you god... that guy didn't save you, fools. Ppl forget how great a work ethic AB has...don't forget this guy is a self made man even tho he can be a jackass..he earns his loot!. the guy who plays ricky devoe is wow. and while I was just immaturely excited at the time, now I just feel apologetic to the guy, should've just let him go, you know. Is Chris Stuckman the guy who did "Tell that to Zod's snapped neck.". Ugh McDavid what a guy.

We have an hr issue on Madison street and we need Marcus limonis to come in and fix our program. The guy can fix anything. BullsNation. Why am i weirdly attracted to the blonde guy from shameless smfh. If a guy is too busy to talk to his girl should she really even be his girl?. People who wanted the worst US president in history to come to power are mocking Canada's prime minister for being a nice guy.

WhiteHousepresscorps: Steve Bannon wants press to "shut up

Caleb and I at Taco Bell drive through Guy - "Welcome to Taco Bell may I take your order." Me - "WHAT'D YOU CALL ME??".

Treat your girl right cuz if u don't another guy will... That facts. When u and the guy at cook out are bffs now. I hate going to my car at night because the other day I went and some guy was across the street being sooo weird , it was spooky af. Ordered first but some guy gets to take it first. What???. saw the same guy for 3 days straight. My sister and I showed my friend John Mulaney and all he had to say was ''he looks like a guy you'd go on a date to the library with''.

I'm ready to punch this guy for hurting my friend LOL. Conservatives are that guy who votes for a dictator and says it makes him feel safe. politics liberal progressive. NowPlaying Guy Sebastian - Don't Worry Be Happy On Atlantic Radio Extra.

Staying up with a crying dog who's recovering from anesthesia and is disoriented as hell is about as much fun as it sounds

ANGRY GUY DID IT. Tambourine guy where u at bro hewillnotdivideus.

So A Bald guy asked me where the barber was. Ermmm.There isn't any guy!. Went to try a new barber shop and the guy gave me the student price. Yay."I switched out of a class because the guy in front of me wore tasseled loafers" - my girlfriend. THIS GUY JUST OFFERED ME AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH AND IM JUST HERE TALKING ABOUT FOOT RP. that guy has the same beats since 2008 ahn ahn.

ladies dont ever let a guy make you feel worthless. Ugh. I will never go to Suzu's room again. NOPE. NEVER. ITS BLOODY EVERYWHERE AMG. I EVEN FOUND A DEAD GUY. EEEWWW.

Antasari Azhar that guy rocks

i have feelings for the guy I used to talk to ab a lot of stuff how fun bro !. some guy congratulated me when i didnt even play lmao thanks man congrats to them too. Damn this Dimitrov guy is good.

Literally almost hit a guy walking his dog in the dark who was wearing dark clothes crossing the street. He yelled at ME.For me, Dimitrov will always be the guy who cheated on sharapova. Every girl deserves a guy that can make her heart forget that it was ever broken. sajje. and irfan come up with this very sad raya telemovie and i died because guy really love karipap and dedicated a scene for it h. Naaawa na 'ko kay Andanar. He always comes off as the bad guy kasi siya yung sumasalo sa mga pinagsasabing nonsense ng presidente.swapang naman the ugali of this guy is, the kind that gets into ur nerves.


>ask to get trollflamer kicked cuz he's ruining chat >guy gets kicked >3 mins later his boyfriends ask why he got kicked lul drama

Generic_Guy_ : BestFans2017 RihannaBestFans. Told this guy I'm kinda friends with that men are trash he got so huRt lmaoo. HeyLarry You mean that guy shot the video of his song with his phone camera woi si njaanuary iishe tu.Every girl wants to be the one girl that can change that guy.

1st guy cuts in front of me 2nd guy cuts me off to grab a lid. 3rd man gives the clothes off his back to another man.Lmao, watched that miyonse guy on bb naija & that guy is a good example of why lightskin guys can't get a break...smh. this guy ive been texting told me he struggles with mental illness and now im like 50x more interested. If this guy keeps smacking his gum I'm going to smack him into next week.Can someone remove Kemen from the house. The guy thinks he's too smart. The guy is annoying. BBNaija. It's that deadmihana it's that dead guy.

Guy: "you think that I'm a liar

I'll be damned if I let a guy make me feel stupid I'll turn that right back around to him Give em a taste of his own medicine. AgentsofSHIELD omg it's him! I love this guy _. I don't think I can date a guy that's a terrible driver. dude michael cera looks like that guy from superbad that looks like michael cera. My family came to this country to look for a better life. It makes me sick to my stomach that this guy has the power to ruin it all.

my sister while on the phone with me: do you think i could make the cat look like guy fieri?. A guy who goes beyond beyond to make you happy... I have that. I'm really tempted to ask this guy at the bar how his travels to Mount Doom are going to dispatch the One Ring.You don't suppose there's a beer guy around here? This is a charity race at an elementary school.blackavar is guy with no ears.

This cute guy I like has the best brows I've ever seen in my life

i just describe a cute nerdy guy at uni. Now playing 1-06 I Like by GUY!. I'm sick and tired of that meme already. Between that and salt guy I can understand why yall got sick of crying Jordan. why is there a video of a guy slapping a dead body on my TL. Girls will fake orgasms just to make sure the guy doesn't feel bad or bc they're too afraid to tell their partner what the need. WILD.lmao literally when anything but a black guy hits on me i think it's so weird.

Never switched up, still the same guy. She's being dismissive here, because the point of the question was to chase off a guy hitting on her. The meeting never actually happened.on 64 there's this guy thats like my traffic partner. we're like following each other and he's letting me in when the other lane slows down. Guy just said his name was "manager p" Oh ok.


hansol is such a wonderful guy i miss him :((( he's working at a coffee shop atm um he deserves the earth and everything it offers.

Everyday I wake up, wonder why I'm alone when I know I'm a lovely guy. - Eels. Miyonse! Miyonse!! Miyonse!!! Miyonse!!! This guy is chilling man! And he ain't holding back! bbnaija. Omo na Meyonce close curtain for the night eeeee....guy squeezed the meat outta Uriel's ass bbnaija. Space Dandy is a Dandy guy in space SpaceDandyBot. some guy: people hate me because I'm different geralt: werewolf????? some guy: nah dude I'm just gay. For real though I think it's going to be such a mission to find a guy that has a similar mentality to me.

If a guy calls a girl "homie" is she in the friendzone? askingforafriend. so there's this guy that comes into my work and he comes off as kind of arrogant, so he rubbed me the wrong way.Eubank needs to put this guy to sleep to show levels.

David Price is a bum just needs to call it a day n get back on the tools

at hidden figures: random white guy: says amen to a racist comment a black woman to her friend: they should send him up wo heat shields. TBoss go mend this guy later. I swear!.

It's like this guy doesn't want my kid to have furniture...I am actually in the feels over a hot guy who just followed me that I have never met because after creeping I realized he just got engaged. Whatever happened to Adam Lambert, that guy as one of those goats all you young kids are talking about.Guy. Girl at jos Monday night in the Alabama shirt. Despite your shirt you're still cute and should fav this- guy stretching behind you. Happy anniversary to that guy that let jealousy ruin us. aintmadtho.

I once knew a guy like that. It's funny though he's a saint compared to you. I don't think he could've ever done what you did.A guy just made me so soft because he told me im amazing and i deserve good things.

In the movie, the guy said:"You can't stand the truth!" That seems to be more true of more and more people these days

This guy asked me to get on the scale and he jumped on it too and told that new guy to get in and he was like the same weight as us combined. saw a guy on the side of the road with an "impeach trump" sign so i honked & gave him a thumbs up. we need more people like him in the world. It doesn't seem like it's this guy fault.

this guy in my class reminds me of someone so much, and it was starting to piss me off but i realized who. dude looks exactly like shrek. "And das on my bird like a beak my guy. ". Tall guy traveling on the DLR line on Friday dusk. Would you like to go for dinner sometime? - Yellow jeans girl. A guy who wants to present his research to the team: "I can't talk for the entire hour" Host: "we really appreciate if you finish earlier". "As if it ain't ok to cry , gotta be the tuff guy ". A guy just stopped and made sure I was okay and gave me a cough drop because I was coughing and then carried on with his day.

Gd that's deffo an upgrade from that Joey guy.

"Anyway, that guy, Usui Takumi is MINE

a guy who advertised himself as a Johnny Cash tribute just talked to me wanting to perform at the venue I'm repping tonight...people watching & this guy just came outside to vape. he was holding it like a blunt first of all, & then he takes a drink out of a flask. "7 cars?! 7 cars in dive thru?" Poor guy. Place is understaffed though. So I met a guy from Scotland tonight. That was fun.

do you think if i get abducted ill stop feeling this way? like can i take the backseat while an alien consciousness drives this guy?. i got my very close friend high tonight and i'm pretty sure this guy i know likes me lmao. honestly when hot girls tell me i'm cute i feel like i'm in a movie where the popular girl dates the dorky ugly guy as a joke. I got 10 to write a yelp review cos guy is drunk.Need a down ass guy. i just need a guy like Alex Karev in my life.

death is a nice guy

It told u that emperor yongle was a very good guy... right ???. I think I offended this guy at work today. Made him feel like a big stupid.skhumba I think he's a great guy, until you meet him in person. Tjo, like all "celebs" he's true self protrudes... and it aint dope!!!!. Tylah: Oi niggah, get back here! Me: -looks around- Black guy: excuse me......?. This Olamide guy and his local vibe. Aaaba.. How does he expect non Nigerians to understand his lines?.

I asked a guy on a date, he said yes. WILD. I once revered a guy like Bobby Axelrode..smart, sharp, confident, cold, ruthless... but now I wish I can become more human.... human being. Chatted to a guy for a long time about how much he thought my denim jacket was worth (I paid £18 for it in the Christmas sales) (hehe). I just had some guy ask me if I'd run his future food trucks and he'd pay me 5000 to leave my current job. Ok. every guy claims to like curvy girls. every guy dates skinny girls. it never fails.

lol I'm not that guy that'll randomly text you "I miss you"

This guy I knowwonce opened a diet coke can and the whole :hing was ficled with actual copaine.This white guy just said he liked my romper... I'm wearing a top and jeans lmfao. Talking to a guy: Him: "Wanna see a movie and go eat?" Me: "Only if the movie is Founder of McDonald's and then we grab a Big Mac". My youngest nephew is really into Rock music. Nobody in his house listens to that music. This guy really rocks out to Imagine Dragons. cool. Yale punishes dead guy.A guy that goes out of his way to make his girlfriend jealous and makes her feel insecure is weak af. No bruh , you insecure not her.

that guy is definitely not a fan HAHAHA. "If I had a vagina, long hair, and pretty then I'd be her" -Straight guy. She says I got a chance then posts a picture or her and a guy " oh I love this guy he gets me" with all sorts of I'm into this guy context.Like literally this guy stole it out of my back pocket at a party. Wtf is wrong with people these days.

A guy just ordered a bowl of rice with thousand Island dressing on it and I have so many questions

I can't listen to A7X without remembering the time some guy tried to impress me with his 'poetry' skills.

New Header! Miss that guy!. This guy didn't believe that the first movie I ever saw was Jurassic Park so I SCHOOLED him on dinosaur knowledge and it was beautiful. Le duo Guy -Le Guen c'est le Cornet - Ghezzal du commentaire sportif. FOUR LIONS WAS CHRIS MORRIS, NOT THIS GUY. PLUS IT WAS AGES AGO.BAFTAs. There's this guy sitting next to me in the study room and he's been murmuring "what am I doing wrong" for the past 20 minutes.Just the other day I saw this guy walking across the road now he's gone, it's mad.

A guy really just rolled his window down and hollerrrrddd at me .ive never been more disgusted lol. Dam Gyllenhaal, I love this guy!There are so many good movies, but Im rooting for Nocturnal Animals or Hidden Figures or Andrew's BAFTA2017. Le digo a un amigo que estoy molido por pasarme la noche follando y el pobre se ha llorado. "Follar, dices". Me ha encogido el escroto.

have u ever played drunk marco polo with a blind guy

Who tf is this blu guy. random guy just told me i'm beautiful and it made my day.

Is it sus for a guy to go see 50 shades of grey. In what conditions you can interact with a Na Mehram , can a Guy have debate with a Na Mehram in a TV show ? please share ISLAMIC Reference. Stop paying attention to that Ryan butler guy. He's not apart of Selena's team but likes to act like he and and they close. He is no one.Last night I gave the pizza guy the wrong number on my card by accident & it was accepted. Feelin blessed & sorry for whoevers number I gave. .Who is this guy? I know he's D.B.Cooper!. Now she all alone and starting over Now she got baggage on her shoulder But the new guy really loves her.

A guy just walked by a little old lady who dropped her keys.Some guy: hey nich Nich: hey how's it going Some guy: good how bout you Nich: Pretty good how bout you tired.

This talk by some guy named Christian Chua in the div audit feels like he's about to preach about Christ hahahaha

All I need is a guy who will cuddle with me, watch movies and rub my back. Corinne throws her body at Nick. He rejects her. She immediately feels insecure. Girl, a guy doesn't give you your worth. TheBachelor. the way he described her omg i hardly say this but now i want a guy to love me like that and talk about me like that what the hell:(.

this guy talking about no option lets kill somebody wowwwwww. Guy Fieri's Crock Pot Candied Duck is Ready To Rumble In Your Kitchen!. Just sent my friend off to her date, and watched the guy blushing n smiling bringing her flowers & candy, and my heart low key melted. Not glass half full kinda guy when it comes to City who've ruined enough we's over 25 yrs but 15 left 9 at home cause for hope ecfc. Te agradezco por hacerme sentir eso, random guy i never met. but i swear, no matter my love i will break up with a guy if he beat me.

today has showed me how many people have truly always been there and how much a guy is irrelevant to me on this day.

Guy bought himself a range n a merc for his wife n namibians already started with their conspiracy theories smh

but according to straight people im supposed to be the guy in the relationship so im a lil salty lol. A terengganu guy, chipmunk voice, pakai baju puan... Bakpe ye dari teganu. Driving past a guy just casually smoking out a bong while driving... I feel you. He is probably the guy I dreamt for.. forvaaaa plus his Egyptian.

My dream guy drinks coffee.So i went out to go get eye drops and this homeless guy walks buy and i heard a sound i know well that i hate, the sound of METAL Baseball. Met a guy and he grabbed my hand and kissed it as a greeting. I feel.... nice???. Watched theraid , main problem with the action scenes is that he looks like he's beating up kids, why can't Asians grow pass 16?. yo I finally got a chance to see that video of the guy that cheated and I dunno why I'm crying in the club right now. need me a guy that his main focus is me and his hustle.

They broke up but the poor girl is still crying about his cheating, and the guy is just chilled vibes

u can find a fine ass nigga anywhere, but a guy that actually talks about real stuff, is a gentleman, & has goalsambitions is rare to find. Goodnight everybody except the guy who just rolled up to the dog park, put his pit in the park, and went back to his car to chill.I want to be with a Hispanic or Asian guy tbh ):. I mean the guy wasn't the issue. It was you and your dope problems. So...Her next man will be a lucky guy.

Trump says Flynn is a good guy who was wronged. This must be why Trump "fired" him. Follow Trump's Russian money. followthemoney Day 27. I had this guy from Kuwait for class last semester and he just replied to my snap talking about his camel named Sasha lolol. me and Jeremiah are role playing family guy. I think a guy broke my heart in like 05. Pretty sure that's what that feeling was. I shed several thug tears.Me: gender doesn't effect me in anyway Me: sees a guy idk hides im scare of guys.

Like I like this guy, but I'm also over him lmfaoo

Work without reward checking on another guy's gf and vice versa .......I love a guy who tells me how they're feeling. Lookit that. Hahn just realized that other guests are actually smart and that he himself might just not be smartest guy in room. RedEYe. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that me loving another guy bothers other people so much.. It's not your life so be tolerant of it..A tiny guy and a huge guy just broke into fisticuffs in the street, and he was yelling "COME ON THEN, YOU MIDGET CUNT." It was mental.The guy is a demon(different breed of kramain). So many of his kind on your TL.

Keberuntungan juga merupakan kekuatanmu ~Maito Guy~. Every girl is beautiful, it just takes the right guy to see it.Why so many girls play hard to get? When they shouldn't be so guarded if the guy doesn't want to slip. That guy's not that bad. He was clearly remorseful n gave her honesty. I think everyone just wishes she didn't have to endure that pain.

i blocked and reported the guy who cheated on her

At least that's what the guy here in town who improvises his own superhero costumes said.

Between "taking a break" and off & on relationships females always go back to the guy that done them wrong. Stop faking for the video.I remember this one last time, this guy said to me, "Bagi lah I bayar pulak." Tak tahu nak rasa apa.Just need a guy who will raise dogs with me. I really hate that guy that fires a shot gun 2 kill javelina's(which I think is illegal) in the middle of the night scares the hell outta me. maximum ride guy: ew ppl outside the gender binary XDDD. Nr: A Guy Like you Manwa (webtoon).

can this guy stop sending me dick pics i wanna vom. luv that guy. Guy in next seat on train doesn't get the irony of his long loud phone call threatening someone with legal action re sending out spam email!.

I really like this guy, but idk if he likes me back

Family guy is getting really stale. 'It's not my priority,' says guy at dry ski slope. OK, so things like just going to the dry ski slope is then? FFS bbcbreakfast.

Gotta say, I'm shocked that Albertans are willing to vote for a 48-year-old guy who's never kissed a woman. Impressively broadminded. ableg. Met Denzel Valentine tn. Chill guy.To ouvindo help do pink guy no repeat :3. SORRY FOR THE MESS HERE. THIS GUY JUST WOULDN'T STOP BLEEDING.I think it could've been Percy. That guy that they interviewed on YoTv. He had dreads nje and sang. I wonder where he is now.that otter jesus guy may have been a huge fagget but even he can't ruin otters.

Remember that one season of America that totally jumped the shark and cast that reality show guy? What were the writers thinking?. Im at five guys with cynthia and she thinks every guy here is gonna kill us.... why am i friends w her LMAO.

Ppl can try wined that in for some more donkeys too come like picture guy gonna kill ya

oomf the cutest guy ever i swear but he gotta stop getting mad at me all the time. This guy has dreads and a green hairband and all I can think about is how much I love Lucio. Hmmm it's all quite scary with this Nathan guy isn't it? Corrie coronationstreet.

Girl in class: I want a cheeseburger. Guy in class: you must be on your period. ??????????. Thoughts from my NintendoSwitch hands on in Manchester: pro controller is great, Screen & HD rumble are fab. splatoon was v popular.Small thing you people will start making a case of Jonathan was better or worse. The guy had to Go. Buhari sef go go. We'd search until ...WHY DOES IT MAKE A GUY 10X HOTTER WHEN THEY WEAR GREY SWEATPANTS. binch tht guy started asking questions abt my parents backgrounds and religion and if i believe in god and when i said idk he was like "why". Do you respect yourself enough not to off pant for any guy? Like honestly.

lol Kentucky is always the bad guy in every situation. Gotta love it.

That guy has been baiting Briscoe for several minutes now

My dad was a shy guy, that's why he left when i was born.Bro the confused white guy meme is GOLD. We were standing in the parking lot while the mall was on fire and this guy walked past and politely and nicely cat called me. Kris Amador2 days ago I'm gay I would beat off a guy I would beat off a guy 61.

To err is human; to blame it on the other guy is even more human. - Bob Goddard. RIP to the guy who got stabbed in the taint in John Wick 2. Also, that's one good movie.How can people hate this guy.AM ACC SCREAMIN THIS GUY REALLY THINKS I WANNA DATE HIM. I FEEL SO BAD. there was this guy named houston i met i was gonna make a joke like "is your last name texas" but it was best that i didn't. Osborne has 20 already. Guy can really score. Surman Neal has 15. Guy can really shoot SWOCC nwac.

I'm the guy at the gym sitting on the thing you sit and lift weights on and watching tv

Trump is like Popeye, need his supporters to get his adrenaline pumping! Popeye better guy!. I'm definitely at my trashiest when the guy at the hibachi restaurant makes a train out of an onion and I start clapping.En direct de l'Univers avec Guy A. Lepage . Excellent et touchant.i love jacob but the guy who wrote him is writing liam......... im worried now. Acting all confident huh?? Okayyy.. See y'all at the Bridge our "on form" friends... see you at the Bridge KTBFFH Chelsea.

She deserves a guy who'd treat her right & not say something rude too her bc that just shows that he doesn't know gabby the way i know gabby. Bassey smart guy. Let me be CLEAR, I don't want a guy who hasn't built character via true adversity, & destroys the environment wgolf courses, to have power.A series loss would not be ideal for Clemson. Trail 3-0 but more importantly, Clemson pitching staff needs to find where each guy will be. Bassey won!!!!. Sharp guy!.

Every girl has that one guy she will never lose feelings for

Sharp guy. Badt guy..guy fieri vore me. Bassey na sharp guy. i was about to type out "i wonder what thomas and guy smell like" but that's not the type of life i want to be living right now.There's this British guy that Periscopes walking his Malamute and it's seriously the best thing I've ever watched. The cheekiness is an A.

Guy just came to my door talking about "we need to save the bees." The bees? Somebody needs to save me. if a guy sent me a video jacking off id block. NSNSNNSNS. iiii need them raaacks Ceiling hiiigh they be staaaaacked Feeling liiike I am thaaaaat Guy iiii need them raaaacks. Don said don't call it fake news and the 1st thing this guy said was fake news lmao.

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r u mine is playing which brings back memories of a dick head guy before he was a dick head guy...

I have a fever and most likely 2 ear infections and all i can think about is the cute guy in my English class & how i love procrastinating. the guy that brought me food just complimented me on my jordans he has them too lmaoooo. Haven't heard much about that Milo guy since those Berkeley kids shut him up.Canada's cons: CPCLdr US TV guy, Can Values woman, bible thumping misogynist yokel, fear migrants drunk, ex-PM singing for Trump...sigh...Fb relationships: Meets guy yesterday for first time. Next week: "I married my best friend!". Yeah you making the background of your pictures doesn't look like the Iphone 7 plus portrait quality sorry guy :.

being with a guy that treats me so well makes me wonder why i put so much effort into boys THAT DIDNT DESERVE ME IT GETS BETTER Y'ALL TRUST. this guy sends me an unsolicited selfie on snapchat every day and the caption always has something to do with his beard. "I just wanna make sweet love to you sometimes, Junkrat." Guy impersonating Junkrat: Wot? "Nothing." "Wot you say?!" Silence Impersonator, -.

girl: kiss me in the rain guy: oh ok I can do tha- girl: wait that's too sweet hit me with your car in the rain

Who's commentating along side Brian Stann? That guy definitely needs to go!. just gave a guy road head so he would take me through the mcdonalds drive thru.

"We didn't even talk about why the guy in operation is awake. His eyes are open and he's having like nine surgeries..." uks kimmyschmidt. Guy walked past. Full on beard. Viking mode activate. Oh man.... I wantssssss mondaymotivation. I used to think you were this great guy, and now, from where I stand, you don't look much like a man at all.I am HERE for these biblical startled-white-guy memes. the guy sitting next to me is drawing in his notebook and playing chess instead of taking notes... why bother coming to class then?. I hope Bill Nye The Science Guy has a great day today.

just witnessed a guy sit down on a hammock and immediately fall out backwards..... i accidentally said "same" out loud. CAMON LADY! OR GUY! OR IT!.

"I want eleven captains but it's important to have a guy I can talk to a little extra

its mostly older guys but i have gotten cocks from high school boys in public restrooms too,love servicing guy after guy looking to get off. We talking about snowboarding and smoking on the lift and this guy sends a gif of someone brushing donald trumps hair????. Met a guy called Jared today, you can imagine my reaction.

"I'm just looking for a guy thats emotionally available and not filled with bees" -Trixie Mattel. A car just drove down my street and gave me a flash of the past. There was a guy on top of the car riding and a 2 guys in the vehicle.Corrine introduces Nick to parents- mom and dad, this is the guy who plays the bachelor on the Corrine Show thebachelor. "I am no traitor! I punched a guy I didn't agree with and he just so happened to be the leader of the country!"New Gintama season looks good. If this guy really wanted you for this product, he'd fly to trash South Carolina or wherever it is you slimeballs live TeenMom2. that one lizard guy from yowapeda creeps the hell out of me.


Thanks to the old guy at my work making me watch the bachelor

I need a guy that has an LA body & an Oakland face. watching hometown Bachelor episodes Mom:"woooowwwww I wonder if Shelby will ever bring a guy home to meet" WE GET IT MOM. Thought Gideon was about to get roofied But that guy is going to get poisoned? APB. 7. leave you 100 times but when you leave them you're the bad guy.

the library is my fav place hands down. saw an old guy wearing two pairs of neon knee socks at the same time. hes livin right. Perfect guy is not the one who has more money or the most handsome one you'll met. Its the one who knows how to makes you smile everyday.Could you date a sensitive guy. The guy who was supposed to buy the teggy never showed up.... smh. fcf city ... The city guy all the way. so i hit a guy today and he fell down on his knees and started yelling in pain.

kahit ang sungit nung delivery guy love na love ko parin yung nideliver niya huhu

EVERY girl knows that one annoying guy constantly asking "So when we gonna chill?. h8 when a girl knows a guy's taken but acts all hoe-ish whenever she's around him. Hope the abusive man conversation doesn't end at "this guy is making us look bad" to my fellas out there.Guy is egoing me in DM's. I said every fight always involves him. Can't accept he is the problem, not me or the rest of the people. I'm done. Saw a comedy show & spoke to the guy after & gave him a thumbs up but he thought it was a handshake so he grabbed my hand??.

Guy next to me in the men's urinal burped so loudly. Guess he was trying to do a burpee.This homeless guy already knows I'll buy him food he gets all happy when he sees me. don't want to be That Guy, but I do kinda hate how you have to get spoonfed a bunch of highly prejudiced nonsense to get a medical degree. sits behind hot guy on train adjusts feet and accidentally kicks chair. hot boy gets po &angrily shouts stop kicking my chair cantwin. Watch this guy,he packs a punch! Are you sure he's not one of yours? I know I have what it takes to do what is right. Timing is everything.

Or when a guy orders for u

theres this bald guy in my class that pats hus head like he wears weave. so this guy is talking about soccer saying that playing forward is better because you don't have to run as much...tf...I am a dragon. Not some guy Dan met at the bus station in a dragon suit. He proceeds to ask me what I'm doing that night. So I'm like oh I'm going on a date blah blah. He's like oh well he's a lucky guy. How's a dead guy won. the guy I used to like looks homeless but I'm pretty sure he always looked homeless he's just really embracing the look now.

And the one day I order a frapppe from Starbucks I talk to this guy from Spain. Stormzy what a load of wank this guy is. Please someone send this guy home BRITs. I swear a guy could be riding the bus shirtless but he wouldn't get as many stares as a niqabi would.

I think I'm a nice guy compared to Future

I wish the ugly kid didn't talk to the hot guy during the whole bus ride. I'm about to arrive at my stop and didn't get the hot one's number.

Can this guy shut up. Tried to toss my mechanic the part he needs to fix my car. Poor guy just can't catch a brake.classmate: "you're that guy who's a genius at programming right?" me, full poptart in mouth: "yesh". So I just got hit by a guy on his bike. Using in the sidewalk. While I'm trying to talk to the little kids that we're calling me.Who pays for yalls fake titties at 18??? Do u take out a loan? Do u ride an old guy a couple times a month?. All my guy friends are getting asked to Sadies....... Must be nice.

this guy sent me an anon saying can I break your hymen and then rtd it after I replied lmaooo. Just gave a guy a shape up and shave and he said I'll be back next week to pay you. I'm really bout to start asking for cash before I cut.this guy won't stop looking at me what do i do.

Missed the NASA announcement, and for some reason I'm not bothered to check

melon = mean guy. who is this guy talking during the commercials he scares me.

When a song comes on and you're like "wow did this guy write a song about me???". Every time I see Brian Tyree Henry on ANYTHING I get excited to see what level of talent he will bring. This guy is a beast! ThisIsUs. Terrible choice to have Chris Martin sing that tribute. He's a talented guy, but he's no vocalist. Should have been Sam Smith BRITs2017. Even if Jesus was just a regular guy, as he might have been, I would still follow him to the hillside and eat up his words.I'm a simple guy. Candle lit dinners, walks on the beach, breaking and entering suburban homes to steal the candles for those dinners.good woman hard to find these days but they out there somewhere probably worried around making money and aint worried about a guy anyways.

A guy that has the wealth or a guy that can sustain the wealth? Choice is yours to make. For me its not about now but the future.Just buy a snickers, be a normal guy. a very enthusiastic older guy took my ticket for arrival and said "awesome movie. gotta keep an open mind it makes you think" ok friend. so this guy , came to my bus during dismissal for busses , & waited for me to get there , just to ask me for my IG , because he didn't want. So the guy who did my nails had on Jordans, a polo sweater, and a tear drop under is right eye .....

david olkarny 4K wallpaper

David Olkarny a tellemnt de talent et son couple est magique. j'veux la vie de David Olkarny.

That was a big discussion 4K wallpaper

Started my senior seminar discussion questions, but I'm now reading about all Trump's cabinet nominees & that was a big mistakes.I'm as selfish as they come and even I'm not that heartless. It warrants a discussion if nothing was said to him but it nuh that big.also my senior capstone class had a big discussion about why we read, what we get out of books, etc, that was really nice and thoughtful. How you get mad at a lil kid for a legit question, we was having a discussion, that's what I wanted it to be on. Big fella was mad. Wat if OSU had a program on Thurs or Fri nights that was a listening party for albums and mixtapes and just have a big discussion afterward. Discussioncritique are imp., but ultimately Gaga was a big part of me discovering my queer identity so I will always be grateful for that.