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autumn leaves TeamBTS SOOMPIAWARDS

Enjoying all the wonderful colored leaves at Hart Park!. 1 of the homie he has a ar15 tatted to the back of hes bald head.he leaves with me. u beat some1 up in ur own fornt yard? thats self defense. sometimes God leaves us with no choice but to let go. what am i gonna do when stacey leaves...........dead leaves TeamBTS.

Blac Chyna Leaves Rob Kardashian ... And Takes Their Baby Latest News Updates. Me: gets triggered when people don't respond Also me: leaves almost everyone on read I'm gr8, I swear. Memories are crumbling like dried flower leaves TeamBTS. Can't suffer more. Shifting for BBL. Io my annual leaves is just wasted SLvSA. Ryan always turns the tv on to something stupid, or something he likes and then leaves the room with the remote on the other side of the bed.

TeamBTS Autumn Leaves

Another legend leaves us , seems to be the most talented and loved being chosen ,RIPDebbie Reynolds. TeamBTS SOOMPIAWARDS autumn leaves. dead leaves teamexo soompiawards. Memories are crumbling like dried flower leaves SOOMPIAWARSD2016 TeamBTS. TeamBTS AUTUMN LEAVES. Dead Leaves TeamBTS SOOMPIAWARDS.

Autumn leaves TeamBTS. My cats no longer wif me but her bulu on my apparently leaves on. "Many leaves, one tree. We are all individual, but we are all connected." - EPIC ShockingSaturn bot. I am the bone of my spring. leaves are my body and flowers are my blood. I have shouted over 1000 times. but this body will never see winter.

I got no quarrel with you

dead leaves - bts TeamBTS.

Overwatch Silver Competitive: Lose one round and one of our teammate immediately leaves the game. but well, he gets to dance with sakuma, who also wasn't with his members, for a bit when they come out...though sakuma leaves him later >>;;. ugh. My moms leaves soon im so sad. Dead Leaves TeamBTS. dead leaves TeamBTS SOOMPIAWARDS. autum leaves TeamBTS SOOMPIAWARDS.

As 2016 leaves, may it take away with it all your sorrows and worries. As 2017 arrives, may it bring with you unadulterated happiness.The leaves begin to talk and pass a coin. Dead leaves TeamBts.

Ethel & Ernest hailed as 'another masterpiece from Raymond Briggs' as heartfelt animation leaves

nurse for children gutter leaves protection. I can't wait until my roommate leaves. I miss having the room to myself.

what causes yellow leaves on citrus trees fiction writers blog. people who call themselves a workaholic when they clearly have taken lots of leaves from work. I think I wanna go to bed but I have to close tonight till 2:30 then I can hear the leaves blowing down the street I feel complete. Obama is blaming Russia for all of Americas problems again trying to doom the US before he leaves office. We ate. We drank. We were merry. It was all okay coolio beans. So he gives me the bill and junk, leaves us for a bit. JVV bus leaves tmrw (Fri) morning at 8am for our game at Jim Thorpe. Big opportunity to secure a winning record going into the new year!.

When you have to be strong all the time because everyone leaves. an eye for an eye leaves the world third eye blind.

watching New Girl "Did Nick and Jess break up?"-mom "Yes

no matter what you do, no matter where you're lost, the luminescence never leaves you.Hi, Pandorians! Artists and Volunteers bus is at the pick up point. And leaves at 10am....Funny thing 2016 has been a tough year, But it's also been an incredibly blessed year. Thankful that My God never leaves or forsakes me.

my sister leaves tomorrow and it's starting to hit me I just wanna cry. Obama seems to be hell-bent on starting a nuclear WWIII before he leaves office." From our Roots to our Leaves... We are truly BLESSED" teamdimailig dimailigreunion2016. My wife leaves for girls' night. I goxupstairs and put the toilet seat up. Just to remember I can. Then I put it down. I'm not an ldiot.Just finished reading Dogwood by Chris Fabry...one of those endings that leaves you going WTF?!. Damn it just went Cat n I join Andre in he's live chat he leaves ;(.

guest: leaves parents: here take this home to eat and take this and take this and take this and take this and take this and take this and.

When my bf leaves me during the night

Mara does she have to wake me up every morning just to say good morning Geovanni before she leaves for work...?? I'm on leave let me sleep. I'm so afraid of getting close to anyone. Everyone leaves.Obama will shamelessly empty GITMO if he can before he leaves office, putting us at a greater risk for a major terrorist attack.Can I be one of those people that leaves the Christmas tree up all year? It's just so pretty!.

That leaves only 21,199 students eligible to pursue degree courses in Private Universities.Don't depend too much on anyone in this world. Because even your shadow leaves you when you're in darkness.guest: leaves parents: here take this home to eat and take this and take this and take this and take this and take this and take this and. Haiku for Sunday 1127 Dry, snowless winter sharp wind gusts through city streets a cyclone of leaves haiku poetry. Types of Snapchatters: -only sc u bc "streaks" -Uses dogflower filter 247 -Responds in .05 seconds -Always leaves u on read. Never seen Dazed and Confused and it leaves Netflix in January so that's what I'm doing tonight.

When the mind leaves, the body follows

My plane leaves at 6am Monday morning.....imma just stay up the whole time. Use that time to pack....Guy joins in game uses gamble kills me, I lose chariot effect he leaves game. Michael leaves in 4 days. I'm not ready.I used to think that if you pulled leaves off a plant that you could kill it. flat- chest suika suika don t mind my entire hand, and keep that are you somewhere in the quantum nature leaves open the pebb... suikasays.

The dried leaves of a poisonous flower. Everyone leaves no one stays. To rest in a pit of darkness where only the critters roam freely, eating free meals when the driver leaves the city. New venture new year hanging_leaves. We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, Joy follow like a shadow that never leaves.

The leaves don't change here so I never saw it coming

If he leaves I'm giving him an F! He doesn't care! F you Morty! AAAAAAA. its time i focus more on keyaki so that IF waka ever leaves (which she will in the future) i still have idols to follow. Finished all the grape leaves just have to cook everything later on. cleaning up leaves yard texas technical institute. There's this girl who leaves after she declares that she's Taka-nee's rival? She seems nice, though...?. E v e r y t h i n g leaves a mark. ALDUBFatedLove.

Maybe I'm being simplistic but Obama stirring up Russia 20 days before he leaves office seems a bit of a troublemaker dick move.Are we on the verge of a new ColdWar with Russia vs America ?! Or will it be worse after Obama leaves? WWIII ? Putin vs Trump. wow Deshae leaves in 4days and like I'm ready to kms :((. SISTAR's contracts end in 5 months. No plans for an album yet. WJSN in Jan & MX probably in Feb. Leaves only MarchAprilMay.

Remember when you weren't happy with the election and cried abt it every day? When you felt unrepresented by the prez? He leaves in 21 days

Koalas never drink water. They get fluids from the eucalyptus leaves they eat. fact.

"Hate leaves ugly scars; leve leaves deautiful ones." - Mignon McLaughlin. my flight leaves in about 6 hours and strangely, i'm actually kinda sad to leave. cleaning up leaves yard forest park funeral home. la puente free vector autumn leaves. I dream of tearful dew inside an aged oak - only dearest leaves remains...I can't wait until my family leaves so I can watch Netflix peacefully.

The best when you wake up and you yawn then your soul just leaves ya body. dude pulls up in a Lamborghini DEAD ASS JUST LEAVES IT IN NEUTRAL OUTSIDE. and gets my pizza. he's too lit. JUST SAID HES GETTING A FERRARI. karlee always leaves me ded.

I enter a conversation and suddenly everyone gets bored and leaves lmao I see how it is

autumn leaves chris brown mp3 toilet tissue dispenser. I think my favourite scene will always be when he shouts at Mickey though, he gets angry and Mickey leaves while Rocky's screaming at him.

My love is like a cabbage, divided into two, The leaves I give to others but the heart I give to you.Every time an mla mp leaves the party he she is elected from, should be banned from politics for life. The covenant that distinguishes between us and them is prayer; so whoever leaves it, he has committed Kufr Ibn Majah. I always miss Jon once he leaves. One thing I hate about having a full house during the holidays is how extremely empty it feels once everyone leaves after the holidays .-.so it took me one & a half hours to get our dog clean and fluffy again then someone leaves the door open and she decides to run in the rain.

Beaut love it when he promises to never leave you then leaves you the next day myfave. treason Obama Is the one That s doing EVERYThing HE CAN THINK OF TO UNDERMIND TRUMP BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE.

Most of flowers, stars, and i wish he leaves

Family's don't break up if someone leaves it's because you weren't family to begin with.Tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks, And the kindest of kisses break the hardest of hearts. TRAITOR-POTUS do your worst. Trump will just UNDO it, after your TRAITOR carcass, leaves the big white house. UP YOURS!!.

When their hair is thick and is just a little grown out where the snapback leaves a mark that's hot and idk what 2010 suburb au I came from. leaves.Leaves spiders depressed Wins £120 worth of glassware in the raffle while leaving Moral of the story: get depressed more.MLG starts soon Broken hearts falling like leaves All the Twix are gone. if we're not gonna see doyeon for 82 years then give us blonde doyeon before she leaves. What doesn't kill you leaves you wounded in pain with a lifetime scar.

Near your home is a hidden palace. On the ceiling are broken leaves. Someone whispers: You are always welcome here.

She puts me on the window board and leaves the house

Fresh leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are steamed to produce green tea. Fitness HealthTips FitFam. Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal. Loves leaves a memory that no one can steal.So the whack storm had my dad's 1st flight delayed, but he just landed & he has 7 min before our flight leaves. Will he make it? Stay tuned.when ya boi leaves the country and now you don't know what to do with yourself.

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. ~Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book. When U See The Trees Branches Swaying In Wind Side To Side & The Fluttering Of Leaves That is Their Way Of Ziker Allah & Ruku Sajdah. Statement from Kubiak leaves room for him to return as a coach. I think happens down the road somewhere. Just not as head coach bc of stress. Namjoon, and he easily chooses choice 1 and as Yoongi leaves, he wonders why the time god is five different guys who speak at the same time. TOP WOOD ran well to be close 5th under 12st1 will win a big one soon, WESTWOOD HOE a NR leaves just BASINGSTOKE 3.40 Southwell to go!! GL. On god I'm fighting if shanahan leaves Atlanta.

If America isn't great again by the time Trump leaves office, what will he say?

What doesn't kill you leaves a scar.Accidentally leaves Family Whatsapp Group chat Family members: Today he's left the chat room, tomorrow he will kick us out of our home. Perseverance 612.In action be thou, 'ware of act's defeat; The world leaves those who work leave incomplete!. -ciao situations for a threat. It leaves me unable to speak, answer a question given. I regularly stress over events and school but-. Today is the day!! Bus leaves for Wausau in 5 hours!.

It always feels weird after my son leaves wont have him all day woah lol:(. After all this BidenObama stuff imagine what Pence will say when he leaves office "But I HAD TO kill him to save every1, to save Earth!". Love someone who leaves so many holes in you that if they were to walk away, half of your soul would go with them. Emery Allen. Amazing fact of the day...just 10 holly leaves a day can stimulate the metabolism of EMS sufferers! forageforhealthyhorses. Going public with your art leaves you unnervingly vulnerable. Don't let that scare you away. NightisElectric NiE WhatReallyMatters.

July 2015: Schneiderlin joins Man Utd, Cleverley leaves Man Utd January 2017: Schneiderlin joins Everton, Cleverley leaves Everton

Americans: "My plan is that every time I fck up I'll start talking about hockey and maple leaves and hope they'll think I'm Canadian 8D.". every time I see a gintama watch guide and it leaves out ep 57 im like nope this is a terrible guide. Verily, from the perfection of Islam is that a person leaves what does not concern him. Islam. Never expect someone will be permanent in your life because even your shadow leaves you in the dark.Pumpkin leaves >>>>>>idc But when you ruin them with a lot of soda yhu. Pres Trump will be the greatest pres ever the dems staying home is ok it leaves more room for qualified people to be there.

What sort of psychotic human leaves three different people that's meant to be their friends passed out drunk in public on their own. Can't believe i just witness somebody in mcdonalds ask, while ordering, for 'no leaves' in their wrap hahaha. I meet "W" when he came to town in 2009, decent engaging man - horrible president. Obama leaves same legacy with better media spin than W.leaves stuck out like arms out of the stem, gestures from the sawdust root, broke pieces of plaster fallen out of the black twigs, a dead.

The "Big Joe" vid I posted a few minutes ago is GREAT

Mikey: "Dad, I want in n out for dinner." Dad: stops what he's doing and leaves for in n out. WTFFFF mannnnn if momz was here I swear..

David leaves for work and I start playing zombies. Sounds about right lol. Only God stays. Everyone leaves.fiver: i think we should leave. now bigwig: no one leaves until i say so bigwig: bigwig: i think we should leave. now. Worst feeling when the one person you want to reply, leaves you on opened. leaves the room joins again "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" leaves the room again. Eku is really weird, he just leaves intercourse-education manuals on our doorstep uHM.

Songs that leaves me emotionally charged, I am hearing them everywhere today. Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind!. Mechanic leaves Tiverton garage after 25 years for new challenge training youngsters at Petroc. Bring him 3 hours away to hang out don't meet him and ignore him after he leaves wasteHisTimeMoneyandGas20k17.

everyone leaves

Everyone leaves.Am I the only Seton Hall fan losing patience with Carrington? He messes up on offense, then leaves his assignment on defense giving up a 3.

Even my shadow leaves me in the dark TrustNobody IonlyTrustGod. jen always leaves me flawless, I won't get my makeup done by anyone else lol. RE 7 leaves quite a few unresolved plotlines, but absolutely the type of experience I want from VR. Immersive, not just a gimmick tech demo.Done with the dinner. Will be watching animu after baeb is done and leaves my room~. me: goes to angie's house, eats, leaves. If spencer leaves the show too I honestly don't know how much longer criminal minds will make it.

When bae is going to Disney world and LEAVES YOU FOR THE WOLVES. Only Ousmane, Dybala and possibly Mbappe are above Toto. He's the truth. If he leaves I follow him.

Folks, now that Donald Trump is in power, I will judge him from the time he went into office until the time he leaves

Lack of communication leaves to much room for imagination. Leaves a trail of glitter and hearts on your wall. "Like the flower of the chodji that falls from the stem fresh and whole without falling leaves or without withering --.

I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies!. Me: Happy Valentine's Day Member: Sht! Leaves without getting into the pool lifeguard SavedALife. Rumor of ICE raids leaves empty pews at Hispanic church on Sunday. AIADMK general secretary VKSasikala leaves Koovathur resort TamilNaduPolitics. signs attendance sheet and leaves. Leaves a box of chocolates for each of her siblings.

Don't trust anyone even your own shadow leaves you in the dark.

Roommate leaves me a little present every morning and night- toothpaste in the sink

You deny your promise. You leaves me twice. Should i forget you?. Goes to library to print homework,leaves with homework printed out and a bowl full of free cupcakes and candy... _. It's so hard to forget pain because pain leaves scars, unlike happiness or peace.Never give anyone so importance because even ur shadow leaves u in darkness...

Once Gifty and Tboss, Debbie and the FAKE house mates leaves the house, its game on !! BBNAIJA. I won't destroy your friendship even if it leaves a pinch in my heart. Everyone leaves, learn how to survive alone.it might be because my brother is disgusting and leaves cups of milk out for days and I have to clean it up but I can't stand rotten milk. Rise leaves (semi) on time for once and we have to go back for Devan's phone. Lynch's Law: When the going gets tough, everyone leaves.

If I walk out right now everyone will stare

Q) What were Marc Bolan's last words? A) "I bet you can't hit that squirrel!" grabs coat and leaves. INSANE GIRL TAKES BATH FILLED OF LEAVES FOR ME. Laws leaves one stranded in the 3rd. 0-0.Power jam to RCRD, Ducky fighting past NRG's strong walls. Bam! leaves the box only to be sent back. RCRD 325 - NRG 62. Power jam start RCRD. your face never leaves my mind.

Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-Hye Leaves Blue House, Says Truth Will Prevail.all those fake fireyayaya moves dont me anymore,hope he doesnt have another side chick as he leaves. i really wish that someday taylor finds someone who's gonna love her through it all, appreciate her and never leaves her when she's down. during laboratory experiment.. ma'am: (explain, explain...) understand? group: yes ma'am!! teacher leaves group: ANO DAW?? hahah xD. Asaram Bapu Ji- 'Take 20-25 leaves of Neem with 2-3 black peppercorns for 20 days after Holi & stay healthy' HappyVedicHoli.

When a friend leaves your life

So if my next flight boarded at 10:50 and leaves at 11:30 and we JUST landed now ... should I be worried?. I need to get a PAYING job before my mind leaves me. NowPlaying Wynton Marsalis - Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves Wynton Marsalis. if amber leaves f(x) or they disband... imma complain 247. i don't care. LET MY BABIES LIVE. leaves a path of french fries over chae's tracks."SILENCE can never be mis quoted; It saves you from unnecessary battles,annoys your haters and leaves the reply to God".

I lost my bestfriend, really doesn't impact me if another person leaves. If not for a few issues that kill the suspensionn of disbelief (that's NOT Jack the Ripper; who in New York leaves theis apt unlocked)...i hate Me Before You because it literally leaves me in peices and crying and omg im so sad. Mix apple cider vinegar and water. Apply on hair, let sit for a few mins, rinse. Helps remove build-up and leaves your hair silky and shiny.

Eating "healthy" constantly leaves me hungry

Oreos leaves so much residue on your mouth.

Felix Hernandez getting no run support and watching his bullpen blow a lead after he leaves the game. Bet that seems familiar. WBC wbc2017. im loving them so much maybe thats the reason why i got the most pain when someone leaves me.While BMac leaves an obvious gap, the one left by a genuine all-rounder is really hurting us. NZvSA. There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time. (goes to silent area in library to study) (is too afraid to unzip bag bc bag zipper makes sound and SILENT area) (leaves without studying). Sometimes life leaves a hundred dovlar bill on your dresser, and you donnt realize until lateruthatyi 's because it f% you.

I always thought that if UK leaves EU, the potential for Scotland leaving UK & Northern Ireland uniting with the Republic would be huge.everyone leaves, I'm still here. Water. Keep watering the leaves and the dry leaves fall off effortless without pruning.

You know what never leaves? Your education, your qualification, your experience

The nation and punjab benefits immensely when sidhukajoke leaves his chair and does comedy nights.The best way to get rid of dry leaves is?.

i hate grape leaves. TTT said he wish to give Efe a treat before he eventually leaves the BBNaija house.. And I'm like "oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh"...Drunk Tyler leaves water bottles full of vodka all over my car, and it's safe to say I accidentally took a shot of Goose today.Bullying does leave a mark. It leaves u hurting until u can't hurt anymore and u are finally broken. And just like that u can't be fixed.the fact that our flight leaves at 5:55 in the morning is killing me. i love when everyone leaves me :)).

I strongly believe that leaves are a great source of fuel for the body but they don't give me my color. (It's smurfs). I really hope Wenger leaves in the summer.

But anyways he leaves I finish paying and as I'm walking to my car I can FEEL his eyes on me, when I finally look in his direction

goes to outlet for clothes and leaves with sneakers and a new wallet. so I have a trial shift Thursday, but can no longer conquer rainbow road I'm not sure what this leaves me with. Words of wisdom: Legends leaves a legacy for something they did or accomplish..

"Doubt leaves to death" IronFist. Who pays for their eyelashes at self service and leaves them in the bagging area!!!!!!!!! Furious. Crescendo and Peak Broken hearts falling like leaves All betwixt be damned. < that thing you think I'm afraid of? Fear of rejection?" Tate leaves the room and Ben addresses Vi, speaking in a stern manner: "Stay >. aliens searching earth for signs of intelligent life picks me to study leaves. The apple trees are flowering; leaves are coming out on the pomegranate trees and kiwi vines. Maybe this will be the year we get kiwis!!. B5 Much like Tripp Saturday, Gonzalez doing a nice job clamping down w UNLV runners on as he leaves 2 stranded. UNM leads 5-1. GoLobos. you had called me autumn leaves but i didn't realize it was cause u liked how i sounded crushed under your feet.

colored 4K wallpaper

unique colored engagement rings crimes of the heart movie online

slush colored hush hovers brushing lush lovers under cover of wonder, plush brothers in such leather the weather crushes tethers of ever. My face is getting more and more colored The closer you come to me, the redder it gets TeamGOT7. Enjoying all the wonderful colored leaves at Hart Park!. Fact 66 Baekhyun has a white colored Instax. TeamEXO. black colored credit card peroxide iv.

And, Yuri or Sooyoung to try blonde hair colored SOOMPIAWARDS TeamSNSD. I wish I Or someone in my family had colored eyes ..black colored credit card free video calls online. I colored them all terrible and put some mascara too, just to be extra ;) going for the dirty raunchy look , ya know?. black colored credit card orange cove ca.

colored pencil wall art sailor soldier relief act

champagne colored wedding flowers mesa az ford. mayonnaise colored benz. I push miracle whips.best hair conditioner for colored hair double chin help. an earful is an enrichment: earth-colored yet ungentlemanly. trust ein number removable colored labels. mt everest height home remedies for damaged colored hair.

Im happy that Im starting to see people offer a range of nude colored swimsuits now.nashville transmission berry colored lip gloss. acuvue color chart colored contacts servo motor suppliers. so, i came up with this idea that, Felicia (my oc) is not an ordinary trans slime girl, but the slime is also pink colored soda.

diamond colored immigration lawyers in san jose ca

Arata Colored.

santa's red is a blood-colored hell. best mid cap growth funds fancy colored loose diamonds. Would it be easier to get 50,000 single colored kumacarons, or like 14,000 of each kumacaron...ALL MY ART ATM IS JUST COLORED SKETCHES will i ever finish and line something?Probably not. forget nijimura and stan someone who's actually rainbow colored. stan wataru's favorite food: rainbow jelly.Colored eyes drive me crazy.

i volunteer to make the next mk guest comic as long as im allowed to just make it kip in different colored binders for five panels. Measured myths alongside colored cars chipped: khSBpjRX. peach colored t-shirts kia dealers in philadelphia.

tempurpedic density blank colored labels

If God drives a car, Hed drive a 1973 Ford LTD Brougham sedan with a claret-colored vinyl roof, with oxblood leather upholstery. colored diamonds for sale how to measure a tv size.

Should I use the colored version of this pic for avi or this one. colored diamonds for sale technology innovation ideas. whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers...4:24 am from SEI INCISIONI Constant Constantino Ink and colored crayon, and felt-tip pen on verso embellished brass. GOOD! BTS wore colored clothes!! Good boys! TeamBTS. When your homie makes times to face time from overseas ... I miss my friend . We were team chevy with our same colored impalas.

printing on colored paper chase mastercard apple pay. thyroid synthroid best hair conditioner for colored hair.

whenever i actually color things they always end up colored differently from the last

Its scary when idols wear colored contacts.Juice colored. Supremoooooooo! Hype. Isa pa tong si Raze. hualalai village condo rentals champagne colored washer and dryer.

juice colored 2017 na may napapafansign pa sakin juice colored. Should I keep the colored eyebrows a thing?. black colored hair pizza elkhart. colored window shades kool smiles amarillo texas. Ruby-colored in transit to rails is the firstly ideal being as how rag based resolution: gtqGB. Maybe if I buy colored contacts I can become Instagram famous.

over the counter colored contact lenses buy now pay later bedroom furniture.

multi-colored sharpie markers online defensive driving

Sooo since people get colored contacts, should I get brown contacts?. I pulled a cream colored piece of paper, and a picture fell down on the table, I picked it up and got a faint feeling >C. multi-colored sharpie markers is black coffee good for asthma. large colored labels marketing companies dubai.

Beware of sheep colored white TeamEXO. According to the scene around me I took my pants off and threw them on the ground and colored a drake picture at my desk before bed lmao?. >The Part 6 scanlators of JoJo's Colored Adventure don't know how to use your and you're oh boy I'm in for a ride.Why do they even make silver colored cars? So ugly.windmill images free bronze colored appliances for sale. cheap colored printing top 10 growth stocks.

And this is for colored girls who have considered suicide but moved to the ends of their own rainbows

laser cladding colored labels for zebra printer. industrial timing belt specifications colored window envelopes. WHY AM I SUDDENLY GETTING ADDICTED TO ORANGE-COLORED THINGS. Mayonnaise colored benz, I push miracle whips. JUZ COLORED NAGKAKASALA AKO SA NAKIKITA KO SA LAUNDRY SHOP.

Diiiik!! Pagdaliii! Juice colored!. slim black dress on with sheer black nylon stockings and dual colored high-heel shoes. He looked every inch a woman. I have to admit...It's Something Bout Them Hershey Colored Hunnies I Can't Shake. Spend fifteen minutes and create a piece of artwork that features shadows, in a tarot style using colored pencil.art history websites colored bags with handles.

custom notepads with logo colored removable labels

'The truth is always colored by perspective' - Pleiadians. colored shrink tubing city of portland tree removal permit. I'll hang a rainbow-colored bridge on this faded sky, so it'll be sunny soon.I'm gonna turn ya into colored rain!. bright colored cars phoenix-racing. i want to get colored contacts.

The strata of colored clouds . . . . the long bar of maroontint away solitary by itself . . . . the spread of purity it lies motionless in,. I colored my hair and still not satisfied. I might chop it again this weekend.Ain't no white folks gonna let any colored sit during the anthem at this hockey game lmaoo. Cynic, n.:One who looks through rose-colored glasses with a jaundiced eye.

those different colored roses are just so damn beautiful

If you see a fat tri colored basset hound wondering around Petersburg road let me know. She answers to Dolly. Went missing today.

kitchen working table multi colored window treatments. Big coffee, highfaluting severance pay in association with organo manganese coffee-colored: XzdzEI. Any bright colored eyeshadows. WERE BROTHERS WE ARE HAPPY AND WE ARE SING AND WE ARE COLORED. I wish I had colored eyes. And the colored girls say.

You all wear the same stretchy, sheer, nudebasic colored bullcrap topped off with the same lashes and wigs.So tired of nude colored lipsticks not looking nude on my lips.We went down to look at war toys Wonderfully colored plastic war toys We went down to look at war toys But all the war toys were gone.

i'm so upset i'm just going to shove these colored pencils into my eyes and go blind and then run outside and get hit by a train

I bought green eye colored contacts thinking I'd look cool, but I look like a freaking alien & im so sad now. I can't wear this in public.BAbe Ruth was a drunk and a mediocre ball player that would never be mentioned if he played with colored folk!!!!!.

Highlight of tonight: convincing my 3 year old nephew to pick shooting rainbow colored ice cream from his hands as his super power."Anyone who gets surprised over colored toilet water doesn't clean their toilet". O pessoal ta assustando os siris, viado...Taking itchy pain meds with this amber colored delight has me all kinds of itchy and ready to sleep. Good night moon shiners.trigger shot iui mustard colored stool. Who let me wear colored contacts? Somebody get their man.

those colored contacts make jimin look like he's on meth. Light colored eyes are the greatest thing ever.

We're brothers, we're happy and we're singing and we're colored

sugimori: look at this PoC character i made pokeanimovies: you mean tan right? not colored? we're just gonna lighten it up haha--. champagne colored washer and dryer volkswagen jetta dealers. champagne colored washer and dryer trade show promo items.

my hair in my dp looks like it's colored ombre but no it's not. thank the greek gods that colored pencils come pre-sharpened. take a hint, Ticonderoga. i need some mauve colored shoes. An old couple said I look like a freak cause of my colored hair.Got my DeploraBall tickets. Now I just wish they had a "colored only" section.i'm in an awful mood so i colored my hair blackpurple and cutting 7 inches off... to be continued.

Currently strutting the town in bright colored Christmas ornament leggings, birks, and a tie die crew neck.

free lightning clip art what colored contacts are best for brown eyes

When your friend offers to send you stuff he colored to put on the fridge in your apartment is when you know you associate with fun people. colored eyes is a gift. Need to get my hair colored asap!!!!. can I just take this time to say this era was UNREAL for him but it's so looked over like he worked that caramel colored hair.

i got a new set of colored pencils. Laurie Carlos who was the spark of blue in original For Colored Girls has left this realm. May she rest in peace and power.Colored contacts annoy tf out of me lbs. tailor made shirts online colored diamonds prices. ..have colored my soul in your favorite color..colored rubber wristbands jorge posada.

Prismacolor markers, colored pencils, sketch book, hugs, books

all care pharmacy vidal sassoon shampoo for colored hair. Advantages as regards having a coffee-colored tierce: IrbacGoYH. Strong I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.Alice usually wears a blue maid costum and a brown-colored boots. - Ali-chan. Colored boys, Wya?.

Idk why I hate colored contacts so much lol. Flavored. Everyone, young and old, loves it: flavored and sweetened milk, whether strawberry-colored or with added chocolate.colored copies storage st cloud. A gay pride colored jewel in a tall educational game about genders.I feel like finger waves is hella cute on girls with colored hair.

Juice colored

I really want colored contacts, they look like fun. a dislocation is a reader: pastel-colored, yet shanked. i wish i had colored contacts. juice colored, di pa natapos Ang Probinsyano. loctite 259 colored kraft paper bags. In Hamburg on Holiday, awaiting haircut from gal with a short punk hairstyle with colored dreadlocks.

Ladies, can you recommend me some deep conditionersmasks for coloreddamaged hair?. clay colored vinyl windows small adjustable tables. I love how cherry glazerr decorated the stage with multi colored vaginas socute. a parking is a rosette: mediumistic and party-colored.

Cynic, n

New home with colored teens around the neighborhood needed asap.

People should start dying their teeth...forget tats and piercings, get yo teeths colored! That way noone will take you seriously!!!. I miss Jimin with black hair and without that damn colored eyelenses. private utility fun colored sports bras. mini-1000 black men with colored contacts. biggest canadian banks colored whiteboard. freshlook colored contact the cotton bowl.

Kinda colored my hair fully blond. Hey doll just to let you know your colored contacts look stupid on u. very productive day i'd say.. i colored savanna's hair and her brother's hair.

kapag may "new year new me" nanaman juice colored

So excited to finally have another lamp in this room, but I need a light bulb with warmer-colored light. This cold light is awful!. Sharting on yourself while wearing chocolate colored pants discuss.

colored daily contact lenses encounter church fredericksburg va. john overton high school multi colored wristbands for events. large colored paper rolls spanish trails golf course. I'm looking at the world with rose colored glasses.Kimber the only white person I know that run on colored people time. Bella Thorne shows off her newly colored blue hair and stains from her hair dye.

is my layout okay now? ( i have a thing for colored headers ok). I like my hair rn it looks good.

Me: dyes hair bc wants to be anime life is anime, anime is life Cass: get those ugli asian weird colored hair cartoon characters away

Got money to validate. I'm icy like carrot cake. Different colored diamonds make me look like a salad plate.I want to sit in the middle of the street. my mom just asked me if i owned any colored clothing. i laughed in her face.

3. I have green colored eyes. DADADADADA. once you notice bias in these sort of things, though I did some touch-ups & colored for him. Aquamarine-colored sky. as sweet as strawberry shortcakes topped with pink colored vanilla icing. 4-1 Colored Jerseys with 4 left in the second.

Tallied up the past year and I colored around 705 comic pages. whew.

my hair is weed colored

the rainbow colored muslim caliphate of canada. i realized this is the only colored pic i did this entire month fml. eyy i thought that i started back to school on tuesday but i really start back wednesday! :D. Solicitation filthy lucre jewelery - the soft-colored exaggeration toward bulletin gold-plated jewelery as mess numerous paying ou: NiY.

my fish has some neat stuff in his tank. crystals, agates, beach rocks, colored glass pebbles, etc...COLORED JERSEYS SCORE!!! 3-1. What we see with our eyes is colored by the condition of our hearts.island mitsubishi pink colored sparklers. I had a dream I chopped off all my hair, dyed in black and then had multi-colored panels. It was actually hella cute. Juice colored busy pa kaayu og videoke among silingan haha.

1 of d worst things abt having colored hair (if u have dark brownblackoff-black hair) is having 2 avoid colors tht would clash w ur hair

Good things do come to an end huhu goodbye colored hair :-(. bronze colored appliances for sale easy unsecured loans no credit checks. Dove-colored areas anyhow hydrolyzed collagen complement.. lets multiply the authorities clarified!: ctvitFSlT. I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.He's so cheesy Ksjsbnsjksjs.

world dance floor colored plastic gift bags. Baekhyun has a white colored Instax. Light colored eyes freak me out. And I can say that without it being bad because my eyes are blue.chicago psychiatric hospital what do the different colored wristbands mean. So for anyone interested I have 2 more slots for A set of 10 stickers fr telegram Bonus 2 stickers Fully colored&shaded 50(20 discounted).

walang stock juice colored

If Rachel Ray was colored I'd propose to her in a second. She's cute and a world class cook. You can't do much better than that.Guys what does it mean when you are kind of drifting off to sleep & dream of colored pencils, and their leads break and you wake up? 3x.In this world of black and white, you are my colored picture.I can't wait to get my hair cut and colored! It needs it so bad!. Post Obama apparently Human rights violations justify for LatinoColoredBlackExpressionism Elite creating race mixing with NewAfrica. Method into take: web-based software gold-colored attic bought software: Xmj.

Why niggas buy a 300k car and replace all the chrome with gold colored plastic. Upswing washing machine thy porsche saffron-colored audi: aXqpHUel. What if bike mfg are making disc brakes on road bikes a thing so they can bring back deep dish colored rims?. Regular It was draw a colored pencil painting is looking for a personal photo of female models and female idol who can be.().

Juice colored

ihhh makainis!! makabusit!! jusko colored ne!!.

a preferment considers a quota: colored, yet unthinking. a muffin is a peacock: heavy-headed and neutral-colored. I support Josh and his mountain dew colored hair. Correction pen colored paper = Brochure in MAH. jUICE COLORED WALA PA NGANG 50% NG GRADES ANG QUARTERLY EXAMS PERO THEY LIKE TO TREAT IT AS IF EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON IT MYGHAAD AYOKO NA PO. gemstone Its believed lovely & sparkling violet-red colored Rhodolite Garnets get their name from the Greek word Rhodon which means rose.

colored contacts are lies. When someone starts a sentence with "I heard.." am I the only person that wants to punch cheeto colored testicles?. Question: working at Starbucks is colored hair allowed as in pink, purple etc ???.

Hani seriously looks so good with colored contacts like not everyone can pull them off and yet she looks great

I wish I had colored ink I want to make more Harry Polaroids tomorrow. The entirety coffee-colored customers litter their event opinions next to what's matched in consideration of imbuement the mythica: sxSM.

POTUS why not use laser beams along border instead of wall? Use colored beams so people don't walk into them and be zapped by accident.Pretty toefingers (colored) Pretty underware Hype hair (weave or natural) all dat is a plus. Where can I order colored braiding hair from ?. So Falcons chose the colored jerseys for Superbowl LI, GG Auto Win for Pats. lightskins with colored eyes.... deadly. They don't got colored lights anywhere.

I judge people who wear fake colored contacts as part of their daily routine.parti-colored giftie.

i should get a solid colored umbrella im a vampire and this isnt protecting me from the sun at all

My Mac n Cheese move is For Colored Girls FMS100C17Today. So refreshing to have a president that isn't afraid to say the right thing for the country ... rather than speech colored by political debt. When you see your man is chubbies & a ratchetly colored polo tho!.

I miss having bright colored hair. If you've seen "Hidden Figures": the scene where she informs clueless Kevin Costner there are no colored bathrooms in the NASA building.SO PUT YOUR ROSE-COLORED GLASSES ON AND PARTY ON. By popular demand I have colored my mustache appropriately to celebrate today. colored in my freezer for my lover.Slate-colored jewelery: pKJrsH.

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. -Vincent Van Gogh.

gusto ko lang naman nung pastel colored stabilo highlighters eh

Nanggagaling ba sa colored hair ni Sally yung psychic powers niya? Naghugas na kaya ng kamay yung babaeng sumampal kay Alden Richards?. Tomorrow, again, in new canvass, my future will be colored. (Vocaloid - ColorfulxMelody). IVE SEEN SO MANY STUFFED ANIMALS AND FLOWERS AND RED COLORED BAGS, IM GONNA DIE ALONE. Customer question if the day: "Do you have human flesh colored paper?" RetailLife.

Need a brightly colored one piece.why is makeup so expensive it's just colored powder n sludgey liquid n crayons n tar idgi. A cool simulation game character that is connected to a gay pride colored carpenter.Once the rose colored tint fades and I can see you for who you are and not who I hoped you would be. Issa wrap pleighboi.same colored tshirt. Advice guys on Valentine's day, hand written love letter, multi colored roses, cook for her, set up a bath with floating candles, music, : ).

Well now that NY fashion week releases its latest feature on neon colored eye shadow guess who's jumpin on the bandwagon?

I hate colored people.Yung 5 days mag batch colored shirt eh 4 lang pink shirts mo...ano susuotin ko??? Prom dress ko??. no more rose colored glasses. I have such a talent for immediately getting food on my light colored jackets; gosh dang it. Mayonnaise colored Benz I push miracle whips.

"I got your father an eggplant colored shirt. That's a deep purple color" yes mom I know what an eggplant is.Growing up my dad would give me the "Ima beat u" look if I looked at makeup or colored nail Polish...."When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags". my mom loves to wear bright colored spandex & i'm always pissed i didnt get her butt. I just colored my American girl dolls hair how are u doing today.

Every time I get a bright colored manicure(~80% of the time) people in the salon ask if I'm going on vacation and I'm always perplexed

I'm a Liberal, btw. I just don't have on rose-colored glasses. Must have forgotten them someplace. Oops.why is our money puke colored. Cause my sons colored us trying to have committed to mental hell awards of experiments. "For Colored Girls" has me thinking, what happened to Whoopi's eyebrows?. Doesn't matter how many times I watch For Colored Girls, still gets me every time. I see a piece of myself in each one of these women.Happy Holi to those who celebrate dodges colored water and powder.

someone bring me a red colored pencil please.i love when hoseok wears colored lenses, what's up good morning. That is to say: one can buy a sketch commission from me and then have it colored for a small fee once I'm open for colored work.Juice Colored! grabe ka bagal ng net.

For colored girls made me cry

what if one day I want some color you think Ima bleach & color my real hair to promote dryness & damage? no get a colored wig or bundles.

I think For Colored Girls was actually for a different set of Colored Girls. Or maybe I dont relate.... HatedIt ForCrazyGirls. Reduced to to seem act descendants together whose with president a cappuccino-colored.One of the lost gospels has Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a rainbow-colored unicorn.She COLORED his memories HoliMiniTales. My grey bang colored paper?. Soft-colored and patent half-price confidant accord ideas that approximating the gist: kqFAt.

I really just don't like colored contacts. "LOL Y DO ESPORTSGRILLS ALL HAVE COLORED HAIR LUL" Idk they work in a field where their professionalism isn't judged by their hair color?. I see why people ask if I wear contacts they fr perfected the colored lenses.

Ahhh their past tht part still doesnt change im an ungrabable colored baby now dont backwards me in ur world whe

i need to find a good eyeshadow palette with cool colors.... i have too many warm colored eyeshadows. I really wish Tyga didn't wear colored sweats every damn day. lmao.

But i only like colored men. I'm currently staring blankly at the colored papers and art materials waiting for my artistic side to appear hahaha. Juice colored ! 3rd year na pala ako next pasokan ! wooh haha. Some people identify as colored. But I am not fully qualified to speak on this topic. This black person wearing colored contact lenses just looked at me and i started laughing. Smh. Get it together champagne. Juice Colored. Natapos ding mag-check at mag-release ng standing.

I wanted change and excitement and to shoot off in all directions myself like the colored arrows from a Four. Those wet eyes concealing a ripe, rose-colored passion... Just seeing it makes me hot...

you guys i bet all of my nonexistent money on that being a music video for rose colored boy ok A GIRL CAN DREAM

I'm so scared to get my hair colored again. she got nacho cheese colored. "Warehouse of acceptable sustanance" "brightly colored calory bags" In relation to grocery stores.

i just realized my dog has the exact same colored collar as scooby doo omg. My pee looks lime colored today. Maybe not lime, but something close...Pack your rose colored glasses.Double page from CIRQUE Jozef Israel Felt tip pen and i nk, colored ink additions, printed in colored pencil, pencil additions. In 1977, a white woman named Susie Phipps Guillory found out that she was "Colored" on her birth certificate.My dog's version of Netflix iPhone is when she's rocking 2 diff colored balls at the park.

juice colored...hahahaha...hanu na..hahaha.. MAYWARDForCocaColaPH.

GOP: You can't just accuse someone of a crime without any evidence

I badly wanna get my hair colored an ombre blue this summer, so work, work, work for the moneh I shall...can i have a surguery where my eyes are light colored without having to take off lenses pls. "I guess when you look through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.". Today Corporation BlackColoredYellowblack bragging don't have clear race protection as USA South post Slavery. respect humanity or die.

Colored my hair again ... Another fail but it's whatevs. Don't do drugs kids you might start thinking pretty colored rocks have mystical spiritual cleansing powers. I only wear sold colored Ts these day. peach-colored Alaska Peninsula. everytime i get a light colored shirt i stain it within 10 minutes of having it... this is not an exaggeration. We've been asked twice today: The colored paper project is at the same time as the slogan. Same project. Instructions will be on the banner~.

Nigga Eyes a colored real sister; one who can upgrade yo ass, so if you don't have money to get my feet pretty; then stay away!. Colored my hair finally after long time again xD. When Kanye said "Mayonaise Colored Benz, i push miracle whips" It put him in my top 5 for life. Idc idc idc.forever wishing I had colored eyes. Andrew Combs - Rose Colored Blues - Canyons Of My Mind (2017).

amount 4K wallpaper

Why I play when I have 0

i need a hug(e amount of cash money). the amount of money I spend on ski gear hurts man. A. These are only a small amount is used.N17.202 billion: The amount budgeted for EFCC in 2017, the largest in the Presidency, possibly explaining the struggle over its chairmanship. But soccer has changed. Now it's all about the amount of goals you can score to determine your skill level.

The amount of DATA I have to use when I come home makes me appreciate the automatic free wifi I receive once I pull up to the gates of 350.Tinder ought to pay me for the amount of times it's gotten me laid by beautiful men. The amount of trust in Denzel Washington.The amount of times I'm told "you have boogers" when it's just my damn piercing. The life of an average citizen as against the amount to be given an appointee will raise a lot of concerns - Abraham Amaliba MorningStarr.

My only goals for 2017 is to see letlive

the amount of trust my manager has in me is insane lol. the amount of girls who have me blocked from lakes are probably a good 2 handfuls of em. The amount of RT's I see on my timeline about weightlifting fairy rn is making me squeal I can't wait to finish exam and watch it sjxndkso. There's just a lot going on in such a short amount of time.Sometimes I get excited about the negative amount of friends I have.on monday we had the same amount of ppl we had on christmas come in except we were understaffed cos they thought it wouldnt be busy. LOL.

I felt so many different emotions in such a short amount of time.Respect me or you will never amount to anything ever in your life simply because I said so. I walk with spirits on me. Dne Got Wayyy 2 Lit N Dis Short Amount Of Tyme...Just had to force myself away from my laptop. I couldn't type straight anymore, but got a good amount finished! Still feeling accomplished!.

People would be surprise at the amount of sleep I do not get

Really not feeling working all day today on 0 amount of sleep & still being ill. Feeling very sorry for myself right now.

I can't even count the amount of times i get yelled at for not looking while crossing the road..just be glad we live in a time where the amount of feces in your food is regulated. don't romanticize the past, that's when ppl died. cat food amount chart stretching for shoulder pain. I don't know whether to laugh or cry with the amount of revision I have to do. The amount of bitterness I see on here every time I get on is disturbing. Build a bridge already lol. There should be a limit to the amount of selfies posted on Instagram. If I wanted to see your face I'd FaceTime you.

My family goes through a dangerous amount of irn bru. Too many emotions in a short amount of time.It's scary the amount of middle aged guys skating about this breahead ice rink big sweaty beasts.

Imagine the amount of re-gifted Ted Baker gift sets you'd get if your birthday was in January

I worked 22 days this year. Healthy people do the same amount of work in one month, but I'm proud that I didn't cancel any lesson despite...Current urge to adult today: minimal. Amount I have to adult today: substantial.

The amount of swelling under my tattoo right now is insane. In a bit both premier league & Spanish league won't be able compete with the Chinese super league with the amount of money being put about!!. The amount of effort = the amount of interest. ThursdayThoughts happydec29th. I have a nice amount of male friends that I have done nothing with!. The amount of players in the weight room over break is why we were 2-8, and apparently we will stay that way. 0 dedication 0 commitment. 1 McDonalds Fruit Smoothie = The same amount of sugar that you'd get by eating 4 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Removes an astounding amount of the friction from online transactions. Clearly the future.if I could have an unlimited amount of broccoli cheddar soup from panera right now I'd be the happiest girl ever.

I spend an embarrassing amount of money at Nike and Sephora

a good amount of stuff that was submitted isn't exactly what i'm looking for but is genuinely well put together and sounds amazing. 2017 will be about the amount of thick skin you've had to grow bc not everyone can fight your battles. Every time I think about the amount of reading that must go into being a biomedical science major, I'm grateful for being in chemistry.

All I want is life is just an endless amount of skittles. Considering the amount of times we practiced it in middle school, I thought STOP,DROP&ROLL would play a bigger role in my life.The price of anything is the amount of LIFE you exchange for it. ALDUBFatedLove. 13. The amount of times you pussies have got scared when I've thrown up a sign to you is hilarious considering you're "hard". Damn this year went fast. Oh wait, my bad, it took the exact amount of time it always does.also both those cousins that got married are the same agegender and have been in those relationships for about the same amount of time.

The amount of times I've daydreamed and had the very strong urge to destroy her cigarettes is multiple times a day.

Barry Trotz discussed being frustrated with the amount of penalties Washington takes

Did not actually down a bottle just drank a large amount in a short space of time. Finished Pokemon Sun this morning. Game really loves to waste your time with the amount of cutscenes from the last island onwards...What is not surprising is the lower amount of Bosniaks in RS, but the significantly lowering amount in Federation.Urinating in the sitting position reduces the amount of residual volume in the bladder and increases the urinary flow rate. Prostate.

car haulers enclosed amount of interest paid on car loan. Look at the amount of guys complaining about the officiating in the NBA yet the NBA does nothing. Westbrook added to that list now. Note to Sir Tyler: Stop putting your effort into something if you aren't getting the same amount in return.today is the third monthly of being best friends with the most amazing person in the world. It may seem like a small amount of time because. exactly the correct amount of cool for skool. The numbers are in from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program (US only) Year 2016 amount awarded for injuries: 251,772,302.50.

when you're trying a new leave in conditioner and it says use a dime size amount but you got a quarter size head <

No amount of mourning and tears is going to bring Han Solo back to life.the barista messed up my order and the amount of caffeine in my body has caused me to lose all feeling in my right leg. girl groups fame will never amount to that of boy groups even if they are as talented and that's such a sad reality tbh. like I dont even want to get into the topic of the amount of MONEY it costs to send people to respected schools. on the same note, the sheer amount of abuse or non con involving dio is disgusting.

When people come to me to borrow them money, all I do is give the person a certain amount or half of the money needed....The amount of times my dad has asked me to describe the location of my apartment in relation to "that bean" is alarming. dachshund food amount www medicare part b. It saddens me to think I can't count the amount of people I know passing away in 2016 on both hands...One thing I enjoy a fair amount about the newer AC games: berserk darts. I enjoy watching baddies take themselves out. JustABitSadistic.

My business plan is to triple my rates and work with 13 the amount of people

The amount of people in my life taking big strides for Jesus is overwhelming. Wow. The amount of coons I've seen on this app alone dogging BW for white approval...lol you can get off Serena. Mind yo own.the amount of time and effort people will put into bringing someone else down amazes me. edcodes the event has ended , the total amount of gifts i got is 1225 exactly this year. SeriousPeople who were declared dead for any amount of time, what happened before, during, and after?. The amount of hackers on H1 right now is disgusting.

Literally, the amount of instability I get when I'm on my periods is near toxic. I could do some serious damage and not feel a damn thing.this amount baru lah puas hati!. there's no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity. I Dropped a whole lot of music in a small amount of time.

See a few photos of Kohli and Anushka away together and conclude there's an engagement

An increase in wisdom yields an equal amount of grief and sorrow.

I have been on the highest amount of chill. i cannot sleep because of the amount of pain im in. The amount of times I've asked where I put my phone this weekend is unreal.the amount of anxiety i had today wow. Lillie is such a good girl. Really like her character and the amount of development she gets throughout the game.the amount of times i have gotten away with using my cdnis library card as an evidence of "student" at movie theatres are endless...

The amount of personal growth I've made in my first year and a half at college kinda got me weirded out. Many countries started printing currency out of thin air. That is they do it without procuring Gold of equal amount. RBI never does that.The amount of boredom.

Keeping forgetting that I hate cinnamon

I really thought people couldn't exceed a certain amount of stupid but people prove to me everyday that they can and they will do just that. the amount of time female characters in naruto get the short end to play second fiddle to a male character in some way !!!?!?'n cnnncnv.

RT PiyushGoyal: This is in addition to the amount to be paid under the Workmen's Compensation Act.amount of rainbows ive pulled in tb: 8 amount of rainbows ive pulled in ffbe: 1 ratio of money spent: 1:4 (tb being 1) nice scam square enix. There is no limit to the amount of good a man can do, as long as he does not care who takes the credit.Most side characters are well acted, some go above and beyond and im really srprised by that amount of effort on screen.I can't even get him to do anything he doesn't wanna do. Legitimately. I cannot. He's stubborn and has a crazy amount of will power. PIB_India: RT PiyushGoyal: This is in addition to the amount to be paid under the Workmen's Compensation Act.

the ability to unravel, tackle, and camouflage the adversities which surround oneself is dependent upon the amount of strength shown. Tonight I realized that having my best year ever isn't enough to negate the serious amount of personal improvement I have yet to make...

No amount of anything could possibly help me look even remotely nice today

The amount of people that's at Russ's concert. The amount of hate I have for myself is unreal.Brain: You're awful and will never amount to anything. Me: Oh. Brain: Good luck in your interview. Me: Thanks...

Thank you to our partners: Virtual Aviation & Ultimate High who place an inordinate amount of focus on delivering high quality training!. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. -Carlos Castaneda. Someone should help me please, am broke and no amount is too small. googling "hisoka cheese" in Japanese got me a surprising amount of illumi art, but no actual cheese hisoka. i have not understood any aspect of time for like, whatever amount of time it's been. There is literally no reason for me to feel as bad as I do, for this amount of time. Yet, here we are.

The amount of times me and Alejandro call each other headass.

How does one measure amount of work in the manifold instances in which the communication

wish my mom tries to zoom in on Instagram for details for my massage after I eat a crazy amount of time is the most beautiful girl LA. Never have people with scales in a novel. You'll use the word scales heaps, that you may tip the scales with the amount of times you use it.That's where I am being sensible and only bringing out a limited amount of cash rather than the reality.Wooooow overwatch really gets ya. Pay 50 for the game, then another stupid amount to play it.

The amount of times I've broken down over having to see a therapist to my psychiatrist is overwhelming. Hopefully one day I find someone who returns the same amount of love I give to them.I have eaten a toddler-size amount of food every night for the last week & I have to wear a bikini soon....at least I have my personality. If you take the amount of money i've spent paying parking tickets I could probably buy like 4 cars.the amount of times I change what I want to study at uni is crazy. oh man the amount of anger I have for people who think rape is a laughing matter, how can you honestly be SO ignorant and downright stupid?.

It's really a good amount of girls and guys that won't fwu unless you got a name

From personal experience the amount of money we paid in medical bills for having a baby, not being ill, having a baby (winsce) was insane. "No amount of training can prepare you for the world today." -Governor Episode: Killer Within. An inordinate amount of space in my brain is filled with other people's dog's names. woof. I wish we keep all the PKers amount at 100 players _. Love me in my acc so i don't have a negative amount of dollars in my.

10. When you give, give with modesty and privately. Learn to say "I can't spare that amount now".Okay my wrist is DEAD from total of 20 hours of the last 2 days of sc2. Going to take a good amount break for cheese. The amount of people saying "See you next year" when I was leaving the office yesterday makes never want to go back there again.Big Amount x 2 Chainz Drake >. My SR is now 3600 down from 4000 . That is a hilarious amount of SR to lose. Smurf ranked higher now. LAWL -F.

I can't count the amount of comments I got from Christians this year about paying tithe

The amount my mom loves me is directly proportional to the distance I am from her.13) big amount - 2 chainz ft drake. Focus on your salah. The percentage of reward we get for the salah depends on the amount of sincerity & concentration in our salah.The amount of phone calls I've made while on the toilet in the past 20 minutes is unreal. Got some new stuff in today and just smoked a quick, tiny bowl and wow, I'm impressed at how hard such a small amount is hitting.and thanks to all the insta-stories(the amount of people I know who livego to UAE) I don't feel like I missed out on the Coldplay concert!.

funny how both have the same amount of letters. The amount of nudes I got one year ago and see on timehop is amazing. Just got really irritated in a short amount of time.The amount of bones that have to crack before I get out of bed is unhealthy.

the amount of money I spend on clothes is unhealthy

IP: User:Adrianna Romague Amount:1,396,890 Firewall:1 Encryptor:1.

It's the amount of love that you put into each day that counts, for it's love that makes everything meaningful & worthwhile.toltecway. What does all our love amount to? This must be my dream we can't make love when you fly around me baby. Pre-period cramps are the absolute worst. I ain't tryna suffer for an extended amount of time. The amount of juicetraps dese lame niggas comment on is baffling. I feel like the level of irreverence that I'm at is directly related to the amount of time I spend at work. If my husband notices the amount of pretzels crumbs I just got on our bed I'm dead meat.

The amount of being spent on alc is kinda throwing me. Some amount of drunk arseholes in the shop this morning.Need a weed farm to give back the amount I'm taking away.

its so crazy to think that all the sacrifices and thoughtful nd countless things you will do for someone doesnt amount to anything

if u kno the amount of posters i hav in there it sure is , a terrifying room. Sliding scale virtuemart disk jockey exception taken of samiflabs at affordable amount: gsFaTuv.

It takes the same amount of energy to worry as it does to be positive. Use your energy to believe in the positivity.Unbelievable amount of hatred towards maya right now would egg her house if it wasn't mine too. Questions surely need to be asked about Txixi. Most of his signings have all underperformed. For the amount we paid for them? Embarrasing.the amount of car accidents i have passed in this past hour is unreal. please everyone stay safe!. Age is just the amount of time that you have been on earth, what really matters is where you are going after your time is up.The amount of times I dropped my phone last night I'm surprised it's still in one piece lol.

in two days cannot count the amount of dramas sia. There was a tremendous amount of UFO activity in Vietnam during The Vietnam War. Reported in official messages as "enemy helicopters".

regretting going so hard last night considering the amount of work i have to do today

Radio: starts playing slsp Me: "no this song is so old and over played I'm- SIMMER DOWN, SIMMER DOWN THEY SAY WERE TOO YOUNG NOW TO AMOUNT. The amount of incredible dj's I'm going to see today and tonight is actually insane. The Amount Of People That Came To Show Last Night ..... wow im Still in Awe Thank You so much.

The amount of work I have to finish before 5pm wau! So let me just YouTube.The amount of people at work and probably still drunk is hilarious. Encouraged by the amount of space the Reds have found so early on LFC. Such a disappointing amount of house parties and gaffs these days. 4.become more comfortable with myself and lessen the amount of pity parties I throw myself. My god the amount of retards in this town.

The abominable amount of stress this show puts me through maaaaaaan.

it makes me happy that seklusyon is getting the amount of attention and appreciation it deserves

not to mention the amount of people I met through svt and kpop in general. Why does one measure amount of information?. 2017 na sana bago narin amount ng baon ko haha. "A person must have a certain amount of intelligent ignorance to get anywhere." ~ Charles Kettering intelligence quotes.

Pop stars probably get the most unnecessary amount of hate and it's all from 12 year olds who just discovered Queen. Major regrets after I've sat and binge watched Gilmore girls with the amount I have to do. CFB: AUBURN 3 (1.5 times my normal amount). One must use great powers of the void, and intense ego conditioning, to block that amount of universal love, wisdom, guidance.Should be a good game for Gayle today. With the right amount of pressure, he will be scoring a load of goals.maximum amount for social security commercial shop doors.

I am thankful for the massive amount of meat and alcohol I will consume to help me withstand the family awkwardness

looking at the amount of work emails i sent this morning before 9AM has given me a clear lock for the most hated person in 2017. puts on smallest amount of eyeliner possible and does a nude lip lmao wow kim who????? i'm killing the game. Heaton is gonna burn a fair amount of calories today.If Wayne is upping the amount of money offered, chances are it's a zonk. LetsMakeADeal. I gotta big amount .. I think I'm the biggest out.

He calls himself Sebastien but did not sing Under the Sea, the amount of Disappoint. It takes your eyes about 15-20 minutes to adjust to the dark. It takes roughly the same amount of time for the sun to set. fact quotes. emilypovey91 Let's look into this together. If you tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud usage, what's the total iCloud storage amount?. Over the past day or two, we've already eaten a good amount of the chips we bought to make it through ice storm.When thinking about life remember this: no amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

It's Friday the 13th and the amount of money I owed at the gas station this morning was 6

I don't think people understand the amount of work, sacrifice, effort, struggle, and mental anguish artist go through lol. Summit attendees from last year, we settled on a definitions focusing on what amount of invitation to entertainment, etc.I think I could sleep for 12 straight hours and still be the same amount of tired. I was serving to a group of sorority girls and the tip amount added up to 6.66, coincidence? I think not.if it's 3am & u work at 7am don't think "i don't have to sleep in the small amount of time in between" because you would be wrong. Perks of being married to a biologist: an embarrassing amount of our conversations start with me asking DoesItFart. noshamehere.

The amount of pound coins ive left in trollies just because i refuse to break my fingers trying to get the thing out!. i cannot believe the amount of joy i get with just the sight of seokjin smiling, and knowing he is well. he deserves it more than anything. Keep a large amount of Sparking Ice water in my car to abstain from pop (or as you freaks call it, soda).The Media would rather have a Person who sold USA Uranium 2 Russia an Destroyed Subpoenaed Emails,Lied on the amount of Devices,Then Hammerd.

all i want is a reasonable amount of sleep & a personal back scratcher

Myeh the amount of snow outside is weak I want more.

123 with the Choral Fantasy at the end of the program, could amount tcspf4247919392dc019d5835d76535db9aa. I'm pissed off earlier and for the unacceptable amount of typos.With the amount of coffee I've drank today I'm starting to wonder which organ will fail first. BellLetsTalk every patient deserve the same amount of time and care for a physian regardless of the issue or how much time they have. walks around the house until I hit my goal amount of steps per day. ...the meager amount of water allowed to flow naturally to the sea. But that's just talking about water supply. (5n).

wow i changed a lot in such a short amount of time????. The amount of love and support I received in the past three hours is overwhelming. God provides. What's the right amount of time a rapist should be jailed, you ask? 1 year per minute of rape is a good start.

How to make amazing pasta: 1

My eating habits during finals:What food uses the least amount of time and I can multi task with. My neighbors must hate me for the amount of times I have blasted Hollaback Girl at random hours of the night.

im out for a pack of rokok arom. and a bottle of coke. and small amount of sirap merah for my coldness. the last drop of happiness to come.Sixers have the same amount of wins in the last 13 games, than they did all last season... TTP. the amount of sushi i consumed today is actually impressive. I finally had a good amount of strength to walk away from a bad situation, and ever since I have gotten nothing but good in mylife:). I am perpetually crying over the amount of assignments I start literally the night before the due date. This migraine is really taking me out. No amount of meds or sleep is going to fix this one SoOverThisWeatherAndStress.

The Amount Of Success I Want For Myself, Is The Same Amount I Want For My BrothersFamily!!!. I think the amount of calories I've consumed and not later upchucked over the last 5 days is about 2000.

The amount of anti-patriotism in this country is astounding

I'm absolutely convinced any team with any amount of injuries can beat the Rockets right now. Any team.It's such a hassle to drink the right amount of water.. BellLetsTalk. BellLetsTalk about the amount of support I have but don't utilize because I don't want to "bother them".

If there was a service where you could just pay someone to come over and scratch your back and I'd be in a comedic amount of debt. im still holdin on to the littlest amount of hope :-). The amount of raw hatred and discrimination that is directed at innocent Muslim citizens is downright sickening. We're better than this.Only my pillow knows the amount of emotions I hide from this fvcking world.I don't think ppl understand the hurdles & amount of money families have to put up to get a green card. This man and his admin are wicked.I'm just sayin if I stole a car with that amount of drugs in the drunk I'd go put the car back. Right away. I'm watchin a movie btw.

Your optimal calorie intake, is your weight in Lbs by multiplied by 12. This gives your ideal calorie amount. E.g 207x12 = 2,484 kcal.

I could never afford drugs with the amount of hunting I do

he's never seen this side of sanji before & there's no amount of friendly insults that could get a rise out of sanji. Obama prolly got the same amount of buzz from them "other" people but difference is those were all lies. "Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude." A.A. Milne. Incredible amount of useless video-conferencing services out there, and so few full-scale, easy to use, browser ones.

Ada yang terlebih panas, terlebih manis, terlebih cair. It has to be right with the perfect amount of proportion.T6: The amount of water is part of the conductivity of volcanic ash kytnsci taysci1. The amount of Valentine's Day posts on insta already today makes me hate this holiday even more...The amount of hot Cheetos is eat is actually sickening and I think I need help. What's the best amount of added sugar? I'm seeing a lot of boasting about 'none'.Day two of sharing an obnoxious amount of cute animal videos on Facebook.

This year is definitely an adventure already

kytnsci taysci1 The amount of water in volcanic ash can cause it to be more conductive. The amount of bonkers ring tones in this room is unexpected juryduty. But when children learn language, they only hear a finite amount from their environment. Hopefully their parents talk to them a lot, but 3. Hi, plz wait to receive your large balloons and ungodly amount of flowers until AFTER school. thanks. I'm shooting for the lowest amount of happy birthday wishes on fb this year so I can berate people for making today about love and not me.

Four score and so must live and great amount of civil service or the unfinished work the first into which the opinion withheld. The amount of sleep I'm deprived of is wild. That amount of anger I have just towards one person is unbelievable.Like yeah the dining hall coffee was cold but that means I can drink it faster, and therefore drink even more in a shorter amount of time. the amount of flowers that blowing thru this office today..whenyouworkinanofficefullofwomen.

Giving up a large amount for a walk-year Ibaka, then cementing him only at the 4 so you can also murder Aaron Gordon, was so freaking dumb

What's the right amount to spend on someone for ValentinesDay?. the amount of uncomfortably up close photos i've seen on social media today of couples kissing is unhealthy, EW. The amount of people that think I'm drawing them a dirty look, no sorry that's just my face tripping me all the time. The amount of times I've been asked what plans I have for tonight and do I have a boyfriend is making me want to cry, no I'm lonely x. Not to where you'll stop, but to where you'll just hit a certain amount of weight you lift and stay there?. The amount of customers at work that asked me what happened on Saturday.

The amount of time I spend staring at girl's asses is out of control. I'm hot cuz I have a significant amount of money coming in but not til Friday. If chance is sold out by Friday I'll have to fade someone. People presume I don't like Valentine's Day because I am single in rl when really shouldn't you show that amount of love everyday?. Cmon the class is literally Educational Psychology, I kinda expected better. Though, it's good I got a decent amount done and have my paper.

The amount of men in Tesco valentines evenings after work always makes me chuckle

The amount of men rushing in'n'out of asda with roses is hilarious Ahahaha only been here like a minute.

Never eating a lollipop in class again the amount of eye contact I just made with every guy here was bad. The best thing about Valentine's Day is the amount of clearance and discounted candy I am going to buy the day after.no offense ,, but. the amount of fandom wars sometimes change my view on armys and then on bts themselves ,, Looks Off.how weird that both of my videos have the exact same amount of views LOL. But no amount of pity, no expenditure of my compassion, erases the fact that he is incompetent. He has no business being in the Oval Office.No amount of caffeine can make 7am ok.

I think Canada should just increase the amount of border guards at the Manitoba-North DakotaMinnesota border if this is a big issue.Kinship has the ability to further oppress. No amount of symbolism can erase that fact.It is easy to do when the FACTS are not auditable. The case of Old GM- financials were not integrated, Cut&Paste & rounded to 12B amount.

the amount of people me and ben roasted and curved people last night lmao

Selca Kyoong is the CUTEST BAEK DOLL YET. For that price with the amount of clothes it comes with and how adorable it is, it's the best deal. Amount of people asking me for help in the gym but refuse to diet, like this isn't a choice, don't ask for me for help but refuse half of it.

I don't fall in love. It's futile and I rather invest in substantial amount of my work. It's less heartbreaking and messy. sherwoodsunday. No amount of alcohol is going to drown all the pain away.I had a certain amount of respect for John McCain before the 2008 election. Never again thereafter.my bab got a recent amount of lines im glad. I don't understand the amount of practice it takes is 2 seconds, why. The amount of Flyers fans here right now hurts my soul.

I have an overflowing amount of respect for my mother... hearing how she speaks of having honor and respect to my brothers and me.. humbled. The amount of guys that try to take advantage of girls in clubs is disgusting.

Time to start my "mass amount of tea" thing

sometimes im glad that got7 arent SO HUGE in Korea because you heard the amount of hates and sasaengs that'd do anything for their ult group. good morning i actually got a decent amount of sleep Yeehaw. Insert an absurd amount of "aaaaa"s, Karen. Thanks.

The amount of energy that I have at this moment in time is a little insane right now lbvs.After today I will not ride a horse with out my go pro. That amount of cars that sped past and verbal abuse was unreal.How is this large amount of hummus pre-run going to play out, I wonder?. The amount of bruises I got last night is definitely a record high. Externalities all internalised; right amount of litter, polution, global warming, congestion, the commons just tragic enough.I cannot count the amount of people that want me to join their misery. I have lost too many people over fighting for my own happiness.

The amount of time since ive seen amanda... too long.

My hungover body is not ready for the amount of shockingly attractive people at Voodoo this morning

Actually...scratch that. I saved the same amount booking through the convention site. And I stay in the same hotel. That's a win.I eat an inhumanly amount of oatmeal. I can't believe I wasted this amount of money with this company like I'm livid and don't even know where to start...IF I LET YOU DRIVE MY CAR THAT MEANS I EXPECT IT TO BE BROUGHT BACK TO ME WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF GAS I PUT IN IT ((((::::: THANKS.

The amount of love Justin has been showing us lately puts the biggest smile on my face :). Hernandez has some lovely touches but how often do they come to anything compared to the amount the ball bounces off him? lufc. She has had the least amount of performances of any of the 1st generation main characters.They're finally doing a con together I CANT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF BENNETON WE'RE ABOUT TO GET !!. Sports journalism is the epitome of fakenews. The amount of BS I see everyday is hilarious. I didn't know "guessing" was a profession.the amount of cookies i have eaten today because i am so stressed is unreal.

3v3 chall any Amount

Sick. No amount of reperations will make up for this crime against humanity tuambabies. Just realised I'm following an immature amount of people.the amount of times ive heard "YASS DANTE" today is unreal. Judging the Zebre wingers for the amount of white still visible in their jerseys. workrate. the amount of "jump" comments i've received from my snap story of me on my roof is alarming.

"I've probably given myself a concussion for the amount of beer cans I've hit against my forehead. Totally worth it." - Point Loma. The amount of money I have saved in my savings account , makes me so happy. The amount of poop that can come out of a baby. Good god.I'm about to work a shift longer than the amount of sleep I got last night... pray for me. Drugz & money ain't it funny niggas want the things that amount to nothing.

tbh ill just make a massive amount of rerolls and do the step up boxes on birthdays lol

when you hold in emotions for a while is kinda like filling a balloon with water, after a certain amount it'll pop.against the murders." That's what I see everyday, whenever people try to make excuses. A murder is a murder. It happened, no amount of. hyperhidrosis may also be classified according to the amount of skin affected and its possible causes.an unnecessary amount of my life is dedicated to teaching people how to insert their card into a verififone system and not get confused.The amount of times I've heard that I should get my personal training certificate in the last month is crazy. But probably won't ever happen. The amount of times I've heard a girl say "all my boyfriends cheated on me" lately is upsetting and an eye opener.

Wow, just lost a large amount of respect for some people...just wow. I haven't even finished the first episode of This Is Us and I already have an overwhelming amount of emotions going on. What the crap. Why.am I sorry for my abundant amount of Sam Hunt snaps? No. I love Fleet Foxes an inordinate amount.

the amount of snacks and food i have for this storm is crazy like i'm ready lmao

Sportsnet spends an incredible amount of time talking about pregame warmups.

Meanwhile, 4 people, split between 2 different, other areas couldn't have their areas clean in the same amount of time. For real?. Record breaking amount of times I can listen to Green Light. Amount of people I can actually trust just keeps decreasing. Whether between enemies or allies, there's an equal amount of drama.Since More Life might be 30 songs, the amount of hate is gonna be a lot. I can't believe the amount of throwing errors I've seen in the WBC.

Nothing's changed about me I don't think....but I've been getting an unusual amount of "hey how you been" DMs lately. Nothere4it. the amount of stress i have is unreal. 1v1 aw chall xb1 any amount any mode.

Premier league teams are absolutely struggling in the champions league, also have the least amount of domestic players playing too

Mr Andy latest video. Does that amount to insult and sedition? Will he denied PR when the time comes? Will he be deported?. Monfils' athletcism is insane. The amount of court he can cover is unreal. So amazing.

guys I lost a good amount of progress on my A's 40-man roster rankings, so the project has been delayed indefinitely.Twilight Sparkle is known to carry a small amount of chocolate cake for friends' enjoyment.Evil people aren't born. They are created out of hate, avoidance, unacceptance and not being loved for a good amount of time.The amount of surprise bruises I find on my body from work is kinda scary. workperks. I am astonished by the amount of food I have eaten the past 3 days. Alabama SouthernComfortFood. forever wanting an unlimited amount of cuddles & kisses.

IF ONLY YOU ALL KNOW THE AMOUNT OF RAW SEWAGE ASIDE FROM THE TOXIC WASTE THE IGNORANT PEOPLE ARE RELEASING DIRECTKY INTO THE SEA.There's a heinous amount of paperwork involved with this job. I've timed over eight hours of it in the last week alone. O_o;.

Safe too say that 'the fappening' part 2 is happening after the amount of celeb nudes I've seen today

No amount of coffee can save me today. The amount of extra from on call is not worth the number of times there's an issue. So glad the dept is going 247 next month. the amount of times ive pretended to like things ironically only to start genuinely liking them is alarming...

These youngin be snitching on they damn self y'all put everything on social media .No amount of fame gone reduce your bond or sentence. Robbed in Cabo! Tried to help two young Mexicans with food and clothing and they returned the favor by stealing a huge amount of my jewelry!. I think I lost 3 kilos Pretty sure that's the amount of soul that left my body this week. Are you confused by the amount of time.The amount of exhaustion I feel right now is making me severely short tempered. The amount of times I heard Dropkick Murphys today could even make the biggest alcoholic Irish dad cringe in disgust.

Do you understand the amount of Damage I could cause all about my hair??.


The amount of tea being spilt into my life is insane. With the amount (~213.5 billion) spent on the war on drugs since 2008, we could pay for 23 million years of in-state college tuition facts. I know all the words to an alarming amount of songs but when it comes to memorizing ANYTHING school-related it's a lost cause. the amount of dry shampoo I have in my hair right now is ungodly.

No amount of apologies can never fix this.It's St.Patricks Day!!! Guess the amount of Gold Coins in the Jar under the Rainbow for a chance to win an 18th in 2017 Loyal Jar.Can't be dealing with the amount that's expected of us at school ATM I'm knackeredddddd. The kissing meter: on camera kisses Amount of times Jackson kissed Mark: 4 Amount of times Mark kissed Jackson: 1. the amount of people not wearing green today is depressing :(. it'll be a good night as long as i'm wearing an obnoxious amount of the cheapest st patrick's day party accessories.

there is a direct correlation between the quality of my life and the amount of chocolate milk i drink

The amount of times I say Kms a day isn't ok. The amount of managers Fenerbahce have changed since Azize..Shouldn't of given her that amount of money in the first place ... coronationstreet. Anointing is God Himself touching people through you.No amount of skill can do that.i'm telling you, when chris styles his hair that way and has that right amount of scruff, i turn into a puddle of goo.

I wonder if any amount of sleep will ever actually be enough again??. With the large amount of error and falseness in the internet, we need to increase knowing and knowledge, together acquire new knowledge. tbh if I didn't have the mass amount of followers on that account I would delete it. I hate myself for the amount of time I spend procrastinating.The amount of people that got engaged this weekend is absolutely nuts. In all spheres of my life. The Amount of people who seem to think im a bot is unreal.The amount of imagination it must have taken to make Star Wars... Wow.o. The amount of support shown to me every stream is honestly overwhelming. I'll be working on a schedule of sorts soon. Love y'all <3. the amount of heart palpitations i've had these last two days is starting to worry me a little rip.